Love for Free

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Love for Free

He pressed the elevator button, waiting with a certain excitement in his bones. He watched as the elevator descended, the light above the entrance showing which floor it was currently on... 20... 19... 18... 17... he felt his heart flutter when the doors opened with a ding. He let a couple walk out, well, not really a couple. People only come here to pay for what is needed and then leave... but it was different for him... and her.

He stepped out of the elevator when the elevator read '"25," and then he proceeded to walk down the brightly lit corridor. He would usually stop to marvel the very expensive art on the walls, but not this time. This time, he walked directly down the hallway and he had a destination in sight.

He found the door he needed and opened it with a rush of adrenaline. He stopped, his heart pumping in an uneven rhythm as he stared at the love of his life in front of him. He wasn't completely sure it was love, but he had never felt this way before about anyone or anything. He grinned at the sight before him... Helena was just as beautiful as always. Her hair was brushed back, curls slightly poking out in different directions. Her golden brown skin glowed in the room as she seemed to glow and make the room brighter than it already was. Her red dress showed off her curves in every day possible, making Alexander close the door behind him and drop to one knee.

"Please, Helena, you torture me. Say 'yes' and let me take you from here! Say you'll take me as yours!"

Alexander watched her reaction as her serene face dropped to a slightly sad one. "Xander... Do you know why I don't charge you?"

Alexander shrugged. "Because you love me?"

Helena chuckled and dropped to her knees with him, holding his hands close and curling herself into his chest, allowing him to hold her. "Yes, that's a big part of it. But also because I don't take money from those I love. You don't know this, but my father was rich. My mother and my siblings all depended on him until he threw my mother out for being... well, for lacking youth and beauty. Ever since then, I got a job and I never looked back. I get paid well here, and I don't have to depend on anyone like my father. I could retire in a good four years and have as much money as I need to pay off my house and live the rest of my life without problems. I don't want to depend on anyone, Xander. Not even you. We may love each other, but I don't want to depend on anyone that might one day stop loving me because I'm old and ugly."

Alexander chuckled and shook his head pulling her closer. "That will never happen because I love you. If you grow old, you're growing old with me. You'll never be ugly because your soul is too pure. You're beautiful, and yes I'm going to enjoy your youth, but to me, you will always be beautiful."

Helena thought for a moment and then shook her head. "Can I think about it more? Give me a week, please." She asked, her mouth puckering at his collar, placing a kiss on his collarbone. "Please Xander, just one week. I love you." She whispered.

Xander wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer. "Anything for my love. One week. But for now," Xander inclined his head and gave Helena a slow kiss, her breath hitching with excitement.

"On the floor?" Helena giggled lying back on the soft carpet, allowing Alexander to kiss her deeply and hover above her with passion in his eyes.

"Anywhere and everywhere," he whispered into her ear, pressing his body against hers.

Helena immediately felt his hardness against her and she rocked her hips to feel it. "I really hope that there is nothing in your pocket. I want that to be you." She grazed her hand against it, wrapping her hand around it after rubbing it. The way his cock twitched under her touch made her moan.

"Oh, it's me, baby," Xander clarified, thrusting his hips into her hand. "And it wants you," he whispered into her ear and chuckled. "So how about we take all of this off?"

Helena nodded and pulled the thin dress over her head, exposing her bare chest and red, lace panties. Xander had a bit of a harder time, but Helena helped him. As he kicked off his shoes and socks, she threw his tie to the side and unbuttoned his shirt, placing soft and passionate kissed down his chest as she went.

Helena then straddled his hips as he kissed her and laid back. "Are you sure you don't want me doing the work?" he asked, tracing her panties, ready to rip them off.

Helena chuckled and tugged at his underwear, knowing it had to come off. "I'm sure." She said, pulling his last piece of clothing off with practiced expertise. Helena then gasped as she felt Alexander rip through her red lace panties and she squealed. "Xander!" She gasped, as his cock made contact with her now nude cunt.

Xander chuckled and pulled her down to him as she moved her hips against him. She relished the feeling of his cock becoming wet with her juices as she moved her cunt back and forth on his cock, teasing her own clit.

