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How To Become a Cam Girl

Full guide to making money with the most advanced ninja camming tactics in webcam modeling.

By Camming WisdomPublished about a year ago 24 min read
How to make money as a webcam model or camgirl.

I hope I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say that there is truly INSANE money to be made in webcam modeling as a cam girl. We’re talking way more than just weed money here – and I can say that from a great deal of personal experience!

But seriously, the numbers are way out there. And while I wouldn’t ever say that cam girls don’t earn their cheddar through genuine effort, webcam modeling is the very definition of a “work-at-home” job.

By sitting in your bedroom in your pajamas, some comfortable silky lingerie, or whatever, you can easily bank the kind of pay that will make you fantastically hated by people who have to beat the shit out of their alarm clocks at 7 AM and run out the door every morning. Being a cam girl can definitely rock.

The part that may surprise you is just how you can reach the peak of cam earnings. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can set up an amazing income by just camming alone. But the little-known secret I’m going to teach you is that if you want to unlock the real riches this industry has to offer, which of course you do, you’ve got to combine it with OnlyFans.

Being a cam girl and OF go together like weed and 2 AM Taco Bell, and I’m here to show you how. Stick with me and read to the end, because I guarantee you’ve never even heard of the ridic easy and equally ridic effective strategies you’re about to learn. Becoming a cam girl using these tactics is so much easier, and will make your bank grow SO much bigger.

Let’s go!


Ok, so we’re gonna start with the very basics of how you can become a cam girl. Before anything else, you need to sign up as a broadcaster on a cam site. A “cam site” is any of several major online hubs where webcam models perform, and “broadcaster” is just a fancy term for a webcam model.

Basically, a cam site’s customers and its models both need to have accounts on the site, but those are obviously different kinds of accounts, since the customers are paying the models. The cam site is the go-between that makes it all possible (providing the platform), so they take a share of what the webcam models make.

Mostly, you’ll earn money on the cam site through tips, but don’t let that word discourage you. We’re not talking about throwing a few bucks to the pizza guy, here. Dedicated fans, or “regulars”, will often shower their favorite webcam models with hundreds of dollars at a time. The really well-off ones, called “whales” in the cam girl business, can easily make it thousands.

By Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Without regulars and whales, you ARE just making small amounts here and there as a cam girl, which is why we want and need to cultivate heaping gobs of regulars and whales. More on that later.

On the cam site, you’ll have your own chat room, which is where you’ll broadcast your live video feed. On most sites, anyone can come in for free and watch you, and those who want to tip, can do so. Much of this guide will be dedicated to showing you how to make them want to, because if you can do that, you can make insane money.

And remember, getting cash on the cam site is only the beginning. If anything, what you’re really doing there is just getting your customers to warm up to you, and start to like you personally instead of as just another webcam model. That way, they’ll be more likely to sign up for your OnlyFans content, which is where the real money is.


There are a few popular sites in Camistan. Even if you’re new to the industry, you may have already heard names like JerkMate, LiveJasmin, or MyFreeCams. Then there are lesser-known but still strong players like CamSoda and Cam4.

Most cam sites use the “free to join” model I described above, where anyone can get an account without paying or even just watch webcam models under a “guest” account. A few put the real action behind a paywall, maybe showing some teasing for free but requiring viewers to cough up for nudity and explicit content.

I’ll tell you right now that for webcam models, especially those who aren’t already well-known, free-to-join is the way to go. Luring in large numbers of potential customers with a free show and letting some of them turn into actual customers is just a lot more lucrative than demanding that everyone pay up front.

I mean, think about it: When well-populated free-to-join cam sites exist, why should viewers pay to see you? There IS a good answer to that question, but it’s that those viewers aren’t interested in just any random cam girl, but you personally.

Trouble is, they’re not going to want that until they’ve warmed up to you and start feeling a “bond”, maybe even a friendship, with you. The best way to do that is to let them in for free, and get tips from them once they realize they like you. And like we’ve covered, we’re aiming to translate regulars on our cam site to fans on OnlyFans. Add that in, and it really is a no-brainer: Free-to-join all the way.

Of all cam sites that use the free model, Chaturbate is hands-down the best. It’s one of the oldest and most popular cam sites on the web, offering maximum visibility even for new webcam models. You may want to branch out later on, but for now, do yourself a favor and sign up with Chaturbate. It's the best place to become a cam girl in a way that maximizes your options.

