Jurassic Jiu-Jitsu Love Samba

by Made in DNA 9 months ago in nsfw

When two apex predators meet in the steamy jungles of time travel, the laws of nature must be adhered to, a battle for sexual domination must be fought. / 8200+ words of explicit dinosex.

Jurassic Jiu-Jitsu Love Samba
Image by Skip Hawks

The apatosaurs were massive, majestic creatures. Even at a genetically-enhanced height of 15 feet, Danyell was still only about half their height. The towering beasts lumbered through the leafy green of the jungle, each footstep an unrushed thunderfall. Beneath their feet, the jungle floor shook, and the smaller animals scattered and screeched at the annoyance of the sauropod parade. The calls of the widespread pack she was shadowing echoed back and forth through the lush valley; great beacons calling out in baleful groans and hoots. As if in reply, all around them, the jungle was a burst of animated energy.

She had smiled when she'd first caught up with the pack a few hours ago; seeing them had made her feel like a little girl again in her daddy's office at the national museum. The gallery had an extensive display of both real fossils and holographic representations beamed from distant countries. Even then, she'd known her destiny would be to come back and spend time with them.

So she'd spent the last few hours just walking along with them, patiently watching enjoying the fine weather, and waiting for the right moment.

While the air was warmer and heavier than she was used to, it was also richer; it made her feel stronger and more alive.

But the 'gentle' giants weren't the reason she had worked her ass off studying to pass the rigorous exams of Temporal Services Corporation—exams so difficult that only one in 2000 applicants passed. And though she was more than happy to collect a variety of data on plant and animal life, seasonal temperatures, and collect rock samples the mega-conglomerate had sent her to do, that wasn't the reason she was here either. Though, truth be told, the hefty paycheck made it more than worth the trouble.

No, she'd spent the last three years going through both physical and mental hell, so she could come back in time to sate the very core of her own beast.

She wasn't sure she could actually go through with it after she first arrived. Feelings of doubt and outright uncontrollable fear had crept into her; these weren't hologame monsters, they were flesh and blood. But over the last few months of her mission in this time away from time, she'd observed the creatures, grew familiar with them and their home; had made it her home, and now she was ready to fulfill her pact with her deepest desire.

Danyell was a vicious-game hunter. A predator of apex predators. After beasts that could rip through flesh the razor-sharp claws and bite through bone with powerful jaws; one wrong move and she would be a quick meal. The thought of encountering and engaging such a creature that had no qualms about chowing down on her, made her wet. Her pussy quivered with an excited electricity, aching in anticipation, and her nipples hardened against the light, form-fitting, spray-on fabric of the Temporal Services Instigator jumpsuit she wore.

But best not get ahead of herself. She didn't want to waste the experience on cheap ideas of what it might be like; she was here to close the deal. Today.

Following the slower members of apatosaurus pack, she jogged along, making her way through the thick and thin of the tall under growth, constantly watching the terrain for ambush or pitfall.

She had her eye on a young calf in particular; partially lame after having run afoul a pair of raptors unlucky enough to end up on the bottom of several male members' tree-trunk feet.

Limping along, the creature stumbled over roots and thick bushes alike; barking, crying, whining. Its mother ignored its pleas to wait to the best of her ability; already knowing that the calf would eventually attract predators to the pack or herself if she stayed behind to wait for and protect it. Despite the cruelty of the situation, this animal represented the perfect chance; it would become sacrificial lamb.

An hour more of following the pack and the little one had lost sight of its pack. In the distance, their cries could still be heard, but there was no way it would catch them. In its panic, it began a headlong stumbling run along a rough dirt ridge. Though not a sheer drop, the 100-foot incline would serve an insurmountable barrier for the young apatosaur. Danyell knew this was the chance she'd waited for. A quick survey of her surroundings informed her that the herd had indeed abandoned the calf.

With a sudden burst of speed from her enhanced body, she ran up behind the beast and delivered a dirty left-handed blow to the back of its head. Knowing it wouldn't stay stunned for long she followed the punch through with a roll, turned and performed a lower leg sweep. It cried out in surprise as it tumbled down the ravine.

Following it with a half-slide, half-surf maneuver, the raven-haired São Paulo native was upon her target within moments.

It wallowed and rolled around there in the dry brush and dirt, trying to right itself. It honked and bleated pitifully, but Danyell had no time for pity if she was to achieve her goal. Pulling a large survival knife forged for a human her size, she cut deep into the back of all four of the calf's knees before it could right itself.

Shrugging off her gearpack, she pulled on a pair of gloves she pulled from it. From the open tip of her right index finger, she unspooled a length of repli-rope which knitted itself through a nanite replicator as she pulled it out. The gloves then allowed her to manipulate and multiply the thick strands of the material into a soft silk so as not to cut her prisoner as she bound it. The calf cried out in pain as she wrapped its backlegs into a tight web.

