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In the barn

Filly's fun

By Marie RossPublished 3 years ago 8 min read

Carrie left the manor by the back door, fallowing the path she walked along the fence till she came to the barn. Standing there for a minute she stared at the structure raising before her, the dark red paint casting shadows with the contrasting white trim gleaming in the afternoon sun. she smiled when she saw the doors to the hayloft open, closing her eyes she relived the last time she had been up there. Moaning softly, she slid her leather gloved hands down the bodice of her royal purple riding dress, the corset she wore under neath making her breath come even faster. Would her be able to put his hands on her again? She wondered. Would it all be as wickedly intense as the first time? She groaned feeling his hands instead of hers smooth over her flared hips. Shuttering at the images running through her mind Carrie opened her eyes and began walking again.

The man in the tack room paused what he was doing, lifting, and cocking his head slightly to the right listening. He had known the minute she had stepped foot into the barn, there was a stillness that settled in the air, but a restlessness at the same time. The horses shuffled in their stalls, and he could almost feel her need rolling off her in waves. So, his little filly had come back for more. Smiling he went back to the task at hand, waiting for her to find him.

Carrie walked slowly down the corridor of stalls, smiling at the horses as they peeked their heads out to see if she had any treats for them. She loved the sights and smells of the old barn, and she always put her foot down when her husband tried to talk her into take it down and building a new one. As a result, they were always having one part or the other worked on. Reaching the end of the stalls she paused just outside the door of the tack room, and just stared for a time. His shirt pulled against the expanse of his well-muscled back, and those muscles flexed with each movement of his arms as he soaped the saddle in front of him. Shuttering again when she imagined those arms around her, she knocked softly on the frame of the door.

“Good afternoon my lady.” The man said.

“Good afternoon.” Carrie said with a smile.

“Would my lady like to go for a ride today.” He asked raising from his stool.

“I would yes, are the stable boys about?” She lifted her chin to keep eye contact with him.

“I sent the lads on errands for the rest of the day.” He said.

“Then would you help me.” She said placing a hand on his chest lightly.

“And what kind of ride would my lady be looking for?” He asked skimming a hand up her side.

“A ride from a Master.” She replied.

“I believe I can help with that.” He said in a low husky voice. Leaning toward her throat.

“My lady knows where to look for it.” He nipped at her ear lobe with a low devilish laugh.

Carrie shivered in his arms, moaning low in her throat.

“You know where to wait. I’ll be there shortly.” He kissed her throat pushing her away.

Carrie giggled like a little girl, turning as she lifted her skirts to climb the ladder to the hayloft. She wound her way through the stacks of hay until she came to a little room that smelled of leather and hay. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply letting it fill her lunges, ready for whatever was to come she entered the room and began to remove her clothes. Once she was naked, she crawled onto the cot in the corner, staying on her hands and knees to wait.

He took his time finishing cleaning the saddle, slowly rubbed the soap into the leather. He sat there imagining rubbing his little filly’s skin, soothing the red marks he would leave with the crop. Suckling at her tits as she moaned around the bit gag in her mouth. Groaning at the thoughts of what he would do to her he stood to put the saddle away, then wash his hands before he went to play with his little filly.

Reaching the room in the hayloft he stopped in the doorway and stared. Such a pretty little filly he thought, it was to bad her husband had no idea how to use her properly, or maybe it wasn’t since that was what had sent her to him. She was on her hands and knees on the cot, waiting so patiently. Walking slowly to the bed so he didn’t spook her he stroked his hand up her flank petting her round ass. She shuttered and sighed at his touch; it was such a joy to watch. Stroking up her arched back he brushed the hair behind her ear, revealing the side of her face.

“Such a pretty little filly.” He stroked her cheek and throat.

“Turn around little filly.” He commanded.

Watching her shiver slightly he opened his pants, pulling his thick hard cock free as she slowly turned on the narrow cot, so her head faced the foot. With his cock free, he reached for the short handle riding crop on the wall near him.

