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Looking Up the Skirt Club

Don’t get offended, founder Genevieve LeJeune wants you to look up her Skirt Club.

By Natasha SydorPublished 8 years ago 4 min read

I watched three girls make out at an all-exclusive sexually charged event. And yes, I would watch it again.

Skirt Club is the one night of the month where women can embrace their primal instincts with other women. It’s not about sex or how far you can go; but female empowerment. Genevieve LeJeune, Skirt Club founder, has seemingly performed the impossible by removing men from the female dating equation.

“We don’t invite men to our parties,” LeJeune explains, “we ban them all together. They tend to put a lot of pressure on women in general – in terms of performing sexually.”

LeJeune’s passion for a women-only event permeated the entire evening at Skirt Club’s initial Mini Skirt party in NYC. Eager men, and even curious women, pressed their fingers against Madame Geneva’s window, thirsting for a way into the exclusive event. What they saw was limited – as they were ushered away by a female bouncer – but at the same time satisfying for their active imaginations. For what they uncovered were beautiful women, each one more captivating than the next, with coquettish eyes, wet lips, and a curious roaming hand.

Skirt Club - No Men Allowed

LeJeune launched Skirt Club in London in 2014 after attending “play parties” with a former boyfriend. “Even with my own past relationships,” she said, “[my boyfriend] was demanding what he wanted. And I was doing it. I really just had to end it all.” The male aggression she found at play parties with her partner inspired her to create something new: an upscale, female-only club for straight, bisexual, or bi-curious women eager to explore their sexuailty in a safe and private environment.

In a world dominated by male ideals, women have found a refuge where they can relate, thrive, and act upon impulse. Genevieve LeJeune artfully and strategically creates each Skirt Club event in an exquisite and original manner. When I arrived at the party, the atmosphere was toxically bewitching with cocktails, a female bartender, handmade chocolates, soft ambient lighting, and a dress code to impress for. LeJeune personally greeted each and every one of her Skirt Club guests; not forgetting a genuine smile and a wandering eye.

“How did you hear about Skirt Club?” I asked a woman with ruby red lips.

“Tinder. Genevieve matched with me on Tinder. I didn’t even know something like this existed.”

“It’s great, right?”

“Sure is. Hey, what kind of drink do you want?”

I wasn’t surprised by LeJeune’s strategic tactics in filtering only the young, beautiful, and attractive women to live in her fantasy. An exclusive club holds exclusive rights that, unfortunately, not everyone benefitted from. Even among goddesses mortals exist, and a scale of beauty was created. More than one woman was left alone at the bar, while others were surrounded in flocks of admiration and lust.

Genevieve’s love of woman-kind is not only a mantra, but a style of living. “I wanted to have a safe place for girls to experiment,” LeJeune revealed. “Or, not even experiment, just enjoy themselves. It doesn’t have to be about sex.”

Drink in hand – the perfect concoction – we all opened the small black cards that the bartender gave out. Inside mine, it said, “Kiss her neck.”

The Kinsey Scale

Alfred Kinsey created the Kinsey Scale as an alternative to the growing need to categorize sexuality in the 20th century. There are not two types of men or women, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not supposed to be divided into distinct categories of nature. Rarely is it so easy to define animal nature. We live in a continuum of all aspects on the natural spectrum of Kinsey, most importantly sexuality. An individual is assigned a position on the scale based on his or her individual attributes. Thus, in theory none of us occupy the exact same point, given the infinite possibilities of the spectrum. And none of us are bound to a single sexual category or definition.

Blushing, I witnessed the other women around me turn red as well. The woman with the ruby red lips showed me her card: “What kind of underwear is she wearing?” We laughed nervously as she delicately lifted up the side of her lace dress. The blue-eyed woman next to me smiled when her curiosity was satisfied. We all giggled as they kissed necks.

They both have boyfriends – the woman with the ruby red lips and the blue-eyed wonder. Most of the women at Skirt Club do – even LeJeune: “Yes, I’m married. To a man. My husband must be the most understanding man on the planet.” The most understanding man, or in some eyes, the luckiest. “He knew what he was getting himself into.”

“At the parties, I will indulge with ladies. From his perspective, it’s not cheating: it’s me enjoying myself sexually. He doesn’t feel threatened by that. He knows that I’m not interested in having a relationship with anyone else – cause I’m with him.”

One by one each of the Mini Skirt attendees began to explore the fascinating women around her. Here, we didn’t have to wait for male initiative; we created it ourselves. Skirt Club fosters female boldness, in that women are encouraged to make the first move. It was scary. It was exciting. And it was intoxicating.

But Skirt Club isn’t a place for the relationship seeker. Out of all of the women I met, the only ones against the Skirt Club mentality were the lesbians. “It’s a joke,” a dark-haired twenty-five year old huffed to me. “You’re straight and you’re here? This is my actual life, and this event is just shitting all over it.”

The equation isn’t perfect; but will it ever be? In a place of sex positivity and empowering female liberation (for both their libidos and their lives), Skirt Club is meant to be fun, not serious; which is why women are encouraged to take on pseudonyms.

At the end of the night, I found myself looking back with fondness at the events that transpired: an invigorating speech on dating by Hayley Quinn (you can watch her dating tips here), a beautiful burlesque dancer, tequila shot races (where two women fought for the privilege of kissing the tribute’s lips), and much more. I can’t reveal all, because what happens at Skirt Club, stays at Skirt Club.


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