Loud Sex is the Best Sex! Ahh

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Loud Sex is the Best Sex! Ahh
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When my husband and I lived in our first apartment, I was forever in fear of disturbing the neighbors when we had sex. Our walls were incredibly thin, and we often heard conversations and TV's as we walked the halls of our complex, so I assumed people could hear us have sex. While we lived there sex became kind of "blah", which is a cardinal sin in our marriage, so we would often go have sex in our car to spice things up and make as much noise as we wanted. Being loud just makes it more exciting somehow! Now I'm not saying gurgle and scream like a porn actor, but I would suggest just letting loose a little bit and allowing yourself to really express what you feel. My husband LOVES it when I am loud. It is one of the things that 'gets him there'.

Some people aren't into screaming and yelling during sex. I get it. Overall sex is an intimate act and you don't want to deter from the meaning behind it. However, if you WOULD like to try being a little louder to help get your fires blazing, here are some helpful tips:

1. If you are new to "being loud" start off with some natural moaning just at a slightly higher volume than you normally do.

2. Arch your back a little when he is doing a good job, and let out a little squeal of pleasure when you hit your climax.

3. Let him know when you are going to come. Say: "I'm going to come" or "I'm coming" in a breathy, sort of anxious voice. Men love it when you let them know what's happening and if they are good in bed, if you tell them you are coming they will adjust speed to help you finish. This can even result in a rolling orgasm.

4. You know the scene from "Easy A" (with Emma Stone) where the teenagers are jumping on the bed and making a ton of loud obnoxious noises? Ya don't do that. I would suggest telling your partner how good they are, how much you love certain things they do, how much you love them inside you, and say their name. Not only does it make sex better but it makes you closer emotionally.

5. My husband says he doesn't care what I say during sex as long as it's not "I'm Hungry" so get creative! Try some role-playing, or pet names. I really love period movies, so sometimes when I am feeling particularly frisky I will call him "Mr. Darcy" or something like that. As long as your partner isn't weirded out by it, pretty much anything goes!

Now I should mention that back arching, noise inducing sex is not the same old missionary style sex you always have. If you want to cry out your partner's name, you need to be on your knees with him coming in from behind! If you are on your back your legs need to be way in the air with some clit teasing going on. Loud sex can only really happen if you want it to happen, so make sure you do the work. You won't regret it!

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