Sign Up as A Cam Girl at Chaturbate Here


Let me guess: You’re thinking you need a bunch of expensive, high-end equipment to make money as a webcam model. Well, think again. Your gear IS an important part of being a cam girl, and having some snazzy bling on your side will certainly help. But camming is very much a “poor girl’s game”, at least in the beginning.

You can start off with some pretty basic stuff, and still very successfully build a base of regulars that will bring in some nice income. When you’re ready, you can invest in your camming business, but that’s only when you’re already making money as a cam girl.

Let’s start with your webcam. Will it help to have a shiny, top of the line, HD model? Sure, eventually. But when you’re just getting started, that crappy old thing that comes built into your laptop will be fine. Seriously, don’t sweat it. As long as you’ve got a camera, you’re good.

By Kari Shea on Unsplash

Your internet connection is one place we don’t want to skimp too badly. You can use DSL if it’s all you’ve got, but a fiber-optic or cable connection will really make a difference. Again, don’t hyperventilate over this too much; DSL will do for now if necessary.

Just make sure you can run an ethernet cable straight to your modem, if it’s at all within the realm of possibility. Wi-fi MIGHT work, but I’d much rather you have a good, reliable connection, which most wi-fi typically ain’t. But if you have no choice, use that Wi-Fi babycakes, because the green ain't gonna wait for nobody.

Again, you’ll upgrade when you can. But in your early days, you’re almost sure to be good with what you’ve got. Or "good enough" lol.


Alright, so I’ve talked a little bit about regulars, but they’re so critical to your success in this business that they really deserve their own section.

First off, regulars are just customers who like you enough to keep coming back and keep tipping. On Onlyfans, we call them “Superfans”, but the concept is the same. They’re warmed up to you, not as a random face and body, but as a real person with whom they at least feel they have an individual connection.

You may not think that’s important to guys, but believe me, it is. In fact, it’s so important, it’s pretty much the entire reason they’re willing to support you with money. Remember, they can get porn for free basically anywhere. But they don’t know those girls from Eve in the freaking garden of Eden. So getting regulars is all about getting your viewers familiar with and fond of YOU.

When you’re first starting out as a webcam model or cam girl, everything you do should be about building a strong base of regulars. You simply can’t make any real money without them. And if that sounds like you probably won’t make much in your earliest days before you’ve cultivated regulars, that’s because you most likely won’t.

But knowing that gives you a leg up, because the reason so many girls tap out of camming within their first few days is because they get discouraged by their low initial earnings, and never stick around long enough to see what’s possible. Now you know not to make that mistake.

By freestocks on Unsplash

It’ll be slow going in the beginning, but have patience and build those regulars. You WILL come out the other end of your early doldrums, and the money will start pouring in, but you gotta stick with it.

When it comes to cultivating regulars, the most valuable trait you can possibly have is consistency. That means setting a schedule for when you’ll be on cam, and sticking to it. Post it in your bio, and make sure everyone knows it. This is one of the key things to keep in mind as you go about becoming a cam girl.

Why is this so important? Because when viewers stumble randomly upon your chat room and think they kind of like you, it’s not worth anything if they can’t find you again. They’ll just forget about you, and move on to someone else.

On the other hand, if they know when you’ll be there next, they might come back, and then they’ll warm up to you a little more. That’s how regulars are born. And it will help if the next time they get to see you is soon, so try to be there most days of the week.

Beyond that extremely crucial rule that can’t possibly be overstated, there are a few other things to keep in mind. For instance, when you’re on cam, don’t just sit there looking bored. Seriously, I see so many girls do this, and it hurts worse than buying a pack of weak weed.

Be friendly and engaging, talk about yourself and strike up conversations with your viewers about them. Put your social face on. And while I don’t want you going full-blown alcoholic on me, having a couple sips of wine before you start might help you loosen up.

Also, don’t go dancing around naked for no reason. All the girls do that, or at least a lot of them do. Some sexy lingerie is better than full nudity. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be willing to take it off, but that’s for when things go there with your viewers. Don’t remove all mystery up front.


Your chat room is your personal domain on Chaturbate as a cam girl. It’s a place where what you say, goes. In here you can kick out troublemakers, name a moderator to help watch over things and nut-punch trolls, set your topic, all sorts of stuff. And the best part is, since guys will do an awful, whole lot for a woman who’s willing to show some skin or entertain them in similar ways, they will definitely respect your authority.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that you might eventually find your chat room to be the sanctuary in your life where you have more control over what goes on than anywhere else. Of course, that does put some responsibility on you to manage it well.