“Good little filly.” He crooned gather her hair in his hand, while using the crop to lift his cock to her mouth.

Sliding slowly into her wet hot mouth he groaned when she swallowed as his tip hit the back of her throat. Brushing the crop down her side he rocked his hips against her mouth, teasing the crop over her ass he shuttered as she moaned around him. Pulling back, he left just his tip inside her lips letting her lick her tongue around and around. When he felt his balls tighten slightly, he thrust deep into her mouth again flicking the crop on her flank as he did, loving when she whimpered around him. He repeated this pattern over and over panting as he got closer to his release, and when he couldn’t hold it any long, he thrust deep one last time holding her there he cropped her ass as he came hard spilling his seed down her throat.

“Such a good filly.” He panted pulling out of her mouth.

As he calmed, he moved back to the wall selecting a leather bit gag with a set of matching reins. Turning back to her he placed the crop under her chin forcing her up, so she was just on her knees

“Is my filly ready for more.” He asked staring into her eyes.

“Yes, Master please.” Carrie moaned closing her eyes.

He smiled at her leaning in to kiss her cheek. Lifting the bit, he held it in front of her mouth.

“Open wide little filly.” He commanded low.

When Carrie opened her mouth he fit the bit between her teeth, placing the reins over each shoulder to swing down her back. Reaching around her he moved her arms so that her wrists were at her low back, and he wrapped the reins around them just tight enough to hold her in place. Then he gripped the back of her neck and lowered her back onto the cot.

“Such a good filly.” He crooned as he began to pet her torso with the tip of the crop.

Watching her shiver and shutter he circled her nipples one at a time, teasing them into tight little rosy peeks. Laughing as she tried to arch up for more he struck, the crop landed on one nipple then the other with sharp little snaps. Over and over, he struck them watching her eyes dilate with desire as some of his seed seeped from her mouth around the gag.

“So pretty.” He snapped the crop over her rib cage, and stomach as he moved from the side of the cot to the foot.

Dropping the crop before placing both hands on her knees he opened her wide. Staring at her as he stripped his clothes from his body.

“So pretty.” He said again as he knelt, opening her folds to his assault.

Leaning in he began lightly licking her. He teased and tormented her with light flicks and lick. Moving from her puckered ass up to her clit to suckle, he repeated this over and over indulging himself in her delicious flavor. When she screamed around the bit for the third time, he thrust three fingers deep fucking her fast and hard until she screamed again. Taking one last long slow lick he pulled back.

Picking the crop up once more he began snapping it over her inner thighs, up and down from her knee to the crease where her leg met her pussy. One leg and then the other tormenting her with the pain she craved. Six times over each thigh then he struck her pulsing pussy lips smiling as she screamed and withered on the cot, and he did it again loving how it made his cock twitch. Twice more he repeated the pattern before standing.

Gently but quickly, he lifted her until she was on all fours panting around the gag, with him holding the reins. Pulling so her head was back he slammed his hard cock fast and deep inside her pulsing pussy. Groaning as she squeezed him tight, slapping her flank he began fucking her fast and hard. Panting and grunting as his pretty little filly whimpered and gasped as he rode her. Over and over his hips slapped against her ass, until he finally gave in, and they came together in a rush of heat and cream.

“Such a good little filly.” He panted as he pulled the bit from her mouth, crawling onto the cot under her.

“That’s my good little filly.” He soothed pulling her down on top of him as he petted her thoroughly used body.

Carrie moaned her response as she tried to burrow against him more.

“When does the lord get back?” He asked quietly petting her back.

“Tonight.” She mumbled in a grumpy tone.

“Easy little filly.” He said spanking her ass smartly.

She yelped looking up at him quickly.

“I was just wondering. It wouldn’t be good for either of us if your husband found out and fired me.” He said petting her hair as he pulled her head back down to his chest.

“True.” She sighed as she drifted off to sleep, the smells of the old barn filling her senses, and dreams.

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Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington.

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