"Yes, keep crying, keep screaming. Call one to you. Call a bad ass, apex predator down upon you, and I promise your death will be swift," she spoke to it encouragingly.

When she was sure it couldn't get loose, the huntress dropped a pill-sized audio beacon next to the animal. After sampling several mournful wails, the machine switched over to amplifying the animal's cries, giving them more range. If the calf should grow tired or even die, the beacon would emulate it.

The trap set, she chose and climbed a gigantic tree not more than a few yards from the calf. The prehistoric species was so much larger than its future counterpart, it proved no small feat. A giddy thrill filled her as the large branches and thick trunk made her feel like a little girl again, climbing trees on her grandfather's plantation outside the greater São Paulo area.

Choosing a height of safety, yet not too far above her bleating bait-dino, she scouted the immediate area. With exception, the ravine was open at the bottom, but trees and bushes grew thick once more about thirty yards in either direction but back up the slope. She couldn't see as far as she would have liked, but the area would allow her to engage any beast she dared in an arena-like setting.

Settling herself on the thick branch she had chosen, she removed the gearpack once more, hanging it on a smaller limb at eye-level. After which, she applied the spray which dissolved her spray on jumpsuit uniform and her panties. While she normally wore clothing while performing her duties here in the Jurassic, today she felt constricted in them. For the battle that was about to come, she wanted to be free.

Her bronze brown skin positively glowed even in the relatively cool shade of the tree's lush foliage. Her body was a taunt and lean, with the smaller breasts of an athlete. And while many of her countrywomen still did, even in this day and age, Danyell didn't shave a bit of hair from her body. Her muff was full and thick, mostly straight like the silky shoulder-length mane on her head, yet accented by the occasional curl, as if to tease. From her underarms, reasonable tufts of hair peeked out.

Confident she was secure on her perch, and that she had taken every other step, both precautionary and preparatory, she leaned back against the trunk of the tree to begin preparing herself for battle.

Bringing the bottoms of her feet together, Danyell's sweet brown pussy was a meaty delight—thick with folds that twisted back upon themselves in layers, and vulva that bulged, flaring out around her sweet hole. Full and thick, her pussy lips bulged out from the dense growth of her long strands of pubic hair. When parted, a red blaze of wet desire exposed itself to the prehistoric world; screaming its hunger for cock.

With her right middle and index fingers, she reached down. Familiar with her touch, her clit reacted instantaneously, a buzz-tingle arising from deep within. Knowing she might have little time for more than an orgasm or two, Danyell closed her eyes and began taking measured breaths. Engaging in an orgasm-kata, she set the focus of her mind's eye on the coming battle. Beginning with a circular massage over the entirety of her outer labia, she worked her pussy. Within moments, the flesh, soft and supple, grew hot under the caressing ministrations.

Before long, the broad circular strokes gave into tighter, pinpoint massages, which in turn, lead to the occasional quick knuckle-deep probe of her pussy. Over and over, an intricate dance of steps sent electric lust through her whole being. Her lithe, hard body shivered in delight.

Within minutes, her pussy was sopping wet. The excitement of coming battle echoed through the vibrant waves of pleasure that shot through her. Would she win today? Would she trophy a tyrannosaur, allosaurus, or some other big game predator? Only time would tell. In truth, both winning and losing held meaning for her; there would be something sweet about being torn limb-from-limb in battle. As long as she put up a good fight, it would be a good death. It didn't matter that she would be lost to time, and nobody back home would know the details of her death. It was enough that they knew she wouldn't be returning, as they knew her. It was a risk she was willing to take for the opportunity of success: the bragging rights concerning the domination of monsters. Now that would make her queen of the fight world back home.

Riding the thought-thrill of success and battle, the huntress took her fantasy one step further, imaging the beast clawing across her chest in a tight snap that caught her off-guard. Blood and gore dripping from its claw; jagged, brutal furrows burst open across her body in a spray of blood. The smell of which drove the monster into a bloodlust that could not be quenched. It bit down deep into her shoulder, its teeth sheering away flesh and bone in the blink of an eye. Sweet pain was replaced by the rush of adrenaline in her last seconds before she bled out, the lifeforce of her exiting.

If only... What she wouldn't give to experience a fantastic death in the jaws of an apex predator. Perhaps she should have arranged to have a team to transport what was left of her mangled corpse back to her own time for re-cloning.

The thoughts drove her libido with torpedo-intensity toward orgasm. Gripping the nipple on her right breast, she squeezed and twisted it with force, terrorizing the flesh, her teeth grit in a grimace of pained-pleasure while the fingers massaging her pussy grew anxious with effort.

Engorged and ready for the release of relaxing endorphins through her body that would follow orgasm, her clit was a crimson red. She played with it—teased and taunted it as the amorphous tickle of orgasmic buildup grew deep down—working the art of pinpoint masturbation. Switched over to a four-finger technique that covered the breadth of her swollen pussy lips—hot and slick with her juices—her breath grew ragged. The color of amber, the juices gave her pussy and pubes a dazzling sheen that glinted in the sunlight.

