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Chapter 1 : The Beginning

By MR.XPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

In this tale, Leon, Amy, and their daughter Rossy take a jet from Europe to San Francisco. As they board the plane, Amy is filled with excitement and anticipation for their new home and the sunshine they will experience. Leon, a dress designer, has worked for a well-known brand company for almost ten years, and his perseverance and hard work have paid off, allowing him to save up enough cash to buy their amazing San Francisco home.

Amy's garden is going to be a paradise, and she plans to use her mom's green thumb to create a paradise garden. Leon is excited about the prospect of fresh starts in their energetic new city, as well as the sea being just around the corner.

Leon has worked for a well-known brand company for almost ten years, developing his reputation as a dress designer. He has saved up enough money to buy their amazing San Francisco home, and they have built the new house next to Josh and Atika's house. Amy remembers when they kissed each other at the prom in front of Josh's ex, and she is excited about the possibilities.

As the conversation continues, Amy notices her husband giving the airhostess a sidelong glance, and she teases him about his diversion. Leon objected, but Amy remains open about her sister's marriage to a wealthy man, who she believes is conceited and wealthy. Amy is more open about her sister's relationship with her husband, who is a wealthy man who has inherited a large amount of money.

Leon is irritated by Amy's impulsive response and tries to offer an alternative viewpoint. He offers to pick Amy and her husband up with his private jet, but Amy questions the distinction between the two. Leon, frustrated, believes that the business covered the cost, and they could have paid for it themselves. Amy is more open about her sister's marriage to Leon, stating that he took action to increase his wealth. Leon jokingly suggests that if Amy likes him, she might marry him and Leon would marry her sister.

Throughout the conversation, Amy and Leon continue to discuss their relationship and the potential for their relationship to grow. They continue to explore their feelings and relationships, despite the challenges they face.

As the plane gets ready to land, Amy turns to face their daughter, Rossy, and asks her how much time she spent sleeping. Rossy is excited to visit her aunt once more, who she hasn't seen in almost nine years. Amy's soft voice helps determine how awake Rossy is, and she asks if she is excited to visit her aunt once more.

Amy, Rossy, and Leon are preparing for their journey to San Francisco, despite the uncertainty and conflicting feelings surrounding their relocation. They take comfort in each other's presence and the prospect of fresh starts in their energetic new city.

this is just a basic information about the characters and in future Amy decison will change her life . There many twist And turn that in this that heart go craze and care . More emotion that make life crazier and also wrecked . This story is to justify how decisions cam make the life tougher and easier . Every decision in past have impact on future. so every move has to be taken carefully. Every character in this story fictional.


THIS STORY HAS MORE CONTENT WARNING SO RECOMEMDED ONLY ABOVE AGE 16. people who like fifty shades can read this book this will feel good at end.

roleplayrelationshipsfact or fictionerotic

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I write story for short films and want to become director. In this page write various story where every story and every character are fictional. No community or people are harmed. Only enjoy my story and if any quires pls do comment.

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  • MADMAX3 months ago

    The story is good I read the other three chapters, and the storyline is so good.

  • Test3 months ago

    I found your writing to be superb, and I couldn't discern any faults in it.

  • MR.X (Author)3 months ago

    Kindly read other stories of lifeline which has continuations

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