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How to know if you are suitable for painless hair transplant ?

Painless hair transplant

By Get Fitness Published 2 months ago 4 min read
Painless hair transplant

The determining factor to know if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant is to know the extraction area or donor area , both its extension and the density of follicular units per square centimeter that the patient may have.

Who is suitable for hair surgery?

In general, all those people between the ages of 18 and 80 who are in good health are suitable . And in particular, the ideal candidate for a hair transplant is the patient who has little hair density in the upper and temporal area (crown), who has a flexible scalp and, above all, a donor area with adequate hair density .Painless hair transplant

Painless hair transplant

At MAN Medical Institute we make a free first diagnosis so that you know if you are suitable or not , either in person or online , with which we indicate if it is the right time to perform a hair transplant , the technique that best suits your needs. your case and the approximate number of follicles you will need .

Where are the follicles that we are going to graft later extracted from?

The follicles are extracted from areas that do not have a genetic code for baldness , that is, areas populated with hair where the hair will never fall out , which is what it is about. Normally the donor area is located in the occipital area of ​​the head , between the crown and the nape of the neck .

A follicle is not a hair or hair , it is exactly the part of the skin that makes hair growth possible by concentrating stem cells . A follicle can have a maximum of up to five hairs , although the most normal thing is that it has two to four.Painless hair transplant

At MAN Medical Institute we offer you the most advanced technology with the FUE NEOTECH 3D® hair graft , thanks to which the follicles are extracted one by one , very carefully, using the latest generation materials .

Once its extraction is complete, each follicle is properly preserved in a solution designed to keep its properties intact before implantation in the recipient area .

Different cases can occur when it comes to being able to perform or not a hair transplant:

Case 1: Ideal patient with good donor area

Capillary density is the number of follicular units for each square centimeter of the donor area . The greater the capillary density , the greater the number of follicles that can be used to carry out the capillary graft . Patients with densities of less than 60 follicular units per cm2 are not the most appropriate candidates . Therefore, the ideal candidate is one that exceeds this density.Painless hair transplant

Painless hair transplant

But it is not only density that is important. So is the type and texture of the hair . Fine hair is not the same as thick hair when doing this type of intervention. Thick hair is better to achieve a greater sensation of coverage in the receiving area .Painless hair transplant

Case 2: Hair transplant in two sessions

When the patient's baldness is very advanced, it is necessary to do the hair treatment in two sessions, even if it is a graft with no limit of follicles . With the FUE technique , transplantation of up to 3,000 follicular units can be performed in an 8-hour day. This number of follicles serves to cover the upper part of a patient with a hairless recipient area .Painless hair transplant

In addition, it is necessary to allow the donor area to fully recover in order to perform the extraction of this same area in a second session . That is why it is necessary that a few months pass for everything to be ready again in order to carry out the new intervention , which is usually, in these cases, to cover the part of the crown of the head .

Case 3: Candidates not suitable for a hair transplant

There is also the possibility of not being a good candidate and therefore not being able to undergo a hair graft . The most determining factor to be or not, is to have a good capillary density in the donor area . If you do not have it, the results would not be as desired and it is recommended not to do so.

But there are also other conditions that prevent it, such as the type of hair you have (fine or thick), your age (it is not recommended to do it at an early age because the alopecia has not yet stabilized), and of course that you do not enjoy a good general state of health .Painless hair transplant

In addition, the treatment for a hair transplant has the following contraindications :

People with certain skin diseases such as cutaneous Lupus, Morphea or severe Folliculitis.

People with neuromuscular diseases, such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension or both moderate and severe heart disease.Painless hair transplant

Patients with psychological problems

Do you want to know if you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant ? Request your free online diagnosis and we will advise you without obligation.Painless hair transplant

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