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How To Get More OnlyFans Subscribers And Increase Your OnlyFans Income

Tips to get more fans on your OnlyFans page

By Sharon JonesPublished 10 months ago 5 min read

Whether you have been promoting your OnlyFans account for several years or just a couple of weeks after you have started, the fundamentals of success are the same. To increase your OnlyFans income, there are two basic things you need to consider. You have to market your OnlyFans page to increase your fan base, and then you have to optimize the profile itself to make more money from your fans. So how to get more fans on OnlyFans? We’ll find out, keep reading on.

Tips to get more fans on your OnlyFans page

Before we begin- Let's make it clear. There aren't any shortcuts to gaining followers, and there is no one way to succeed. If you are looking for how to get more fans on OnlyFans, you have to adopt different techniques to see success, here are some of the tips to gain more followers on your OnlyFans account.

Treat OnlyFans as a Fan site, not just an adult site

Most new models or even some experienced performers sometimes forget the core purpose of OnlyFans. It isn't a platform dedicated to adult content; instead, it focuses on "FANS." Many websites sell exclusive adult content, but not all of them are popular like OnlyFans. One reason is that OnlyFans has creators from different niches who provide unique content.

If a user needs just images and videos, they can simply do a google search and find N number of them. You are wrong if you think you can get subscribers on OnlyFans by offering adult content that is available elsewhere. When fans pay you money for unique content, they aren't just buying adult images; they are buying you.

Think not like an adult start but like a stripper

If you want to gain more subscribers on OnlyFans, consider your OnlyFans account as a Strips Club. Why do people go to strip clubs? It's because they want to hang out with new people and get drunk and look at gorgeous women.

No, it's not just that. They are looking for connection, not just nudity. The same goes for an OnlyFans page as well. If you want to expand your follower base and make more money, focus on connecting with people.

Don't neglect your social media

If you want more subscribers on your OnlyFans account, work hard on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as you can easily expand your reach by spreading the word. Being active on social media gives you the advantage of being seen and adding to your channels by posting consistently. When you are selling a subscription to people, if your audience sees you are popular on social profiles, they will want to be in your club.

How to get subscribers on OnlyFans

So now, let's get directly into effective ways to market your account so that you can increase your subscriber base. Wherever you are on your content journey, you can apply these ways to popularize your page and get more subscribers and grow to the level you want. So here is how to get subscribers on OnlyFans, yet tips to grow your existing fan base.

Choose the best content for promotion

When choosing the content to promote on social media and other platforms outside OnlyFans, make sure you choose the best. This might seem a no-brainer, but not all creators pay attention to this. Know the real pulse of social media around your niche and put up the content your audience would love to see.

If you are looking for how to get more fans on OnlyFans, never offer anything that is easily available on social media. And, if you are offering nudes on OnlyFans, make sure you show a glimpse of it on social media so that people will visit your OnlyFans account to view more.

Respond to likes and comments from the previous day's posts

Once you have posted some content, the next day, make sure you spend time responding to the likes and comments. It's hard to track all your fans as this might be exhausting if you have a huge follower base.

Research or new post ideas consistently

When you attain your first subscriber milestone, never stop brainstorming about new content. Keep on researching new and unique content ideas. One idea is to find hashtags related to your niche. Even if you don't use those hashtags, you must follow them to see what content people are posting under them and how people are engaging with them.

Send freebies

We all love McDonald's not just for their food but for the happy meal and the free toys they give kids. In the same way, your fans would also love getting so-called "free things." Even though the product cost would be added to the base price, the term "free "would appeal to fans. Likewise, if you give freebies to your fans, they would be interested in your brand and will be willing to pay for unique content.

Respond to your DMS

Some creators think DM's are a waste of time, but it isn't true. As a thumb rule, establish a 3-minute conversation rule where you give 3 minutes to each fan and if you can't reply immediately, give a response about when you would be available. Make sure you check your DM consistently and make it a habit to take some time to respond to all of the DM's.


If you are brainstorming about how to get fans on OnlyFans, associating with other OnlyFans creators is another way to grow your OnlyFans account. Creative exclusive for respective OnlyFans fans or appear together on a live session. If you have friends who are creators in a niche like yours, you will have the same audience who like the same content. The fans will be happy about the collaboration as they can also access new kinds of content. Cross-collaboration is a win-win situation for both creators involved and the fans too.

Promotions and offers on subscriptions

It is proven that promotions and offers encourage fans to buy products and subscription services and help secure brand loyalty for long-term followers. Utilize this trend by giving discounts to your followers. The percentage of discount ranges between 5%-100%, and in this way, you can attract new followers, retain your follower base, and generate revenue and success on OnlyFans.


Gaining your subscribers is not as easy as it sounds. But if you get the basics right and hit the sweet spot, it becomes easy to gain popularity. You must work consistently and be willing to create the highest quality and unique content to compete among brilliant creators. The tips above are proven to work; you just need to stick with them for long till you see the real results.


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