I mentioned your “topic” above, but it’s important enough that it deserves some discussion. The room topic is a block of text that sits at the top of everyone’s screen and gets shown to all newcomers as they enter the room. That’s why it’s a prime spot to generate activity. Probably the single best way to do this is to set tipping “goals” for your viewers, where sending along given numbers of tokens will result in various rewards.

The most straightforward goal is to simply offer to take off a piece of clothing each time you receive a tip of a certain size, then move on to naughtier acts once you’re undressed.

But be creative, here. On top of the obvious stuff, you can set goals for modeling lingerie, or taking a shower on cam, on really anything you can imagine that would spice things up.

There’s even the “Lush” vibrator, which allows viewers to control its intensity by tipping. Lush is one of the "teledildonic" remote-controlled vibrators put out by Lovense -- and this little pink thing can boost your tips through the roof, ok? It's a freaking game-changer on cam, and that's NOT an exagerration. Find out more about it here.

Lovense also has a guide for cam girls on how to maximize tips using the Lush and its other vibrator products. Check that out here.

Beyond sex toys like the Lush, you should also be very careful about the kind of vibe your room has. One of the best and easiest ways to keep a sexy atmosphere going is to play sensual or sexy music during your cam sessions. This is one of those things you need to experiment with when you're learning hot to be a cam girl because not every crowd is going to like the same kind of music, but you definitely need to put some effort into this. Music can be hypnotic and really increase the arousal of your viewers!

Oh, one more point about chatroom ettiquette -- don’t be too greedy. Especially when you’re brand new in the biz, you want to set your tip goals on the low side. Goals aren’t just great for generating revenue, but they get action going in the chat room, which encourages more browsing wanderers to stick around. You can be more discriminating when you’re better established, but for now, be generous.

Something else for which you should definitely be using your topic space is to link your Snapchat account. But we’ll get to that just below.


As time goes on, and it could just be a matter of a few days to a week, you’ll start building regulars. That’s really all you should be focused on doing at first, but once it happens, you can start thinking about ways to maximize the revenue they bring in.

One surefire way to do this is by performing on camera with others. On Chaturbate, you’re allowed to have another person on video with you, as long as they also have an account and are of legal age and all that.

This is absolutely stupid popular on the site; heterosexual couples make the biggest bucks of all, followed by two girls willing to “interact” with each other, and on down from there. When you have just a few eyes on you, this can really bring home the bacon, or help earn you some eyes in the first place.

By We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

Learn the color scheme of user names in your chat room. Chaturbate helps you out by listing people who have tipped a substantial amount in the last 2 weeks in purple, and people who bought some tokens recently in blue, but not have not tipped much. Purple is best, because people who just have tokens laying around may have stopped spending money on the site. They’re still worth your time, but prioritize; you know that people who just bought tokens are active, so they make the most prime regulars.

You’re going to get a lot of people in your chatroom vying for your attention, and knowing what they have to spend helps you decide how to divvy that attention up. So, Blues are ok to pay attention to if there aren't any Purples arounds - but if there are, get your sights on them!

Chaturbate username color codes - How to be a cam girl 101

Don’t forget to reward your biggest tippers. Every once in awhile, when you’re lucky, you’ll get a “whale” in your chat room who comes in to drop a huge tip on you, expecting to be the King of the room for awhile. Don’t disappoint him! Talk directly to him a lot, and grant his requests, within reason. As for other tippers, sending them a Private Message – PM – to say thank you and strike up a conversation is always a good idea. It encourages further tipping, and is a great way to cultivate regulars.


Webcam modeling isn’t just about camming. We’ve already talked about how the real secret to big bucks in this business is driving traffic to your OnlyFans account, but you need a bigger social media presence than that. And the most important part of that presence is a public Snapchat profile.

Snapchat is a place where you can post lots of lighthearted, non-adult, and free material about you personally. Your day job, your pets, your hobby of smoking weed all night in the Adirondacks...well, maybe leave that last one out, but you get the idea.

You maybe wondering what the point of all this is if it’s free, but Snapchat is an excellent way to connect with your Chaturbate viewers. By reading about your everyday life, they come to see you as a real human being rather than just a source of entertainment. It warms them up to you, and as we’ve covered, warming up your viewers is an essential part of how to be a cam girl.

