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Library Girl, Part II

And then we got to her apartment...

By CR BaxterPublished 4 months ago 15 min read
Library Girl, Part II
Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

Jen led me out of the cafe and through a side door that led to a staircase. Up we went, passing apartments on the first and second floor to reach a third on the very top floor, just like she’d said.

“Come on in, make yourself at home. Drink?”

“Oh, er sure, thanks.” I wandered into the open plan living area. It was huge. I lived in a single room in a house I shared with five other students; Jen’s place was way bigger and far more luxurious. Someone had been through and painted everything white then furnished it tastefully with sofas, lamps and rugs. I loved it.

The long walls were hung with photographic prints, some colour but most black and white. Artfully shot nudes, all female. The models’ faces weren’t visible, but everything else was on display. I strolled the room inspecting the pictures. One in particular drew my attention. A naked woman kneeling directly in front of the camera, sitting on her heels, thighs slightly apart, dark hair glistening between her legs, back arched and head dropped to the floor so her breasts pointed at the ceiling.

“Do you like it?” said Jen. She pressed a tall, icy glass into my hand.

“It’s amazing,” I said honestly. I leaned closer. “Looks like she was, well, wet.”

Jen leaned in and peered at the image. “Huh, yes. Not sure I’d noticed that before.”

I frowned. It was pretty obvious to me. Then she laughed.

“I like the others as well, but this one draws the eye,” I said. We walked along the wall inspecting the art and sipping our drinks, pausing next to a front-on view of a pair of breasts. There was something familiar about them. A thought nagged at the back of my mind. We moved to the next one, a full colour shot of a woman lying on a long leather sofa, hand draped artfully over her pussy, head turned away. The sofa seemed familiar. I peered closer, then turned to look at one of the sofas in the room.

“Was this shot here?” I asked.

“Yup,” said Jen. She sounded smug, as if I’d noticed part of something important.

I looked at the image again. The breasts!

“Is this you?” I said incredulously. “It is! You modelled this?” I boggled. “You modelled all of them?”

“Modelled, arranged, designed, photographed. The whole nine yards.”

“Holy fuck that’s cool.” I paused, then walked back to the first shot where Jen was leaning back to show off her moist pussy. “And this one?”

“Even this one. I had to grow out my pubes, which was a pain, and the droplets were tricky. I tried wanking to get the required dampness, but I just ended up having an orgasm and getting a wet hand, so there’s a little artistic license with this one.” She paused, as if embarrassed about her lack of integrity. “I used a water sprayer,” she admitted. “Even then, it took ages to get it right.”

“It was worth it,” I said. I cleared my throat. “I guess this puts me ahead in the ‘who’s seen the most flesh’ game. I don’t think there’s anything you’ve left to the imagination.”

“And? Do you like what you see?”

I realised she was asking from a genuine concern that I might, somehow, dislike her body. That was impossible, of course, but insecurity strikes in the most unexpected places.

“I do, I most definitely do,” I said sincerely. “You have the most fantastic body I’ve ever seen, and you’re a seriously talented artist.”

She nodded at the compliments, but I wasn’t sure she believed me.

“I mean it, you’re gorgeous, and these,” I waved my arm at the gallery, “are amazing. You should see my collection of naked selfies. They’re awful.” Shit. I hadn’t meant to say that.

“I’d like that,” she said, holding out her hand for my phone.

I licked my lips, suddenly extremely nervous, but what could I do? I was going to have to share. Served me right for shooting my mouth off. I shuffled uncomfortably. “Are you sure? They’re not very good and I…” I cleared my throat. “I don’t normally share them,” I said quietly.

Jen flicked her gaze to the photo of her naked, moist pussy, and flexed her fingers. “If you can’t share your porn shots with a total stranger who’s actually asking to see them, who can you share them with?”

I licked my lips and chugged the rest of my drink. “Ok, but maybe another drink?”

“Sit down,” she said, taking my glass, “and try to relax.”

I sat on the edge of the sofa and took out my phone. For a moment I thought about leaving, but Jen was right; there was no point taking photos that never get shared, and who better to share them with than a beautiful, uninhibited woman like Jen. She made another round of drinks and I glugged half of mine before setting the glass down.

I opened my phone and flicked into the private album where I kept all my nude selfies. “Ok, here, but…” What could I ask? Jen had already trusted me with everything; making requests of her as I sat in her living room surrounded by her astounding collection of nude portraits seemed unreasonable. I passed her my phone.

“Hmm, nice,” she said swiping through my collection. “Sweet cock, outdoors shot, nice abs.” She flicked through, pausing every now and again. “Ok, you take a lot of cock shots.”

I shrugged, embarrassed.

