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Late Nights Under Covers

by Rose about a month ago in fiction / sexual wellness / sex toys / lingerie
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under cover of stars

Late Nights Under Covers
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

The stars were just about visible from the small skylight window in my bedroom.

The silk sheets kissed my freshly bare skin so smooth against my clean-shaven legs, done only for myself; I wanted to feel the soft comforts of silk against my naked skin, feel how it caresses all places.

I had a midnight call I was determined to make and I wanted to feel undefeatable, I wanted to feel unstoppable, like a succubus. His name was Jim and when he called me by name I just melted.

We had met one morning in a coffee shop, which was funny because I rather detested the scent of coffee but the little corner shop sold the most amazing donuts. He ran into me and knocked the donut right out of my hand.

He'd promised to get me a new one, seeing that I looked completely devastated. "you can't" I'd said, "that was the last one". I hadn't yet met his eyes, when I looked up and saw his face I felt like the donut was a small price to pay for bumping into this brilliant man.

"Wow!" He'd said, "your eyes they're like marbles".

I'd chuckled nervously and in a moment of complete absent-mindedness I blurted out " do you want to play with me". I couldn't take the words back so I'd decided to just let them hang in the air, see what he'd make of them. It felt a little exhilarating to have been so bold.

He'd replied teasingly in a low voice containing some grit. "Are you sure you could handle it, I like to play rough?"

I'd had to suppress a moan that rose to the surface without warning. What was it about this guy that made every cliche come alive; weak knees, butterflies in the stomach, sparkling eyes?

He'd noticed my reaction despite my attempts to suppress it.

"Won't you come with me ms?"

"Please just call me Ruby, Ruby Rose."

"Nice to meet you Ruby now come with me and I'll get you a doughnut that will blow your mind."

"That sounds promising. But Sir, haven't you heard the saying, never follow strangers, especially one's promising treats?" I'd replied teasingly, I had been feeling flirtatious and wanted him to know it."

"Sir huh? I like that perhaps I shall never tell you my name so you must always call me Sir. But if I do that will you follow this stranger? Will you follow me so you can experience the most pleasure you've ever had?"

"If I promise to keep calling you sir will you confess your name to me then?"


"Ok, then I promise," I hesitated for a moment suddenly feeling a wave of embarrassment before concluding my sentence with "Sir."

"My name's Jim, and I would love to get your number"

I had given Jim my number and told him to call me after 6pm when I finished work. I had a part-time job at the cafe down the road, I wanted to be a writer but that doesn't always pay for the bills.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for arrived. The phone rang.

"Hello Ruby" He answered in a deep voice that reached my core and had me feeling warm on the inside.

"Hi, Jim." I tried to sound casual, keeping my voice even.

"I thought we'd agreed you'd call me Sir"

"Sorry, Sir."

"That's better, good girl. Now tell me what are you wearing?"

"Nothing Sir"

"Really, then come open up the door for me. I'm stood outside and I want to see."

I couldn't help but let out a little nervous moan now, I was excited and terrified all at the same time, my body was a carnival of emotions and it was intoxicating.

I rushed out of bed leaving my silken sheets behind and opened up my front door, I had decided speed was the best way not to lose my nerve. Although I still hid my naked body behind the door.

He walked straight in as if he lived here and shut the door behind him leaving me exposed. I felt so vulnerable as he stood there in his suit. He was quick to wrap his arms around me and somehow the vulnerability made me want him more. I wanted to see what lay underneath his crisp white shirt, to know what he had in store for me.

He picked me up with ease and placed me down on the bed. He then began unbuttoning his shirt and exposing his strong turso that I began quickly running my hands down. His skin felt soft and smooth and I wanted to pull him down on top of me but he was too strong to move forcibly. Our lips locked and I began undoing his belt buckle to let his cock spring out. The sooner I could feel it inside me the better.

Thankfully he was just as eager as me and made short work of getting naked and began thrusting inside of me. Pumping in and out at a hard fast pace that made his balls slap hard against me sending added waves of pleasure.

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Hi, I'm 21 and this vocal media profile is dedicated to giving you the pleasure freedom and inspiration you deserve. Read my stories, subscribe and let yourself relax.

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  • Monica Piccioabout a month ago

    Una meravigliosa storia creativa. Ti auguro un'ispirazione sfrenata per la creatività

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