The fantasy drove her on, drove her mad with lust. Orgasm was upon her; from her throat, a ragged, guttural growl rose...

Raging through the valley, the bellow of the beast caught her off-guard. She pressed her back to the truck and threw up her hands in a defensive position and froze. Very carefully, she took note of her surroundings once more. The animal was not yet in sight.

She listened, and the clicking growl of the dinosaur gave its position away. To her northeast about 20 meters away, the beast crunched through the heavy jungle underbrush. It had heard the helpless bleats of the calf, but was being cautious. Wary that other animals might be in the vicinity. Ready for a fight.

Though she was certain it did not have sight of her yet, she knew it could smell her; the scent of her sex must have been thick in the air. Still, it would not do to alert the monster to her physical presence just yet. It would come to know her soon enough.

The calf below redoubled its pitiful wailing. In desperation, it tried to stand and made a valiant effort before falling back to its knees. Danyell silently thanked it for its sacrifice in her quest and watched as the predator's upper body stepped from the treeline.

"Torvosaur," she whispered to herself in excitement. A killing machine without equal without rival in its own era, the Torvo was large, heavily built, bipedal carnivore. Normally standing at around three meters in the "hunched" standing position many bipedals assumed for balance, this beast was easily four and would be nearly eye to eye with Danyell. What it lacked in size, it made up for in weight and body length. Its weight alone meant she was going to have to pack a serious punch if she wanted to hurt the beast. A normal human punch would probably get its attention, a blow from her enhanced body might do some real damage. Or, it might just piss it the beast off.

In any case, the monster was a real sight to behold. The reptilian hide, with its myriad of bony ridges that gave it an armored look, was a dark, pine green shot through with blue-white streaks and mottled patches of yellow and red spots along its spine. Its giant, elongated maw was slaughterhouse of bone-crunching, flesh-ripping daggers, and it sported two short, yet very powerful, arms.

Torvosaur moved swiftly to dispatch the apatosaur, its jaws going for the swift kill by taking the smaller creature's head off with the snap of powerful, cruel jaws.

In an instant, the ground underneath the two dinos was swamped in a great pool of blood. The Torvosaur lifted its great muzzle and roared victoriously over the body of its fallen prey.

Danyell admired the beast, nodding in confirmation of the power and savagery this monster represented. "Good kill, but I'm afraid I can't let you claim your reward just yet. I have plans for you." And, without hesitation or fear, she dropped down upon one of the great killing machines of Earth's history.

Landing on the Torvosaur's neck and upper body with no trouble, she wrapped her muscular legs around its upper body to hook her feet under its clawed front arms, neutralizing them. Danyell wasn't sure if it could use them against her while she rode atop its back, but she wasn't interested in finding out. More to the point, they helped anchor her.

The predator jerked in shock, fear and anger, and began instinctively to wheel itself around frantically in survival mode in an effort to throw her off.

Naked as she was, the rough reptilian skin with its short, boney knobs and ridges was pure delight. Closing her eyes, she took in the initial moments of the creature's fury and the fear.

The big monster's movements rubbed her still-wet clit and already sensitive outer labia in just the right way. Wrapped her arms around the beast's neck, she pressed her ample breasts against it.

The maneuver enraged the beast more, sending it into a wild spin and run through the small valley. It bucked and tossed, partially confused as to why the unseen opponent on its back had not yet taken its head off.

Meanwhile, Danyell cried out as she approached orgasm, tightening her squeeze on the dino's upper body with her legs as she exploded in pleasure atop it. She continued to ride the Torvo for several moments longer as she allowed the orgasm to run its course through her body, shivering in ecstasy as it finally exited her.

Patting the beast on its neck, she smiled and spoke, "That a boy! Now there are just one or two more items of business we have, and then you can be on your way."

Tightening her grip on the predator's neck, she struggled to choke the beast into submission. She wasn't here to kill the predator; that wouldn't be sporting. There were a million ways she could kill a dinosaur without ever even having to reveal herself to it. No, Danyell wanted the fight, the submission... and the prize. If she could obtain the prize, then she could claim to have done what no other human had.

With careful precision, Danyell began to squeeze off the dino's windpipe. It would not be easy, but if she could maintain control...

It was in that moment, the monster seemed to finally tackle its fear at having been mounted by an unseen enemy. It stopped in its tracks, scanned the treeline surrounding the tiny valley they occupied, steadied itself under her weight and charged a tree.

It crashed into the thick base of a tree five times its height—which by no means was the tallest tree she'd seen here. The smack of flesh against wood shook the three of them with Danyell nearly losing her grip. Both she and the beast groaned. Yet, this first attempt was weak as the animal hadn't given itself enough room to run.