“I particularly like this one.” She turned the phone to show me a photo of my erect penis with my six-pack in the background. “Imagination is overrated. Best to be completely explicit.” I squirmed and blushed. “Some of these are really good, by the way. Did you take them all yourself?”

I stared at her and nodded sharply. Who else was going to take nude photos of me?

“Full length nude in a forest, big erection. Nice. Very, very hot.”


“Are you kidding? You’ve got a great body and your cock is to die for.”

I grinned. That was the response I’d hoped for if I’d ever had the courage to show the collection to anyone.

“Ooh, what’s this? Video?”

“Oh, no, don’t watch that,” I said, lunging across the sofa. She giggled and turned away, pulling the phone out of my reach. I sagged back down. Things had suddenly turned worse.

“Is this what I hope it is?” she said.

“Please…” I begged. There are some things too embarrassing to share.

She tapped the play button. I watched over her shoulder as the figure on the screen - me, nude, head out of shot, hand by my flaccid cock - laid back on a bed beside a laptop. The tiny laptop screen showed a woman masturbating while she in turn watched porn on a screen too small to make out on the phone.

“Fuck, this is hot,” said Jen. On the screen my cock quickly hardened and I could only watch as my younger self took hold of his erect penis and began to stroke. “Oh, this is the good stuff,” said Jen. She glanced at me with lustful eyes. She even moved one hand down to her crotch before she remembered she wasn’t alone and clenched her fist.

The action on the screen built, the hand moving faster. Jen turned up the volume until we could both hear me grunting.

“Almost there,” I hissed on screen. It was excruciating. I turned away. I didn’t need to watch to know what was going to happen. The groans got louder, the movements more vigorous. “Yes, argh!”

I turned back. Video-me was cumming, sending great spouts of white liquid across my chest and stomach. More strokes to empty the tank, then the video mercifully ended. Ten horrendously embarrassing minutes were finally over and I could find out what sort of mess they’d made of my chances with Jen.

“Fuck, yes,” said Jen. She looked at me and grinned. “You’re hot, this video is super hot, and I think I’m now ahead again in our game.”

“I guess,” I said weakly. “So, er, you’re not put off?” I hardly dared to hope.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I’m so wet I could fuck you right here and now.” I blinked. That was not what I’d expected to hear. My cock stirred.

“So, er, what now…?”

Jen thumbed back through the video and set it playing from thirty seconds before the cum shot. “Let me just watch this a couple more times,” she said. “The sounds are exquisite.”

She played the last section several more times, and on each playback I swear her right hand crept closer to her crotch and she moved her knees just a little further apart. Eventually she paused the video, but she didn’t hand back the phone.

“I’m going to propose something,” she said coyly, “but I want to know you’ll do as you’re told.”

“Ok. Name it.”

“I’m going to even out the score on our little game, but what I have in mind requires serious trust.” She waited for me to nod my agreement. “You’ll understand in a moment, but I want a copy of the video - no, hear me out - a copy of the video and a few of the images.”

I frowned, not seeing where she was going with this. “Why?”

“Insurance. And subsequent viewing pleasure, obviously,” she added, “but mostly insurance.”

“Insurance? To keep me honest and decent?” She nodded. Given what I’d seen so far in her apartment and what I knew of her, this all sounded very positive. Sharing was, ultimately, what the images were for, but it was a nerve-wracking step. Whatever she was planning would have to be epic, and of course once I’d realised *that*, I had to know what it was. “Ok, take what you want. I promise to behave exactly as you want and to do, touch, or leave precisely as you instruct. And you can share the files if you’re dissatisfied, ok?”

She grinned. “Perfect.” She busied herself with my phone for a few moments. “Oh, and that one. Yes, that’s super hot.” She scrolled past the video, licking her lips. A second video caught her attention. Me in the shower, face visible as I wanked. A third showed me wanking in a secluded forest somewhere in France, another at home in the kitchen while me flatmates were out.

“How many more of these do you have?” she asked hungrily.

“Oh, er, a few,” I said, not wanting to give up all my secrets. “You want to see the others?” She nodded. “You’ll have to come back to my place. I have a big screen.”

“That’s not the only big thing you’ve got,” she murmured. She flicked to the end of the collection then back to the first video. “Sit over there,” she said, pointing at the sofa opposite. I moved as instructed. “Stay there, don’t move a muscle till I say, ok?”

“Understood, not a muscle. What are you thinking?”

She licked her lips - nerves, maybe? - and stood up. For a moment she was still, as if trying to make a final decision. Then she pulled her top over her head. My mouth fell open. I’d seen her breasts in the library, but I wasn’t ready for her to expose them again. The portraits really didn’t do her justice. She unlaced her boots and kicked them away. Her jeans could have been painted on. She unbuttoned them and pushed them down, not taking her eyes off me. She stepped out of them wearing only a pair of lacy black knickers that were more ornament than garment.

