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By MR.XPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Amy returns home to find her mailbox empty, feeling disappointed and unsure of what to do. She heads to her room to change into something more comfortable. She takes a swim in the backyard, feeling a sense of serenity wash over her skin as she applies lotion. The scent of coconut fills the air, creating an intoxicating atmosphere.

As she enters the pool, she feels a sense of serenity wash over her, and hours pass in blissful tranquility. However, the sound of the doorbell shatters the calm, and she assumes it is her daughter, only to be greeted by an old postman with a parcel in hand. Amy is intrigued by the attention, and she teases the postman as she signs for the parcel.

As the old man admires her body, Amy feels a rush of excitement, a subtle thrill coursing through her veins. She teases him, asking him to look into her eyes, which he does not hear. Amy closes the door, thinking this is the second time she opens the door carelessly. It is the first a stranger sees her in bikini, and she feels a warn inside her.

As Amy goes upstairs, she changes her dress and goes to a nearby salon to cut her hair. She is greeted by Mary, an old friend from her college days, and they share a tight embrace. They catch up on the events of the past twenty years, sharing stories of her daughter Rossy and her two sons, one working as a cop and the other pursuing his passion for racing and mechatronics.

Mary works her magic on Amy's hair, and a tall, lean man enters the room, introducing himself as Jason, Mary's second son and a friend from their college days. His joke about being Amy's student elicits a smile from her, while Mary feignes friendly annoyance at his jest.

Jason's compliments leave Amy feeling flustered, and she is impressed by his daring exploits. When Jason offers her the chance to experience the thrill of fast vehicles firsthand, Amy's heart skips a beat with excitement. Eagerly exchanging numbers, they make plans for a future adventure, their eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Amy bids farewell to Mary and Jason, with promises to stay in touch. With a smile lingering on her lips as she leaves the salon, Amy cannot shake the feeling of excitement that Jason had ignited within her.

Amy changes into a fresh outfit at home, and she thinks of Canis practicing the keyboard in his room. The image of him lost in his music stirs something within her, a sense of admiration for his talent and determination. She can't help but feel a surge of pride for Canis, knowing he possesses a drive and passion that would lead him to success on his own terms.

She prepares a dish, she remembers the food he taught her yesterday and wants to try it without his guidance. Finally, Amy makes a dish, and she takes a quick photo to send to Canis, feeling a sense of connection to him. When Canis replies with a heart symbol, a rush of warmth floods Amy's chest, reminding her of the bond they had shared in Cherry's kitchen the night before. She feels his touchs when he taught her guitar lesson. Those moments and events that happen today she feel new . She think that she is chaning day by day . Her curiosity and attraction towards other men especially canis was something wrong. But she didn't have sex for the past 5 years and she couldn't help. She has caring nature around people. She is very socialize as teacher she has knowledge on other mindset. She doesn't want to hurt other feelings.

Lost in her thoughts, Amy is jolted back to reality by the sound of Rossy's footsteps. Amy and rossy had


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I write story for short films and want to become director. In this page write various story where every story and every character are fictional. No community or people are harmed. Only enjoy my story and if any quires pls do comment.

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