It charged a second tree, and a third. With each successful try, it slammed a different part of its body into the tree, searching for her weak spot. In truth, both the prior attempts had been close calls, but by its fourth try, the beast seemed to be growing unsteady on its feet. The hold she had on its windpipe and the brutal crashes were taking their toll.

"That's it. Just lay down. It'll all be over soon, big boy."

The brute seemed to listen to her, its breath grew ragged and it stumbled, ceased try to dislodge her. Taking a few tentative steps toward a copse of trees, it seemed to be looking for a place to lie down. Perhaps it thought it was going to die, its animal instinct was leading it somewhere to do so in peace.

Danyell smiled to herself, laid her head on top of the dino's and talked sweetly to it. "No one's going to hurt you. Just lay down. I promise... you're going to enjoy what I have in store for you."

With an electrifying jerk, the beast stood tall and charged the nearest tree. Danyell did all she could to hang on and regain control. She still had a tight grip on the monster's windpipe, but the apex predator proved it was no pushover, by throwing its body into a large tree.

An explosive pain burst through her leg as it was smashed against the thick, rough bark. Sharp pain followed quickly as the creature whipped away, all but ripping the flesh from her leg in a large swath.

Crying out, Danyell loosened her grip on the Torvo's throat as she reached to grab her leg. An expletive exploded from her in her native Portuguese, "Nao me venha com essa porra!"

Though not debilitating, the monster had drawn first blood—along her leg, deep scratches and a small patch of missing skin now blemished the area where the monster had been successful in regaining control of the situation.

Reinvigorated by its enemy's cry of pain and the fresh air entering its lungs, the predator reenacted its brash trick several times more, storming more trees, smashing and slamming its tormentor's body in a fit of vengeance. It was making its way to a seventh tree when Danyell rolled off its back.

Within moments she was on the ground and putting herself in a defensive stance. The beast started off, and she thought, for the briefest of moments, it was going to run. Much to her relief, she smiled when she realized she wasn't going to have to spend the night in a tree waiting to bait a new dino.

The monster circled round and came charging at her.

"Okay. We do it your way."

Hurtling at her, the monster bellowed a war-cry. Danyell, dropping to all fours, began to go through a series of jiu-jitsu moves, spinning in dance-like performance to match the monsters speed and movement. As it neared, she knew it would lower its front torso and take her head off with its slavering jaws. If she timed this wrong, it would be over—very quickly.

At the three meter mark, she scrambled along. Still on all fours, she dodged beneath its head as it dropped to snap at her—the bone-crunching teeth coming together in a terrible gnashing that chilled and thrilled her simultaneously—and swept the beast's right leg as it came up.

Unable to bring the leg back down in time, the Torvosaur tripped, falling flat on its huge muzzle.

Having rolled out from under it while it was still in motion, Danyell was up and bringing her leg around in a roundhouse aimed at the back of the beast's skull. Her aim true, she brought the reinforced ball of her heel down in-between the monster's eyes from the back.

It squawked in pain and scrambled forward on its hind legs without standing, desperate to get out of her reach.

Despite her combat-lust to finish the Torvosaur quickly, out a sense of fairness and a growing thrill, she backed off, letting the beast stand.

It was up within seconds, but looked slightly unsteady on its feet as it shook its head and searched for its attacker. Spotting her, it eyed her.

Danyell, now excited and wet—her body with both a sheen of workout sweat, and her muff with glistening pussy juices—did a slight, almost unnoticeable bounce. The movement kept her ready to move in any direction at a moment's notice.

The Torvo seemed to size her up, unsure of the creature standing before it, challenging its position as an apex predator, but recognizing her immediately as both a source of food and a threat. Its mouth came open in a gut-wrenching roar that sent Danyell's adrenaline-fueled body into immediate action.

They charged each other, both intent on taking the other down. For the time agent, it would mean victory, fame and the spoils she so desired; for the Torvo, it would mean supremacy... and dinner.

Moments later as they closed on each other within striking distance, the terrible duel began. The predator snapped with its jaws, coming within a mere centimeters of the woman's head; its heavy breath hitting her full in the face.

Countering, Danyell unleashed an upper cut that snapped the monster's head skyward. She followed up with a standing split kick to the throat that had it gurgling in pain.

Not to be outdone, the dinosaur whipped its body and tail around catching the woman full in the abdomen, just beneath her arms, which had been posed in an upper body protective block. She flew back several feet, falling on her ass.

Rolling out potential danger, she was up on her feet and countering with a bodyslam, taking care to place her step inside the Torvo's. She didn't want it bringing the leg up to disembowel her. As she lifted the beast, it stumbled sideways, trying to catch its balance.

With a deep growl, its great head snapped back at her, catching the long ponytail she sported, and whipped her backward.

