Impact Play

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What you need to know

Impact Play

Impact play is the act of striking someone for pleasure. Usually it's the Dom or top striking the sub or bottom. With impact play you have to be careful with where and how hard you hit because if you hit too hard or in the wrong place you could do some damage. Wrong technique can result in trauma, dementia, lacerations, nerve damage, paralyzation, ruptured vital organs, fractured or broken bones, suffocation, lactic acid poisoning, and instant death. Lactic acid, in case you don't know, is a colorless syrupy organic acid produced in the muscle tissues during strenuous exercise. Some lacerations are ok but we don't want permanent marks or damage. Hormone treatments, blood pressure medication, menstruation, iron deficiencies and similar things may cause more marks or more severe marks. You have to hit on a place that has more fat or muscle. Avoid areas like the kidneys, neck, tailbone, hipbones, collar bones, the head, and all joints or areas where there is bone, especially close to the skin.

One thing that is very important in impact play is after care; actually, it's important for all BDSM play but especially impact. With impact play, after care is like normal but you also have to see how bad the marks are. Also training is important with impact play. If you are new to impact play or BDSM, you need training.

Also you have to be aware of a few things about your partner. Whether you are the top or bottom, you have to be aware of your partner's head space. If your partner is the top and they're in bad head space or distracted, they can hurt you. If your partner is the bottom and they aren't in the right head space, they may not be into the scene or act.

You also have to keep in mind of a few medications or medical issues before you do any impact play with someone. Anyone who uses hormone treatments, and blood pressure medication can be at a higher risk of leaving marks. This is also true for people who are menstruating, or have an iron deficiency. Impact play always has a risk of leaving marks, but those groups are at higher risk.

Before you really hit a person you should work on your aim and control. When doing impact play especially with tools you have to start low and slow and start with a "warm up." Basically star off with lighter blows then work up to harder ones. When you start to see pink or redness, you know that their tolerance is increasing. If you have more than one tool you may want to use the lighter one first. Varying how hard you hit and speed will also help avoid hurting anyone.

When you are using a flogger or a whip, be very careful of where you hit on your sub or bottom. There is a thing called wrapping where the flogger or whip makes contact with the target area but then wraps around the sub or bottom's body to deliver a sharp, non-erotic blow. Wrapping can cause injuries to the sub or bottom.

You also have to be careful with your sub or bottom's body language. If they tenses slow the speed or lighten the intensity. A guy also knew that I was done with flogging when I put my legs together. Just watch body language and listen for safe words. Safe words are used to tell the top or Dom to slow down or stop.

Types of impact play include:

  • Rough Body Play (Punching, Kicking, and Open Hand Face Slapping, etc.)
  • Spanking (hand, paddles, strops, slappers, belts, etc.)
  • Caning (batons, Canes, Sjambok, etc.)
  • Flogging (Cat-O-Nine, Galley-Whip, Quirt, Flogger, etc.)
  • Single Tail (snake-whip, signal-whip, bullwhip, etc.)

Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. It can be light or intense. Tools like paddles can be used. These kinds of spankings can be paired with other sexual activity or be used on his own. Some people will also use these for punishment but the majority of people use regular spankings for punishment.

Florentine is an advanced flogging technique that uses a pair of floggers or whips (or other implement) employed in a martial arts style alternating pattern. Florentine is normally used for performance rather than just regular impact play.

I will go into more vocabulary in my next impact play post, so stay tuned!

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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