Let's Masturbate Everyday

Why do we masturbate rather than having sex with our partners?

Let's Masturbate Everyday

First and foremost, it motivates us to love and respect ourselves more. We have a tendency not to have a wide knowledge of our own body. However, this can be increasingly empowering after masturbating. Furthermore, both your mind and body will be relaxed after all. According to scientific research, the more you tune in to your mind and body, the much happier you'll be in your various relationships. If you practice bodybuilding everyday, that could be the motive to masturbate at least once day. In order to make it more charming, you can be nude and masturbate in front of a mirror. As a result, you will feel comfortable a lot and love yourself more and more.

Secondly, it can improve our sex activities. Using vibrators or other sex toys seem to be a better way to adapt sooner. Both men and women initially have a hard time involving sex activities with someone else. However, several experts confirm that masturbation is one of the best ways to figure out what you're really interested in bed with your sexual partner, and obviously, how to guide them and how to seduce them. In other words, masturbation could be considered an important step for marriage.

Next, it can build up the image of our attractive body. One thing for sure, masturbation is great way to prepare for sex with a person we love. Pleasing yourself will improve your own outlook on daily life, making it positive and optimistic.

In some situations, it's helpful for the charming vagina of women. Time passes by so quickly just as vaginas change with age. Even though natural shifts in the strength of pelvic floor, as well as the thickness of vulvar skin, don’t occur immediately, women might be fully prepared for those changes by being aware of both when and what goes down. In order to protect them against sexually transmitted infections, I strongly recommend that women use coconut oil with latex condoms whenever they have sex with their spouses. If a man uses a condom, women had better stay away from petroleum-based lubricants because most men will deliberately damage condoms so that they may feel more pleasure. Not many women don't know that they can get benefits from masturbation, due to some awkward situations about traditions. However, if they masturbate five times weekly, they might keep their pelvic floor healthy without the fear of bacteria infection. This can promote sexual health.

Additionally, it will help us sleep better. Everyone feels sleepy and nearly closes their eyes after masturbating, especially males. That is scientifically because the flood of endorphins release after we have an orgasm, which leads to deeper and better sleep. Furthermore, releasing endorphins helps us relax. Initially, this may take a long shot to reach orgasm. Nevertheless, if we spend time concentrating hard on a sexy scenario or watching sex movies while masturbating, we will enjoy the feeling of orgasm faster and faster. Day by day, we may get relaxed shortly after both in the real world and in our dreams.

In some ways, masturbation is safer than other sex activities. It is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted infection such as AIDS, genital herpes, gonorrhea, and so forth. Also, if we masturbate everyday, we should not be afraid of the risks of STDs or pregnancy. As for the benefits of pregnant women, hormone changes during pregnancy cause them to desire more sex. Furthermore, self-pleasure may also help us cure lower back pain. We can feel mild as well as irregular cramping after orgasm. However, since masturbation sometimes may not be safe for women during pregnancy, they must be careful and try not to be addicted to masturbation too much.

Last, but not least, it reduces stress. According to some detailed studies, masturbation can cure major depressive disorders. After learning that, you can take action now to show yourself some love. Like yoga practices and massage, masturbation gives us the same feeling of relaxation after enjoying. Treating ourselves reasonably before going to bed will release chemicals like endorphins and dopamine, which are sure to make stress fade away.

In conclusion, we cannot deny the significance of masturbation in modern society. What we need to do now is try to masturbate at least twice a week, so that we not only please ourselves, but we also prevent us from possible illnesses. To be honest, masturbation is the best of the best ways to protect us.

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