Both opponents off-balance, the pair stumbled, falling into the hard-packed dirt no more than three meters from each other. Their eyes met. Time stood still as they stared at one another across the prehistoric jungle floor, woman and beast, both playing for keeps.

Danyell was up in a flash running at the killing machine with every ounce of energy in her body. Fit from years of training, her muscles moved with grace beneath her golden-brown skin, and her gorgeous breasts bounced in sweet rhythm. Within seconds, and before the monster could get off the ground, she was using it as a ramp, placing several steps on its body to help her jump for a low-lying tree branch.

It was not to be. The predator stood, whipping its powerful tail at her once more, catching her right foot just as she planted her hands. Losing her grip, she fell the six meters to the thick, lush jungle along the treeline.

With her back to her opponent she rose to her feet and turn to find it coming into position above her. Terrible razor-sharp talons struck out, raking her across her upper torso. Danyell watched in surprise as the flesh neatly ripped open; blossoming in a spray of bright red blood. A flecked silver cloud plumed from within the spray, dancing in a shaft of sunlight that found its way through the thick canopy overhead as the cloud burst from her body—medical nanobots. Knowing she had only minutes before the effects of blood loss would sap her strength, she put all of her reserve energy in running for the tree where she had placed her backpack. If she could climb it, she could rest for a while, out of the creature's reach. She hadn't wanted it to be like this... didn't want to 'cheat,' but she didn't want to die either.

Dashing passed the dino back toward the open she quickly found the beheaded apatosaur calf, making a beeline for the tree on her powerful legs. Behind her, she could hear her opponent roar, almost as if to call out to her, perhaps something in-line with: Not so fast.

The attack, a running side headbutt, caught her squarely on the shoulder, sending the woman sprawling sideways into thick undergrowth of the open ravine. Sharp pain lanced through her head as her brain bounced around in her skull. On instinct, she rolled backward, and none too soon as the Torvo came barreling at her, its taloned left foot clawing deep into the soft, rich earth where she had just been moments before.

Playing for keeps, she thought, I wouldn't expect anything less, smiling in admiration of the dinosaur. The smile grew to wild grimace as she stood and launched herself at the beast with wild abandon, landing a hardened-knuckle shot to its left eye. There was a crunch of bone as the socket gave slightly. Blood, running from her chest wound like an angry, red river, spattered the beast.

The dino roared in anger and pain at the ground. It had been a mean blow.

Riding the overdrive of adrenaline, she quickly followed the first blow up with a second and spinning third that was all-elbow to the back of the skull when the top of the monster's head was fully exposed to her.

Its legs buckled momentarily.

As she had predicted, that was its sweet spot. Deep with in its skull, the brain was buried there. If she could concentrate enough damage there, she might be able to render the Torvo unconscious.

Shaken, the dinosaur backed off several steps. It jerked, raged, and bark-growled, as if it were trying to convince of something. And then it took several more unsteady steps.

Realizing it was weakened, Danyell made a hard decision. If she was going to finish this, she had to do it now. A sense of urgency gripped her. It wasn't only concerning the potentially life-threatening wound, but she wondered how much longer they could duke it out before they were interrupted. The corpse of the apatosaur calf would be attracting scavengers and possibly more predators. Crazy as she might be, she wasn't stupid enough to try and tackle more than one prehistoric monster at a time. She was going to have to trust her skills, her luck, and the healing nanobots to keep her alive. Of course, there was no way she would survive without further medical treatment, but for now, she was satisfied that this was the correct course of action.

Danyell wasted no time in running around the beast and using its hindquarters as a kind of springboard, she leaped onto its neck, wrapping her heavy legs around it. The Torvosaur hit the ground muzzle-first in a terrific crash, grunt-squealing in surprise. Before it could get up, she used her control of the monster's head to roll it over to its back.

The predator was a mountain of flesh, bone and muscle. Its weight was not to be underestimated, rounding out at just over two tons. Fortunately she wasn't wrestling the entire weight of the beast atop her.

It kicked up a fierce fuss, trying to lift its head and legs off the ground in a roll over. But Danyell's entire enhanced weight distributed to its head insured the monster would stay under her control.

To further that end, she slowly worked her way down the dino's neck so as to be able to get her thighs at shoulder-length on it. And when she did, she hooked her knees back under them, spreading the Torvosaur's arms out. With her muscled arms and enhancements, she slowly squeezed the creature's windpipe.

In that same moment though, a weakening, dizzy feeling draped over her like heavy, gut-churning nausea. That meant the race was on. Either the Torvo collapsed into unconsciousness, or she would.

Above her, the beast kicked and struggled more intensely with each moment, as if it could sense that this was the breaking point for both of them. But Danyell, calmed herself, knowing that this was the sign she'd been waiting for. Increased, panicked activity before the eventual reluctant calm that came over an opponent and then silence. While she had planned for the dino to take several minutes longer than a human, she worried about just whose side time was on.

