Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 1

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Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 1
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Angelina Garcia usually woke up shaking.

Morning or night, from earth-shattering orgasms or Julie's convulsing body during her usual nightmares, she wasn't sure. All she knew was that she wouldn't know which option it was until she opened her eyes and saw it for herself. Angelina braced herself as she fluttered her eyes open. When she met with the darkness in the room her and Julie were staying in at Loner's Retreat, she adjusted quickly and turned to see her girlfriend of two years, Julie Anderson, groaning and shaking her head side to side, her hands pushing at some invisible force her dream-self was apparently trying to get away from. Angie found herself hesitating at waking her up, as comforting the sleeping brunette-haired beauty she fell asleep next to every night was starting to take its toll on her. Guilt started to kick in, and made the decision for her.

"Jules, wake up. You're having another nightmare." Angie informed in a soft voice so she wouldn't startle her, as she cradled her girlfriend's cheek with her hand and tried to ease her into waking up. Julie's forehead was dripping with sweat, even with the air conditioner on high. Angie often wondered what it was that scared her so much at night. Julie never liked to talk about it, which only infuriated Angie more.

They communicated fine when they made each other come so hard, the bed shook underneath them. But when it came to every day life as a couple, Julie never wanted to discuss their obvious issues. She usually changed the subject and tried to distract Angie with her hand shoved into her panties.

At first, Angie couldn't get enough of her. She found her spontaneous nature fun and alluring, against her quiet and logical way of life. Julie had been a breath of fresh air when all Angie was doing was drowning in a pool of bad relationship choices three years ago.

Angie owed her too much not to see this through to the end.

"Julie, wake up." Angie repeated, this time in Julie's ear, which made her stir awake slightly.

"What's going on?" Julie asked, her voice raspy from her slumber, as she faced Angie.

"Mind telling me what you were dreaming about that had you shaking the bed so bad?"

"I'm sorry for waking you. Goodnight, babe." Julie replied groggily as she turned on her side and closed her eyes once again. Angie was too pissed off to go back to sleep. Here she was, waiting like a fool to have an open and honest conversation about whatever it was that was wrong with Julie, and she refused to participate.

Well, not tonight. Tonight she was going to get some answers.

"Wake up, Julie. I mean it." Angie insisted, shaking her arm to gain her attention. Julie groaned in response and turned to her once again.

"What? What is it?"

"You know damn well why I'm pissed. Now, wake up and talk to me."

"Angie, it's the middle of the fucking night. Do you really want to argue about this now?"

"And if I do?" Angie countered, turning on the lamp on the side table, illuminating the room. Julie sighed deeply, and placed the pillow over her head as she got up from the bed and headed in the direction of the bathroom.


"I'm not doing this. Goodnight, Angie." Julie dismissed her and slammed the bathroom door behind her, leaving Angie to growl in frustration. If she didn't leave this room now, she was going to strangle that woman with the shower rod and ruin her career as a librarian by ending up in prison.

Some fresh air would do her some good. The ocean always had a calming effect on Angelina since she was a child. It was the only sound in the world that could calm her nerves, according to her parents. And right now, as she walked along the beach in the middle of the night and the waves crashed at her bare feet, she could feel her anger slide right off her shoulders.

Angelina was glad Lucia Johnson, the owner of the retreat and her semi-friend had found a way to keep the place open. It'd be a shame not to let people experience the paradise for themselves. Even during the storm last week, when they all thought they'd get washed away along with the smaller beach houses on the shore, this place stood proud and reveled in its resilience against the strong winds. Not that the storm had been too bad to begin with. Tropical storms were the norm this time of the year but you never knew with these types of storms. They looked harmless one second but one miscalculation and it could cost people more than just their beach houses.

Angelina chuckled as she remembered watching her father the weatherman back home in Florida, relay the weather forecast every night as her mother served her and her twin brother Miguel dinner. She learned everything about nature and its unpredictable fury from him and she suddenly wondered how many forecasts she had missed since her parents had gotten divorced.

"You shouldn't be out here alone. Those sand crabs might get you." The feminine voice came from behind her, and Angie turned to find a bright light shining in her face. The voice turned into a short laugh as Angie squinted her eyes at the blonde-haired scuba diving instructor standing just a few feet away from her.

"Dolly Gomez, put that thing away before you blind me." Angie insisted as Dolly smirked and removed the light away from her face.

"Can't sleep?" she asked her and Angie nodded, which was better than disclosing to someone she barely knew that her relationship was falling apart right before her eyes and she was powerless to stop it.