Eventually, Xander became anxious as his body no longer wanted to hold back. So he grabbed her hips, lifted her slightly so his cock was at her entrance before she grinned at him and they both got ready. Helena was slowly descending onto his cock when Xander thrust upwards, penetrating her cunt with one swift fuck.

"Oh, fuck!" Helena yelled, adjusting to his length and girth slowly.

Xander closed his eyes and allowed himself to relish the moment, feeling Helena's tight, wet cunt wrap around his cock in a way that made him throw his head back and groan. He felt her start to move up and down on him and he groaned, reveling in the way his cock twitched inside her, stimulating the both of them.

"Alex—" Helena moaned, "Uh- Xander! Mmmhm, yes!" Helena felt him begin to move faster and faster inside of her, making her get louder and louder.

Helena placed her hands on his bare chest, letting her fingertips wander over him before she began using her legs to press against the floor and lift herself higher. Even though her legs were shaking, she still used the adrenaline pumping through her veins to move up and down on him.

Xander pulled out of her, only for a split second in time to lift Helena and place her under him. She giggled and then moaned, kissing his lips with a smile on her face. "I told you I wanted to do the work, Xander!" She squeaked, giggling.

"But I want to treat you, princess. You are everything to me and I want to show you how much you mean to me, every day, every hour, every minute. I will give treat you like my Queen because soon you will be."

Xander kissed her deeply, once more, inserting himself into her as she moaned softly into his mouth, her breath dancing with his in a lingering dance of mint and lavender.

He began moving his hips into hers; softly at first, their bodies becoming one slowly but surely. After a few moments, their bodies adjusted and Helen's moans became louder and louder, causing his rhythm to turn into a steady pounding as they both became angst to cum with one another. Helen moaned and let her tits bounce up and down on her chest as Xander gave them both equal attention: fucking her while grasping each breast like they were lifelines.

The room was full of moans and groans as the Xander continued to pound into Helena, his groin slapped against hers, as did his balls on her ass and Helena screamed his name at the stop on her lungs as he entered her over and over in ecstasy.

It wasn't long before Helena was ready to cum and Xander shook his head before pulling out of her. "Not yet, princess. I want us to cum as one." Xander straddled her chest then, his penis in full view, hovering above her face.

Helena's eyes dilated in desire and she reached her neck up, licking from the base of his cock up to his tip before she took him in her mouth and focused on fucking the cock with her throat. She gaggled slightly at first and she adjusted herself to take more and more of him. Xander groaned, pinching her nipples and fucking her throat faster and faster. He pulled out of her mouth, leaving her time to breath and he adjusted to set his cock between her breasts. Helena pushed her breasts together and helped Xander. His cock was amazingly huge, but Helena's breasts accommodated to his size, wrapping around his cocks much like the walls of her pussy and throat had done earlier.

Xander thrust forward, between her breasts, and Helena made use of her tongue to lick the head of his cock for every time he pushed forward.

Eventually, he rubbed her clit and made her moan as he continued letting his cock be pleasured. "Is my princess ready to cum?" he asked. He was very close but he could hold it as long as she could.

"Y-Yes!" Helena moaned, moving her hips into his hand before he moved down, straddling her hips and inserting his penis into her tight, hot, waiting cunt. He gave no warning. He didn't attempt to be soft. Instead, he pounded into her with an animalistic groan being emitted from both of them. "Fuck!" Helena yelled, her hand flying to her mouth as she muffled a few pleasured curses.

"Cum for me, princess," Xander said, his hips riding hers like this was the first and last time. Every time was the first and last time for both of them: each time better than the last.

Helena began to shake, her legs quivering as she felt jolts of pleasure ready to shoot from her body. "Xander! Xan— I'm cumming!" she screamed.

Xander knew this was her favorite part: he released string after string of hot cum into her tight cunt, filling her as she came, enjoying the ways their juices mixed together.

They both panted as Xander stopped thrusting. He gave Helena time to calm down before he lifted her, his cock still inside her, and he carried her to the bed, draping sheets over the both of them and letting the both of them fall asleep to the sounds of their breathing becoming softer and slower.

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