She closed her eyes, concentrated on slowing her own heart rate, breathing, and keeping her lock on the monster's windpipe. To her great relief, ever so slowly, the Torvo succumbed to having its oxygen cut off. Truth be known, while a dinosaur paleontologist friend of hers had speculated that it was quite possible dinosaurs could fall prey to this tactic, the woman scientist had her doubts about whether a human being could bring a dinosaur down this way.

With the dino finally down, Danyell wasted no more time in addressing her wounds. While the nanobots were already working overtime to seal the ripped flesh, she needed the medkit to keep herself from going into shock and dying. Slumping to the ground against her catch, she bit down on the tip of her left ring finger, releasing a cloud of partially translucent silvery nanobots. Like the cloud that had burst from her chest earlier, they reflected in the sun. They poured over her upper body, aggressively seeking out the traumatized flesh. Almost immediately, an intense itch engulfed her shoulder and upper torso.

Slowly strength returned and the nausea and fatigue died.

As with the apatosaur, she utilized the gloves and the repli-rope to ensure her prisoner would not escape before she was done with it. Binding most of the creature's upper torso, she anchored it with a thicket of trees that eventually allowed her to bring it to an upright position, its feet just touching the ground. When she finished with it, it looked as though it were trapped in the center of a massive spider web.

The Torvo woke sometime later to the smell of a smoke fire over which Danyell roasted pieces of the apatosaur. It roared in anger. The woman from another time stood, watching the monster as it returned from unconsciousness. Though she clearly stood outside of its range, it snapped and roared at her repeatedly.

The ropes held. Satisfied the beast could not escape, she sliced a hunk of meat off the carcass and tossed it to the Torvo. It snatched the meat mid-air with a malice-laced snap of its jaws, and gulped the piece down without much chewing.

"Hungry, huh?" she smiled and repeated the action. "I can imagine." The dino gulped down the second hunk and then a third and a fourth. After a while, the pair stood eyeing each other—the captured and the captor. The Torvo's head followed Danyell as she paced back and forth observing the creature.

"You are beautiful," she approached from the side, walking through the complex weaving of her web, running the tips of her fingers along the hide of the beast. Beneath the reptile's skin, she could feel the ripple and power of its great muscles.

It wriggled under her ministrations, trying to keep her in view; growling low and deep when it could not see her. When she approached from the other side, coming back up the monster's other side its head shot out and snapped. Yet it was not filled with the same venom as before. It was tempered, perhaps by the woman's gift of food, or perhaps it was just waiting for her to get closer. A great rumbling in its throat told her to move with the utmost care.

Back in front of it, she reached out cautiously, moving her hand toward the huge muzzle. The Torvo's eyes were fixed upon it, all but unblinking. When her hand finally found the scaly, yet smooth hide of the beast, she felt a deep warmth that she hadn't noticed in the heat of battle.

The dinosaur held her gaze. Danyell's heart beat raced as she held her hand there between its nostrils, not far from the danger of its jaws. In an effort to calm herself, she let out a slow "I have always loved your kind... been fascinated by the time you represent." She moved to its side, brushing her hand under its chin and down its neck.

It followed her movement with its great head, but did not attempt to attack. It seemed her curiosity had infected it.

"Your strength and power, so raw and real. Only the fittest survive and yet, you were cruelly and unfairly wiped out."

Ducking under the Torvo's arrow-shaped head, she let her hands feel the undercurve of the creature's strong jaw. The bone structure was magnificent, and the muscles underneath its upper chest.

"So very beautiful, you are."

The animal snorted.

She worked her hand down its body until she found the pouch she was looking for. A bulge there told her she had its attention. She rubbed her hand around the area of the pouch, caressing it, teasing it. The dino grumbled and wriggled within its webbing, visibly stimulated by her feminine touch.

The bulge burst from the pouch, wet, glistening, long... and thick! A thick dinosaur prick. Viscous ropes of dino pre-cum dripped from the meaty rod. It was utterly beautiful and desirable. Within Danyell, a hunger to touch it gripped her. Throwing caution to the wind, she gripped the meaty cock in her hand.

She took the still-stiffening cock into her mouth; the silky flesh was mottled an unusual pink and gray. As the salty meat met her tongue, the desire to swallow it whole hit her abdomen like a quake, deep within her a furious hunger mounted. Wasting no time, she began a wild suckjob, slurping and suctioning the monster dick with relish. Measuring well beyond any human male she had ever fucked, the cock's girth challenging her hand. She gripped it firmly just below the center so that the fist she made slapped as close the root as possible with each pump.

The creature let out a roar of surprise and pleasure as the heat of her tongue encircled the elongated tip of its prick. It struggled to release itself from its bonds. Its flesh exposed and sexual desire aggravated, it was eager to engage her fully.