"I'm a night owl. Come on, I got just the thing for you." Dolly offered her, as she took her hand and dragged her down the beach. Angie met Dolly only last week but she seemed sane enough to follow her lead. If Lucia trusted her, then who was she to question it?

She'd known Lucia since college, when they were forced to share a dorm room with one other girl for four years. Angie knew then Lucia enjoyed being a heart-breaker. She had guys and girls pining for her constantly, and Angie didn't know what it was that she did to make them go nuts but it all stopped when her older boyfriend died her senior year of college. Lucia closed her heart off to the rest of the world but not what was in between her legs. Not that she was judging. Everyone had at least one coping mechanism to deal with life on a daily basis. Angie just wished she could finally find hers.

"A hike? This is your bright idea?" Angie questioned Dolly's sanity as they started walking up the hill to the big rock formation that led to the infamous Laguna Verde. She'd seen pictures of The Green Lagoon, but never got the energy to hike up to see it during her stay here.

"Do you usually complain this much?" Dolly asked as she helped Angie climb up a boulder and held her steady as she rested her back against another boulder. Dolly was barely an inch away from her face and Angie wanted to know why she wasn't pushing her away. Maybe because it had been a while since someone had looked at her the way Dolly was right now, with genuine curiosity, understanding and a hint of desire.

Julie. She had to remember she still had a girlfriend she had to go home to, so she cleared her throat and Dolly immediately pulled away from her to continue their hike.

"So, how do you know Luce?" Dolly asked Angie as they continued their way up the formation.

"We went to college together."

"Did you fuck her too?" Dolly inquired bluntly, almost making Angelina choke with her own saliva.

"Uh, no. We're just friends, sort of. How do you know her?" Angie continued the conversation as Dolly finally pulled her up to the top of the rock formation and the sound of the waterfall finally surrounded them. She could see the glowing light of the green water at the bottom of the deep lagoon and the vibrant color was breathtaking in the moonlight. She wondered if it looked the same during the day time.

"I've known her since high school." Dolly answered dreadfully, but Angie could sense there was more to that story than Dolly was letting on. She didn't push, just in case she wanted to keep that part of her life private and sat down, dangling her legs over the edge of the cliff.

"This place is beautiful. No wonder you like to come here." Angie mentioned as she tugged on her robe straps and removed it off her shoulders. She was reserved when it came to other aspects in her life, but not her body. It was the only thing she had control over and she loved how free being naked made her feel.

"So you complain a lot and you like to be naked. What else should I know about you, Angelina Garcia?" Dolly teased as she sat beside her, shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh. Angelina's body was humming with an unexpected buzz of desire and she was terrified of where it might lead her to tonight.

"I minored in marine biology in college. I could name almost every sea creature in the world in alphabetical order. Not sexy at all, I know. Julie zones out every time I bring up." Angie rambled as her anxiousness started to take over. Dolly chuckled as she bumped her shoulder against hers.

"I majored in it. I'm pretty sure I can name all two-hundred different species of jelly fish in less than ten seconds flat." Dolly challenged, making Angie grin with interest.

"I'll definitely take you up on that challenge." Angie answered.

"But I'd have to disagree with you on something."

"On what?"

"The ability to name every sea creature in the world in alphabetical order is incredibly sexy. To me, at least." Dolly complimented, a smile on her face as Angie laughed.

"If that's a compliment, then thank you."

"Julie should make you smile more. A woman like you deserves it." Dolly commented as she held her gaze and took her hand in hers. Angie looked down at their hands for a moment, feeling guilty for not pulling away, and putting space between them. It was obvious her and Dolly had a lot in common and it was creating a different kind of chemistry she didn't know she craved until now. Which was dangerous as all Hell.

"Have you ever taken a dive into the lagoon?" Angie asked, trying one last time to turn whatever was happening around, so she'd be able to go home to her girlfriend, guilt-free.

"I have. But it's better if you dive in with someone. It's supposed to bring you good luck. So, what do you say? How about we change our luck around, Angelina?" Dolly tempted with a wink as she stood up and began to undress. Angie looked away as she swallowed hard and stood up next to her.

"This is a bad idea." Angie noted and it only made Dolly chuckle at her remark.

"I'm sure there are worse ones out there. For now, stop thinking so much and let go." Dolly persisted as she rolled her eyes, taking her hand once again.

