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I Couldn't Choose One Because I Wanted Them Both

How a Threesome with Two Big Breasted Vixens Turned My Day Around For the Better

By Digital_FootPrintPublished 15 days ago 6 min read
I Couldn't Choose One Because I Wanted Them Both
Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

Pussy is the best stress reliever. I don't think women realize the power that they have in between their legs. Matter of fact, the safest place a man can be in this world is in between a woman's thighs.

In my years of experience, no matter how bad my day is going or how bad I'm feeling, I always feel a whole helluva lot better whenever I get some. 

Since I wasn't really feeling my best, I thought to myself, 

Self: "How about I get myself laid? As soon as I finish pumping some gas, I'm going to get me some ass."

By Jamar Crable on Unsplash

Speaking of ass, how about this hot, piece of tail right here. 

When I saw her bodacious backyard, I wanted to fill her up full of unleaded cum.

She was this Spanish lil' mami by the name of Vanessa with dark brownish hair and blond highlights.

She was rocking these black Fabletics tights that a lot of women wear that amplifies their assets or gives tbem an ass when they don't possess much of one.

She had on these white gym socks which the tights were tucked into slightly above her ankles. 

She was just filled with so much feminine energy.

Sometimes, you get chicks acting too much like dudes and it's such a turnoff and annoying.

You know it's something about the female form which, to me, is the most beautiful creation we have on this planet.

Where I live right now and I'm going to be frank about this, it's a bunch of old people so to be back home surrounded by youthful energy from that 21–33 year old demographic was a sight for sore eyes.

And what a beautiful sight to behold!

As beautiful of a sight she was, she wasn't necessarily warm towards me at first. 

In fact, she was mean-muggin' me in the beginning and you know, I just love myself a challenge so I made my way on over there.

I would say that after about a few minutes of me throwing on a little southern charm that frown turned into a smile followed by a few laughs.

I wanted to stay a little longer to chat with her but I had to piss like a racehorse so I pleaded with her to stay here and we'll chat a little more once I come back from the restroom.

As I went into the store looking for a toilet and finding out that they charge you 25 cents to take a piss, I spotted a hottie inside the store.

She was this tall, fine thing by the name of Jalissa with olive complected skin and jet black hair that went all the way down to her back. 

She had on this black wife beater and these tight, little black pants that showed off her enormous pussy print. 

I was salivating like a buddhist monk that just broke his fast and was looking for the biggest piece of cheesecake he could find. 

After I finished handling my business in the bathroom, I went looking to handle some unfinished business with that fine specimen of a woman I saw standing in line about a couple of minutes ago. 

There she stood, right in front of the stand which held all of the scratch off lotto tickets.

I scurried on over to her and put on some more charm and had her eating out the palm of my hands. 

I escorted her outside as I spotted Vanessa over by her ride waiting on me. 

Two insanely, hot ladies with names that correspond together. Hmmmm! Slides finger on my chin. 

Let's see…….Which one do I want? Will it be Vanessa or Jalissa?

It was like Lay's potato chips; I couldn't just have one so I chose them both.

As Jalissa was talking my head off a lightbulb went off in my head. 

I thought to myself,

"What if my two new friends became two new friends with each other?!"

I walked her on over to Vanessa and I introduced the two so that we could all get better acquainted with one another. 

I had it in my mind that I wasn't going to rest until both of their twat juices were on my face and cock. 

It was a little rough at first and I'm pretty sure that the ladies were looking at me and thinking to themselves, "are you fucking crazy."

It took a little bit of time but I was able to get them both to come around and then the next step would be to get them to cum around…My cock. 

The thing was is that we all came in separate cars so I devised a plan. 

I suggested that Vanessa and I park our cars around the corner and take Jalissa's car back to her crib. Problem solved!

After we finished parking our cars, we got into Jalissa's vehicle and headed to her place. I decided to join Vanessa in the backseat and have a little fun with her. 

I felt it was only fitting since I did talk to her first and she was in the backseat so I decided to keep her company and provide Jalissa with a sneak peak of tonight's coming attraction.

As I was deep inside Vanessa's sweet river of pussy juices and having her cream all over the backseat, Jalissa got extremely jealous. 

She pulled over on the freeway, pulled Vanessa out the car as her tights were still around her ankles and made her drive while I took Jalissa on a long and bumpy ride of her own. 

We arrived at Jalissa's house about 7 minutes later and before we could get through the front door, our hands and lips were all over each other.

I tackled Jalissa to the carpet and slapped her ass and kissed all over her neck. 

I sank my teeth into the bitch's neck leaving a passion mark while Vanessa was unbuttoning my jeans to get to my massive meat. 

She was all over my dick like a fat chick on a drumstick. 

The way she was sucking and slobbering all over my wood, you would've thought that the bitch was married to it. 

I ripped off Jalissa's panties and had her on top of my face riding while Vanessa was sucking. 

Then to be fair, I made them switch places. 

Vanessa started clapping her ass all over my face as Jalissa took every bit of me down her throat. She slobbed and gagged all over my dick as Vanessa's sweet juices began dripping down my chin.

I got up and had them both on the floor and I started fingering them both. I had their pussy lips trembling as my fingers were covered from each of their sweet nectar of juices.

I started licking my fingers as they joined in. I got to my feet and tossed each lady over each shoulder and carried them to the bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, I placed both ladies on the bed as they began kissing each other passionately and sucking on each other's titties.

I slid my head underneath Jalissa's twat as she started grinding my face with it.

I rose up as Jalessa was still on my face and bent her forward and starting eating her pussy from behind as they continued kissing.

Jalissa began fingering Vanessa as I was eating and fingering her. Both ladies ended up cumming so hard that Jalissa collased onto Vanessa's massive tits which she started sucking on. 

They held on to each other as they continued squirting simultaneously.

Their orgasms were so powerful that it almost felt like they were hemorraging.

I simply sat back and admired my handywork. Not only had I made these women cum but I also had them getting along with each other. 

Now, we're all in one big house living happily ever after together like one big happy family; My two girlfriends and I. 

Now if that doesn't sound like a 90's sitcom with a little "Real Sex" mixed into it, then I don't know what does.


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