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Looking for a sub #4

by Lena Bailey 6 days ago in fetishes

it gets worse

So I know that it's been awhile since I posted about my search. A lot has happened since I last posted. Let's get started.

There has never been nor will there ever be a shortage of men who don't know what it means to be a sub but try to play the part for a woman. This usually only last till the wannabe meets or starts messaging a strong female Dom who doesn't play any games and suggests several things that the fake sub would deem unmanly or gay. It hasn't become something I did until now but I sorta play a game of "how long will this fake last." I even had a master think he could be a sub.

I started to think that the guys who are listed as whatever kind of Dom or exploring just see that I am a female and think that I will just do some kinky thing with them then let them have sex with me. They just pick a title when creating an account then try to get women into bed. I believe that this happens more often then when we want to admit it.

I also had women (and men) who were too young and too far away. I also had a few women who were too sensitive. I'm not a bitch but I do tell the truth which is now seen as the same thing or worse. Apparently you can't tell the truth anymore. This is one of the latest things that happened but I'll tell it to you now. I posted that I was looking for a sub. I listed out all of my standards. Then all of a sudden I got 3 comments. Two comments were people who had a problem with me wanting someone who has a car. Why this was a problem I don't know why. The other guy just said "snore", I responded to him saying that I am not everyone's cup of tea. He then goes psycho saying that I was fake and all this other shit. I had a few people come to my defense but he then started to attack them too. I had to go to the caretakers of the site. They took down this user's comments except for a couple.

Then there was a guy who didn't realize the concept of consent. I didn't answer him because well I don't want anyone who doesn't understand consent. He wanted me to take him or do things to him against his will. I told him that what he wanted didn't sound like consent or consensual non consent. He disagreed, of course, either because he knew I wasn't into consensual non consent or because he doesn't understand consent.

I don't think I mentioned this guy before but there was another troll that seemed dangerous. He had on his profile that he was in all this stuff like illegal drugs and satanic worship. I will not judge anyone for what they believe but what scared me about this guy is he mentioned worship and possible sacrifice, you don't trust someone like that in the lifestyle. He could possibly sacrifice you. He also mentioned to me some problematic stuff. I tried to educate him and he told me to fuck off and called me an idiot. Let's just say that conversation went no further.

I had some people from the past come back into my inbox and tried to start a conversation again. One was rude previously and the other wouldn't contribute to the conversation ever once we had met. If you were rude once you will probably be rude again. With the other one I had a feeling that his unwillingness to contribute to the conversation the negotiations would be interesting and frustrating. I could see the negotiation questions being answered in one word or phrase.

Those are the main ones I remember. I also have been taking some time off of trying to find a sub. I had just came back to finding a sub. We will see what will happen next.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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