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In the Service

by Made in DNA 3 years ago in fiction

The men and women in the service of galactic diplomacy need to have open minds and... orifices.

Cover design by Joseph Duncan

In the Service©2014, Made in DNA

Even in the diplomatic corps' special relations division, Maya Lyn was a sexpert. When Earth needed orifices to open, they called her into to lube them up.

She stood across the open space from her counterpart. The empty suite would serve as their conference room for the next seventy-two hours of negotiations, as per the Griessen ambassador's request. It was the only petition Earth had received regarding the talks.

She was dressed in a standard spray-on diplomatic corps uniform; above her ample left breast, her citizen implant identified by her name and rank as special ambassador to Earth.

The Griessen was a large cube of gelatinous material. Transparent purple in color, it occupied an approximate square area of six meters cubed. How it held that shape or even why it had chosen it, was a complete mystery. It seemed rather improbable in a universe of beings that tended to have some kind of anatomical structure for transportation. A perfect geometric shape, despite its simplicity was probably one of the more bizarre creatures of the galaxy.

And yet it was an impressive being. According to information provided by other alien governments Earth had relations with, the larger the Griessen in area, the more important it was. This one towered over her demure stature of 160 centimeters.

Size did not intimidate her personally though. In the service of the special relations division, "large" was a matter of course. Though not the smallest species, humanity was of modest stature in the universe. Maya dealt with huge pricks (or what passed for them on different planets) in the diplomatic corps regularly.

She approached the Griessen speaking Galactic Standard. She wasn't sure if it would understand, but as she hasn't been briefed on the organism's language, she wasn't overly worried. This was an exchange of fluids, not words. And though she was usually given a little more information on position requirements, desires, or special gear, that she had just been shown the door bothered her not in the least.

Maya was here to fuck for Earth, and she was going to give the Griessen a taste of what Earth had to offer. That much she was confident of.

"On behalf of Earth, I welcome to you to the Tiacapan." She bowed graciously to the ambassador. Taking a step forward, "We have heard much of your species from the O'bolots. They speak highly of your generosity, your wealth and rich resources. So with your permission, Earth wishes to lear–"

A tentacle formed from a left portion of the cube and wrapped itself around her waist firmly.

Trained to keep her head at all times, Maya smiled, "Well, then, right down to business, it is." The reason for her smile was two-fold. Upon discharge of the tentacle, she noticed that a portion equal to the mass of the tentacle depreciated from the top of the cube. Information was the name of the game in diplomacy. She flagged the time point and made mental notation within the running capture of the session on her nano-chip implant.

Several more tentacles whipped out of the cube with great speed. If she had not already been anchored by the first one, she was quite certain, she would have been knocked off her feet. As they pulled her in close to the main body, the first banded up her arm, another up a leg that ended with the tentacle pressed firmly against her vagina, and the last wrapped several times around her neck. This gave her cause for some alarm. Though her air had not been cut off, the tentacle was clearly a display of dominance. Or perhaps the ambassador was as clueless about her physiology as she was of its.

Maya stuck to her training. With a practiced hand, she reached down between her legs with her free hand and rubbed her fingertips together until they produced the gel that would dissolve the spray-on fabric. Applying it to her genitals, the uniform dissipated in a whiff of smoke.

The tentacle pressed against her vulva grew uncomfortably hot against her skin. Enhancements to her brain allowed her a greater range of sensation, and with a thought as natural as breathing, her body adapted to the register the heat as pleasurable. She took the tentacle in hand and rubbed up and down the valley of her pussy, sighing softly as she did so. She grew slick in anticipation of what the Griessen had to offer.

The ambassador's reaction was visible to Maya. The cube began to quiver and cycle through a variety of shades and hues. The "talks" were off to a good start.

Encouraged by the ambassador's reaction, Maya positioned the end of its tentacle up to her pussy, letting the billions of microscopic cilia mods there work their magic. Flowing like a wave, the hair-like organelles transported the thick member deep within her body.

While she couldn't be certain it would be effective, Maya "danced" her hips over it in an effort to stimulate her alien lover. It was just as important to show the ambassador her own mating rituals as it was to share its.

The sting was sharp and the paralyzing effect near-immediate. The Griessen ambassador's tentacles then retracted with such speed that Maya felt the distinct pain of her shoulder being dislocated. Almost immediately following, a strange, gooey warmth began to envelope the left side of her body. The alien ambassador was ingesting her!

Slowly, like being dipped in honey, her body was enveloped by the cube, and there was nothing Maya could do, but record the experience.

If she were to die here, it wouldn't be the first time Earth had lost a special relations sexpert to a hungry ambassador. Either way, as their seclusion had been requested in advance, there wasn't anything the corps was going to do. For all Earth knew, this was how Griessens mated. To bust down the door and interrupt sensitive talks was to put dozens of human-colonized worlds in danger. A heavy price for just one individual. It wasn't considered worth the risk.

Without ceremony, Maya found herself suspended within the gelatinous alien, unable to move or breathe. If she could have convulsed, she would have, but what began to happen instead tore her thoughts away from the burning in her lungs... the ambassador's body fluids began to digest her.

Layer by layer, her skin was dissolved. Blood exploded from every pore in her body like bright red flower blossoms within the cube. And just as quickly, it was absorbed as the deconstruction of her body continued. Eyes, tongue, muscles, skeletal and circulatory systems... her physical form was stripped away within minutes. The shock of the process would have killed her well before she had a chance to suffocate, but the ambassador kept her brain and nervous system alive. It savored every neuron, memory and sensation flash from them before they too were absorbed. Consumed, millimeter by millimeter with relish.

Not a single morsel but the few nano-chips that Maya utilized in her service to Earth remained. Impervious to the acidic fluids in the Griessen's body, they hung there suspended. Bejeweled specks.

The cams in the room continued to record, but still no one dared enter the room.

All was still but for the Griessen, which vibrated at near-sonic levels.

The explosion of the ambassador was too fast for even the cameras to record. The alien was fully intact one moment, and clung from every surface in huge gobs the next. Only a muted splat had given any warning to its fate.

Over the next few hours, the suite remained as it was. As the station was off-limits to civilians, there was no worry of contamination. However, erring on the side of caution, the area was cordoned off by biohazard teams and put under strict surveillance.

Monitoring crews watched as the gelatinous material of the Griessen ambassador slowly dripped from the ceiling and walls, reforming in the center of the room. Hour by hour, they observed as the alien reconstituted, seeming to grow up out of the floor.

When it reached an overall size of one larger than it had originally been before ingesting Maya, it began a strange warbling movement. Squeezing out a large, elongated rectangular cube from the center of its mass, the audio mics in the room picked up a vicious reverberating bleat.

The mass fell to the floor with a plop, and over the next day, took the form of special relations ambassador Maya Lyn.

She woke and convulsed involuntarily in aftergasm.

Consul-general Yvonne Yanovich hovered close in the zero gravity of the medical facility, studying her.

Maya blinked. She wasn't sure she could muster the energy to do anything more. Aflush, her whole body tingled. She shuddered still again.

The consul smiled, "I just have one question. Do we shoot, or fuck?"


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