Danyell recognized the agitation in the monster; it wanted free. But did it want free to fuck her or to chew on her head. Both thoughts thrilled her. Taking the Torvo's cock deeper into her mouth, she closed her eyes and imagined that it brutally pounded her from behind, taking her in the ass; her face in the ground, her hands and feet just barely keeping a grip on the surrounding landscape so that she didn't move out of alignment.

Down, down the cock went, the time agent slowly adjusting her position so that he massive prick fit down her throat. Ever so slowly she worked it passed her gag reflex. She breathed patiently and deeply. Its girth was positively threatening to explode from her gullet. For a moment, the woman considered if she might be taking it a little too far... should the dino get over worked, she could very well hurt it or vice versa. But as she began to reverse the cock out, she noticed her captive was still. A deep purring vibrated through it.

She smiled to herself and began to work a slow mouthfuck on her dino lover. The beast rumbled in pleasure, never once breaking her rhythm with sudden movement. It was a soothing sound that worked into her own flesh and bones. Reaching down between her legs, she ran her hand over her pussy. It was sopping wet. She could feel the light amber liquid of her love hole dripping off her, staining the ground. Expertly, she engaged her clit and labia in quick whip-circles and a firm touch that stirred the seed of an orgasm deep within her belly.

As she closed on orgasm, the Torvo began to get antsy; struggling against its restraints and voicing quick barking. Danyell nearly cursed as she disengaged the meaty prick. On her feet in an instant, she took on a defensive stance and did a full 360 check of the area on the alert for other dinosaurs that might have closed within charging range. She had been stupid to let herself be so distracted from it completely, but the creature's dick had just filled her with an insatiable desire for it.

Behind her, the beast from a bygone period in Earth's history continued its struggles and barking. She observed it for a moment, trying to ascertain what might be setting it off. Their gazes met and the dino stretched out its great muzzle toward her. Though they were both the same height, the monster had weight and length on her. If the Torvo could be tamed, she was quite certain she could ride it like a horse. But that wasn't what the beast had in mind.

Its face pressed against hers, all but covering it. She peered over the long snout and peered down one side of its head to meet its gaze. It snorted at her and barked in her face. Walking down the side of its muzzle to meet its eye with her own, she used her head to shove against it. The animalistic gesture was met in kind as it shoved back nearly knocking her off her feet.

She repeated the gesture. It did, too. And then, let out a roar.

"Rather impatient, aren't you?"

And then it hit her. She smiled. Going down on her knees, she took the Torvo's cock in hand. It was still rock hard, and yet, amazingly silkily smooth. The creature immediately began to buck and roar, tossing its head about, as if in a fit.

She laughed. "Alright, alright. I'll cut you loose." At least, that's what she thought it wanted. Perhaps it enjoyed fighting more than fucking. Well, why the hell not? She could always find another to sate her. The battle and capture was half the fun, anyway.

Positioning herself behind the predator, so as not to put herself in immediate danger when she cut it loose, she took a vibro-blade from her gearpack and the frequency of the tool cut through the nanite rope in seconds.

The Torvosaur free, it ran ahead several steps and let out a mighty roar.

Danyell smirked. "Okay, big boy. I suppose we've had our fun."

It whipped around at the sound of her voice and locked on to her with a look of purpose. A giant, taloned foot came forward, and then another and third as it put its head down. She knew it was getting ready to charge and that the battle was on again. Too bad she hadn't had time to finish either of them off. She would have relished the chance to taste the beast's cum. It would have been a once in a lifetime experience. But later days and better lays.

Slamming the blade into a nearby tree, she decided to meet the monster head-on as she had before. Crouching low, she would go for a sweep of its legs first and then jump its head to rock it with a pummeling it wouldn't forget.

Another step forward and the beast set its full bulk into motion in a rush of talons and teeth. Danyell steeled herself for the coming attack. As it reached her in a snap of jaws, she dropped, taking aim at the oncoming legs, but as she kicked out, the dino did the unthinkable: It read her move. Adjusting its bearing, it lifted the leg sooner and higher than expected. Her kick-out met air, and the beast brought its foot straight down upon her in a crushing blow.

She cried out in agony and surprise as hundreds of pounds of muscled dinosaur flesh came down on her. The enhanced skeletal structure she had been given as a time agent saved her, but just barely. Within, she felt something crack, but had not time to determine what it was as the Torvo had used its foot to kick-hurtle her backward along the plant-covered ground.

No time to assess her battle wounds, she started to scramble out of the monster's reach, but it was too late, it pummeled her once more, this time with its whip of a tail. Catching it full in the upper body, she was knocked backward several meters where she tumbled ass-over-elbows through tall grasses.

Adrenaline coursed through her body as she stood to run to the nearest tree. She needed a few seconds to reorientate herself, so she could get her knife, and possibly up a tree... if she was lucky.

