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Hypnotic Dial

Lara's procedure went a little... differently... than planned

By Rhea CorvosPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Lara's green eyes blinked open. For a moment, they focused only on the ceiling above her, white and sterile. Then, she sat up with a gasp.

"Dr. Jean? Dr. Jean?" She searched around her for a mirror. There was none. "Doctor? Are you here?"

The woman who poked her head into the room was beautiful, her eyes kind behind her glasses. Even in a lab coat, her figure was stunning. As always, Lara felt a flash of jealousy. Would she ever be that beautiful? After all the surgeries and doctors who had whittled her face into a mask of mathematical perfection, would she ever have that level of organic grace? But wait, she thought. The procedure. The experiment. I may look even better than her now.

"I'm here, Lara," Dr. Jean said, smiling. "How do you feel?"

Lara looked frantically around the clinic recovery room for a mirror. It was fancy, expensive, the kind of medical facility that was more like a good spa or an exclusive hotel than a plastic surgery facility. And yet there were no mirrors - why? "I need to see," Lara said, starting to rise. "Give me a mirror, I need to see."

Dr. Jean continued to smile. "Lara, I think you're getting a little excited. It's time for you to calm down."

"I will do no such thing," Lara snapped. "You show me a mirror immediately!"

Dr. Jean's smile never wavered. She showed Lara a dial on the wall. It looked something like a fancy thermostat... "Do you remember this dial, Lara?"

"What does it have to do with my face?" Lara demanded.

"Nothing. And everything. You see, the problem isn't that you're not beautiful. You are. You were even before you had all of that surgery. The problem is in your mind.

"So we're going to turn it off."

Lara spluttered, "I don't see how–"

Dr. Jean turned the dial.

As though a light had been dimmed in her mind, Lara felt darkness replace her thoughts. A blissful nothing overwrote her consciousness. Her body relaxed, settled in the bed, stared at nothing.

Dr. Jean's smile widened just a little. "It's nice to be so quiet and mindless, isn't it, Lara?"

Lara answered obediently, "Yes, Dr. Jean."

"Nice to obey. Isn't it?"

"I... so hard to... think..."

Dr. Jean turned the dial further. Lara felt her thoughts drain away as she sank into a deep trance.

"You don't want to think, Lara."

"I don't... want... to think."

"You want to obey."

"I want to obey."

"Very good," Dr. Jean approached the bed, taking in Lara's barely-clad form hungrily. There had been no surgical procedure. Instead, there had been hours of hypnosis, brainwashing, and finally, surface-level magnets stickered onto her head at precise places over the parts of Lara's brain that controlled free will. Which she no longer had.

Jean had been waiting a long time for a patient like this.

"It's very sexy to obey me, isn't it, Lara?"

Lara sighed, enjoying the rose bloom of erotic warmth in her pussy, "Yes."

"Anything I tell you to do is erotic."

"Oh. Yes."

"Raise your right hand."

Lazily, Lara's right hand rose to a level just above her head and hung there as she moaned, gasping, sighing at how good it felt to obey. Jean smiled.

"Very good. Let it drop, and fall deeper."

Lara obeyed, sighing again as lust rose in her like a flood. Her pussy was getting wet, too.

"Now remove your clothes and kneel on the floor."

Lara did, her every movement toward obedience of Jean's order making her quiver with renewed lust. The hardwood floor was cool under her bare knees. She felt her labia quiver with warmth, need. Desire.

Jean circled Lara with slow, controlled steps, keeping her eagerness in careful check. Returning to the dial, she returned it to a nearly neutral setting, just far enough south of full consciousness that Lara couldn't escape, but high enough that she could think, after a fashion. "Are you pleased with the results, Lara?"

"What... What have you done to me?" Lara moaned. She hadn't been so horny in her entire life! She wanted to touch herself, but knew she couldn't. Not in front of the doctor! It was dirty and wrong! She was so wet that she could scream, but there was nothing she could do right now. She needed to get Jean to leave the room and then figure things out for herself. Oddly, she also needed Jean to stay, to command her, to tell her what to think and do. To obey. The realization chilled her. "I can resist you. Whatever you've done, I can push back."

Jean smiled at her again, "You can't. The first thing you'll do when you lose your free will is to lick my pussy until I come. You'll beg me for this opportunity. You'll debase yourself for a chance to taste me."

"I won't," Lara whispered. But already, her mind was wrapping around this wonderful idea, this thought of giving oral sex to Dr. Jean. It was impossible to ignore how much she needed this, needed to—no! She had to be strong! She had to resist!

Dr. Jean was laughing, "I can see you struggling," she said, "That's completely normal. Keep trying. That will make it all the more delicious when you finally succumb."

"I'll fight..." But barely had Lara spoken the words when Jean turned the dial back down, down as far as it would go, until its LED indicator read an empty 0, an "o" for obedient. Lara's mind emptied too, washed clean of all thoughts and cares. Except one.

Crawling forward, she approached Jean like a supplicant, her body shaking, her cunt hot. "Please, Dr. Jean," she whispered, "Let me taste your pussy."

Rhea is a submissive and writer of hypnosis erotica. You can find more of her work on Amazon and MCStories or support her on Patreon. If you like her free erotic hypnosis stories, be sure to tip her!


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