"Ready?" she asked. Angelina nodded as they both bent their knees and jumped down into the lagoon. Water swallowed her whole before she swam up for air, and flipped her hair back. Dolly was already flapping her arms in a butterfly motion along with her legs, the hard peaks of her pale breasts stood out above the water and they made Angie's mouth water for a quick taste.

What was wrong with her? She barely knew this woman and she already wanted to jump her bones? Not to mention she was still with Julie. No. This wasn't her. This wasn't the responsible and cautious Angelina her parents raised her to be.

The darker side of her wanted to forget everything they had taught her though. Not that any of their words mattered now, when they hadn't been enough to keep their twenty-year old marriage together.

"The water treating you nice?" Dolly's question brought her out of her bitter thoughts and she forced a smile on her face.

"Yes. It feels perfect." Angie answered, glancing down at Dolly's full and pouty lips. God, she wanted to kiss her. And why shouldn't she? Nobody was watching. Nobody would know.

Dolly took the decision out of her hands and swam over to her, pulling at her hand so they could swim over to the small cave hidden just underneath the waterfall, where the glowing green light was. Once Angie felt Dolly's hands on her thighs as she opened them and pushed her back against the wet rocks, Angie knew this was the time to stop, to swim away from this mistake, and leave Dolly behind along with her desire.

But she couldn't make herself move. Something inside her didn't want her to leave the lagoon without putting out the fire Dolly had ignited.

"I'm not asking anything of you after tonight. Just to live now, in this moment, with my fingers so deep inside of you, you have no choice but to release all that sadness you have in those beautiful eyes." Dolly baited with words she'd been aching to hear, hovering her full and wet lips over hers, her fingers rubbing the outside of her folds, making it incredibly hard for Angie to protest.

"This is a bad idea..." Angie groaned in frustration, right before she pulled Dolly closer, causing her fingers to dip deep inside of her. Angelina gasped, moaning right after Dolly started to tease her clit, flicking at it slowly, then rubbing it in circles. The simmering flame of lust became a full fledged fire starting at the tips of her curling toes, all the way up to the damp curls on her head. It consumed her until nothing but desperation encouraged her to return the favor. Angie took a hold of Dolly's breasts and massaged them, using her thumbs to turn her nipples into pointed peaks, ready to be sucked. She took one into her mouth, and flicked her tongue rapidly around it, causing a whimpering moan to escape Dolly's mouth, her fingers to rub her clit faster. Angie nibbled on the other nipple, as she rode Dolly's fingers, pulling at the flesh until Dolly's moan became too loud, and she decided to fix that problem with a kiss. Dolly deepened the kiss, her tongue exploring her mouth just like her fingers explored how deep they could go until Angie started moaning again. And when she did, Dolly pulled her lips away from her and dipped her body underneath the water.

Angie bit her bottom lip when she felt Dolly's tongue on her clit underwater. The combination of the pressure coming from the water and Dolly's hungry tongue and lips sucking on her, was lethal and Angie wasn't sure how long she'd last if she kept doing that. Her entire body tingled with stimulation as her orgasm consumed her and she felt like she was bursting into a million stars as she came hard into Dolly's mouth. Dolly didn't stop sucking on her throbbing clit until Angie's body started to shake violently with the aftershocks of a solid orgasm and when she finally came up for air, Dolly's eyes widened as she laughed and flipped her wet blonde hair back.

"I've never done that before." Dolly confessed as she licked her lips and brought Angie's thighs closer, wrapping her legs around her waist.


"No. I didn't know I could hold my breath that long either." Dolly joked and Angie responded with a chuckle.

"Well, if it's any consolation, you have a very talented mouth." Angie complimented the blonde and she noticed her cheeks grow pink as she blushed.

"I bet you say that to all the girls." Dolly teased, and it made Angie's heart stop as reality began to settle in and she realized what she just finished doing.

She just cheated on Julie.

"I-I should go." Angie commented and Dolly nodded, hiding the sadness in her own eyes as she pulled away and they started swimming away from the green lagoon.

Once they hiked back down to the beach, Dolly escorted her just outside of her room, which overlooked the beach. It was still dark outside, with nothing but the sound of the waves, crickets in the bushes and grass surrounding them, and the sound of Angie's pounding heart trying to punch its way out of her chest. She deserved every beating it was giving her for what she did.

"Angelina." Dolly whispered her name behind her, just before she reached to open the door to her room.


"No one will know." Dolly whispered the promise into her ear before she walked away. Angie closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks as she exhaled deeply and entered her room, where her girlfriend laid on their bed, sound asleep, no nightmares in sight.

Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba
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