That's when she realized, she'd lost sight of the Torvosaur. She had thought that putting herself behind this tree would put it between her and the monster, but it was no longer in sight. It wasn't long before she learned the error of her ways; the clever creature hadn't just swatted her with its tail, it had done so and then circled around as she was still stumbling backward. Which meant...

The hot breath on the back of her neck told her exactly where the monster was. In a blur of speed she hoped would catch it off-guard, she swung her arm around, fist-balled, ready to offer up the same beating she was getting. At least until it bit her head off. Danyell wasn't angry or sorry at all; the fight had been fair. Bitching about losing wasn't her style. Yet neither was just lying down without a fight.

The monster preempted her blow by moving standing high on its hind legs, and then coming down with its great muzzle atop her head to stun her. It followed up with a body blow that knocked her backward onto her ass.

Dazed and unable to stand, Danyell knew the end was coming. Accepting it with her teeth grit, she called the dinosaur down upon her.

"Come on! Come on!"

Slowly the beast approached and let out an earth-shattering roar as it stood over her. And yet, the attack never came. The Torvo stood over her, waiting. It barked several times, and then bent down with its toothy muzzle and nudged her.

The two eyed each other for several long moments. The dino roared once more and thrust its hips—cock raging hard—in her face, and Danyell suddenly realized, it hadn't wanted to kill her, just dominate her.

Alright, big boy, she thought, and turned over onto her knees, ass up. Almost immediately the apex predator was upon her, its mighty cock covered in pre-cum as the juice drizzled down the shaft in anticipation, roping down over her sweet mulato skin as it hung over her. With a lascivious intention, she reached back and took ahold of the brazen monster's meat and lined it up. Just the feel of the silky, yet rock hard dick ready to pound her sweet cunt, sent a rush through her body. Juiced excitement that had nearly dissipated during the battle moments before, was back with a vengeance.

Slamming home deep into her pussy, all the way up against her firm golden brown ass, the Torvosaur screamed. Danyell's eyes went wide and she let out a surprised gasp. Having given it the deep-throat treatment earlier, she had known its prick was going to fill her, but this was an utterly amazing sensation. With the predator jamming away inside her, she could feel the prehistoric intensity of both its girth and length. Not only did it press outward against her sensitive flesh, it all but invaded her uterus. Each rut into her was an explosion of ecstasy! Within moments she orgasmed, letting out a primal scream of lust as she did.

But the beast itself was just getting started. With million years of desire between them, it relentlessly slammed against her, leaning in and over her. She could feel the purr of its desires in her ear as its muzzle rested upon her shoulder, and the vibrations of that content, throughout her whole body.

The tickling in her gut began to tease once more. She relaxed into it, letting herself drift away on orgasm blossoms... three, four... five times. And then a multiple orgasm. Danyell's hold on consciousness weakened as the pleasure of each sexual explosion intensified, taking her to heights of delight. Words failed her completely as she fell into a guttural grunting, mimicking the dinosaur atop her.

The pair reached a rhythm; the Torvo's fat dick inside her barely pulled out more than necessary before jamming back into her, pushing for ever-deeper depths, struggling to explore every inch of her hot, wet, vibrant pussy. Danyell's body responded, rocking forward with wanton lust and receding as quickly to ensure the dick did not escape. Her breasts rubbed furiously against the ground, her nipples on fire from the intensity of the fuck and the terra firma. Her pussy gripped the monster cock, determined not to let it seek asylum elsewhere until it had left its seed.

The Torvosaur's pace and breathing both picked up. Its contented purr-growl turning a more savage shade. Danyell knew it was ready to explode into her; the knowledge rekindled an orgasm in her own belly. And she began to scream and growl with the monster, hoping to drive it mad with desire to nut. The Torvo responded and together, they formed a writhing mass of flesh that set smaller animals in the area off in a wild chatter of voices.

A howl of victory echoed through the intense jungle. A blast of hot white spunk filled her uterus and vaginal canal, the resulting tsunami of which backflowed and dripped out her pussy.

Danyell collapsed. The dino backed away, panting heavily, its dick raging and still spurting hot jism across her back and ass.

Never had Danyell experienced anything as satisfying; total sexual bliss washed over her being.

Orgasm-dizzy, the Torvosaur took a few clumsy steps before resting its bulk under the shade of some nearby trees that towered over it. It squat down, resting its tail up around its feet and tucking its head against its body.

Finally bringing herself to sit up, Danyell smiled as she watched the carnivore's cum seep from her cunt like lava flow.

She stood, approached her dinosaur lover. It looked up briefly from its respite and bark-growled as if to grant permission, and immediately quieted itself once more. Pulling its tail up over her bronzed nude body, she took a deep, satisfied breath and rolled over on to her back to look at the sky. So beautifully blue, she could almost forget that this was an alien time to her. If she wasn't careful, she would fall prey to any one of the millions of predators lurking here. For now though, none of that mattered; she had sated her lust for danger.

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