“Ready?” she asked, thumbs inside the elastic waistband. I nodded, and she bent down, pushing her knickers to her ankles before standing back up. “Like what you see?” she asked with a twirl.

“I absolutely do. You’re beautiful,” I said with total honesty. She smiled and sat down on the sofa facing me, legs apart. The hair from the photo was gone, leaving just a bare vulva with a neat slit and a pair of pink lips peeking out. I couldn’t help staring at her cunt, but if she noticed, she didn’t say anything.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” I asked. I wanted to kneel before her, to lick her pussy, and grope her tits. I wanted to make her cum, to feel her spasm beneath me in orgasmic ecstasy. I wanted her to suck my dick and kiss my chest. I wanted to cum on her tits and face and in her pussy. I wanted to do anything that would bring her joy.

“Just stay there,” she said with a slight frown, “and keep quiet. This is tricky enough already.”

I clamped my mouth shut and waited. For a few long seconds she just sat there, composing herself. Then she hit play on the video and dropped her hand between her legs. Was she really going to…? Yes! From a distance of only a couple of metres, I watched as she began to circle her hand over her clit, rubbing gently. I’ve always loved watching women wank, but mostly that happened on video. Seeing it in the flesh was a rare treat.

As the video played on, her movements grew larger and faster. Wetness covered her fingers and she eased her legs further apart as her hand moved more quickly. She was parting her lips now, and I could see her vagina, a deep red hole I longed to fill.

She propped my phone on the sofa and moved her left hand to her breasts, squeezing one then the other. Her right hand was pressed hard against her pussy, rubbing in rapid circles around her clit and lips.

I was so hard it was all I could do to keep my hands off my cock. But rules were there to be obeyed, and I had a strong feeling that establishing trust now by doing exactly as I was told would yield untold benefits in the future.

Jen glanced at me but I’m not sure how much she saw. She was breathing hard, rubbing hard, and squeezing her nipples. I watched everything, locking away the details for future reference. It was a weird sensation to watch someone wank to a video of me wanking, especially as my on-screen climax approached.

Jen was clearly getting off on the sights. Her hand made rapid circular motions, her eyes closed, and her expression said she was close. A few seconds later, her stomach spasmed, she cried out, and she lifted her arse off the sofa for a few moments. Then she sagged back down and took her hand from her crotch. She sat up and looked at me.

“How was that?” she breathed.

“Awesome, but it puts me ahead again,” I said, “since I’ve watched you cum in person and face to face, and you’ve only seen me on a screen.”

She grinned and stood up. Three strides carried her across the room. I almost shuffled back, so determined was her expression. She leaned over me and kissed me, a long, deep kiss with real passion. I reached up to hold her face, then she climbed onto the sofa and sank down till she was sitting on my crotch. I folded her in my arms. Our hands were all over each other, hers tugging at my clothes, mine exploring her skin, her hips, her breasts.

My belt came undone and she tore at my flies. I lifted my arse so she could drag my jeans down over my hips. My boxers were tented by my cock, and she almost ripped them off me. Then her lips and hands were on my cock, sucking and stroking.

I lay back, enjoying the sensation, and I was almost disappointed when she released me. Almost, but then she said hoarsely, “Lie back.”

I wriggled around till I was lying full length on the broad sofa. She swung a leg over me and sat on my thighs, then leaned down to kiss my chest, my neck, my lips. The anticipation was glorious, and when she guided me into her, there was nothing for me to do but lie back and watch her move. She ground herself on my cock as I played with her tits. After such a long buildup, I wasn’t going to last. I put one hand on her thigh, then moved it up to her belly and down till I could rub her clit.

She gasped. “Yes,” she said, “yes!” She dropped down to kiss me, her breasts rubbing my chest as she worked. She changed her stroke to work the full length of my cock, moving slickly up and down.

“Oh, God! I’m going to cum,” I said breathlessly.

“Yes,” said Jen. She looked delighted, hungry with lust.

I strained up to meet her as my moment neared. She pushed herself upright and put a hand on her clit. I came with a groan, emptying myself inside her. She kept stroking my cock, working her hips back and forth, and rubbing her clit.

“I’m going to cum,” she whispered, eyes closed. I felt her tense as she climaxed, her pussy tightening on my cock, then she came to a halt and leaned down to kiss me. “I think that makes us even,” she whispered.

“For now,” I agreed, but I already knew I wanted more.


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CR Baxter

I write sexy stories to entertain and excite. My stories are respectful, consensual, full of dirty language, and laced with humour and unexpected twists. Enjoy!

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