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by Aurora Watson 2 years ago in fiction
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Sad Beginning (18+ only)

"The orc Clan Leaders are on their way, General."

The large man standing over the map of the battle field nods in acknowledgement. "Good. We'll need them to break the line on humans once we can form our legion. Are the others coming?"

The small goblin looked up. "They have not indicated otherwise sir."

The general nodded and looked at his friend, lover, and trusted battle advisor. "Hopefully this will end soon and we can all go our own ways." His advisor glances over and nods.

"What is your opinion of the ideas today, Jackuum?" The advisor who had been rather stoic as he studied the map for the battle ahead. The general watched him silently make minor adjustments to the plan and nod once finished. Looking at it, the changes made it seem like it would be easy to lure them to their death or capture. The general nods and hear growls and stomps approach the tent.

"The orcs sir."

The tent flaps blow open and six, nine foot orcs clan leaders come in lining up along the table. "We come. We listen. We Fight." Everyone else nods and the plan is gone over.

"Essentially you guys are going to take out as much as you can while everyone else comes in to take out what they can and we hope to win."

"Good plan. We fight. When do we fight?" The general looks to his advisor and they nod in sync.

"Tomorrow night. go prepare your clans for battle."

The orcs nod and leave silently.And everyone in the tent takes a deep relaxing breath and exhales.

"Time to prepare the men on our end. You all have work to do."

Everyone except Jackuum left. "That was nerve-racking. How much longer does this have to last."

"I don't know Jackuum. But when it is well get that little cabin in the woods we were talking about before this started. live quietly and on our own. Just like we've always talked about. Live off the land. Hold each other in sweet embrace just how we always wanted."

Jackuum who is just a couple of inches taller brings his lover closer and kisses him gently. "I love you." He says as he gets a wicked grin. He takes his general to thier shared room through a curtain in the back of the room in the tent and picks up his lover and puts on the bed never letting go of his lips. They pose as merely friends for their safety in front of the men but it takes a toll.

"What should we do this time?" Jackuum says smooth as silk just barely above a whisper as he pressing his groin against the generals.

"General?" a small female voice sounds from the front of the tent. Both men stifle a groan as to not alert the woman.

"Don't worry. I got this. Get undressed in the mean time." Jackuum stands upright and exits the back room to speak with the young woman.

"OH! I wasn't expecting you to be here."

"Did you need something? If not you know where the door is. He is very busy."

"Yes of course. The medical tent is running low on certain supplies we have some but we need to restock sooner rather than later especially with the battle tomorrow."

"Do have a list of the supplies with you?"Jackuum answered riding the edge of losing his patience.

"Yes. Here it is. Thank you for your assistance. Could you let the general know that it was me in particular who came by. Thank you." She bows and quickly shuffles out of the tent.

Jackuum turns around and goes through the curtain ready to relieve his hard-on. The general was barely covered by the blanket. He sits up as Jackuum enters.

"Every time I see you its like its for the first time. His boner twitches at the mere sight of him. The general smiles and kneels on the bed and begins removing his light armor as Jackuum feels every inch of the mans torso in front of him. Now completely top he crawls over top him loving each moment he has of loving the one man he has only ever loved.

A gasp fills their ears. Surprised they look at the entrance to see a boy. standing there. He couldn't be more than fifteen years old. "Shit."Jackuum goes to pull the boy into the room when there's a loud shot that makes him pause. "Jackuum?" the general says quietly. Jackuum turns to see his lover and oldest friend holding his bloody chest. "No!" Anger rises up in him.

"What a filthy queer deserves." A large tall demon stands behind the boy and glares at the boy. "You want end up like that?!" The boy winces.

Jackuum rages and attacks beyond over powering the other demon. all of a sudden all you could see on the large demons face was fear. He took a blade and chopped off his head.

He turned to the boy and asked. "Did he abuse and beat you?" the boy merely nodded.

"Come with me. We will make a peaceful life of our own where we can do what we want. And we live how ever we choose, with who ever we choose.

The boy nods. "Lets go." the boy helps gather Jackuum's things and grabs some supplies and they run as far as their legs could carry them.

A couple centuries go by and Jackuum hadn't aged a day. The war had ended decades ago and the young boy he took had died nearly seventy years previous but he still lived. Looking young and feeling strong. As time goes by he forms an organization to never allow evil in this world again.


About the author

Aurora Watson

I tend to write 18+. Please don't read unless comfortable with more adult content

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