By Scotty Turner on Unsplash

I mentioned earlier that you should mention your Snapchat username in your chat room topic, and this is why. But not just that; talk about your Snapchat often while on cam, and encourage viewers to check it out. It’s free, so you can’t be accused of shamelessly trying to milk your audience, which can turn some people off. You just want them to get to know you.

For the same reason, and also as we’ve discussed, you should push traffic to your OnlyFans account. Be more careful with this one, since now you CAN come off as greedy, but definitely give your OF some exposure. Just make it clear that you want everyone to know you have a presence there, in case they’re interested. If not, you’re more than happy to hang out with them just on Chaturbate!


Let’s dive a little deeper into social media. Snapchat is great, and it’s definitely important, but you want to have a presence across a multitude of platforms. The goal here is to be not some random girl in a Chaturbate chat room, but an established webcam model known across the internet with a legion of devoted followers behind her.

Before we go any further, one important rule: Create a dedicated “brand” account on each social media platform you use. That is, an account that exists entirely for your camming business. I have to say this here, because you wouldn’t believe how many people need to be reminded that they don’t want their parents, college professors, and Aunt Gertrude nosing in on posts advertising a naked shower show or a "Lush Night" on a cam site.

Twitter For Webcam Models

Twitter is a great platform for webcam models and cam girls, because they actually allow nudity and other adult content. Whereas other social media makes you tiptoe around or even occasionally get banned, Twitter is pretty chill. As a result, it’s a central hub for various online sex workers, so you need an account there.

On Twitter, it’s all about following and being followed. Fortunately following is free, so when you’re new, follow like it’s going out of style. You want to target webcam models here, of course, with a preference for those between 5,000 and 10,000 followers themselves. That’s the sweet spot for newbies.

Webcam models beyond both ends of that scale may still be helpful, but in most cases, those below it don’t have much to bring to the table, while those above are so huge they probably won’t even notice you long enough to follow you back. You want that “Goldilocks Zone” of models who are somewhat established while still remembering the struggle of growth and thus having sympathy for your position.

Now, a lot of moneygrabbers across a variety of industries try to take the lazy way out and use automated “bots” to colonize Twitter for monetary gain. Don’t play that game, and make sure others know you aren’t. Fill out a detailed bio, talk about your webcam modeling work, and posts lots of pictures and videos. You’re human; let it show.

Premium Snapchat Accounts

Remember when I was talking about using a free Snapchat account to create bonds with your fans on Chaturbate? Over time, that translates into more regulars and thus higher revenues, but a free Snapchat doesn’t make you any money by itself. Premium Snapchat accounts, on the other hand, do.

A premium Snapchat account is a place to post all the naughty, nude content you can’t put on your free account. See, Snapchat isn’t as laid-back as Twitter; post anything racy there, and you’re asking for a ban that will eventually be granted. You don’t want that happening to your free account, because you want even your most casual fans to be able to find you there.

Meanwhile, it’s okay if your premium account gets banned, because that’s for hardcore members who will follow you when you just flash Peace at the ban and make a whole new account.

Of course, you’re going to charge for the premium account. Usually this is done on either a monthly subscription basis, or a large one-time payment for lifetime access. If this is sounding a little like OnlyFans, that’s because it is, except there’s no system in place for your members to formally subscribe.

You’ll have to keep track of who’s paying and who isn’t on your own, and cut off the deadbeats. OnlyFans is an all-around better platform for this, and we’ll talk about them in a minute, but you do want to use both options. There’s money on the table at Snapchat; let’s not leave it there.

Besides, there are online services like FanCentro that help automate the process of keeping track of your subscriptions. They’re definitely worth it, and you should use one.

Now, like I said, you eventually WILL get your premium account banned by Snapchat for all the steamy content you’re going to be offering there, but that’s alright. You just make a new account, tell your paying customers about it.

Or better yet, let that subscription management service I was telling you about do it for you, since that’s one of their things. Point is, your fans will follow along. This may not work with casual viewers who could take you or leave you, but with those who already like you enough to pay for your content, it’s surefire.

OnlyFans For Webcam Models

I’ve been saying it since the beginning of this guide: OnlyFans is the secret to making serious money as a webcam model. You could even say that camming is the secret to making serious money on OnlyFans, but either way, OnlyFans is an indispensable part of succeeding as a cam girl.

In case you missed the whole OnlyFans revolution for sex workers, OF is an adult-friendly social media platform that’s similar to Twitter, where you can charge an automated monthly subscription fee for access to content you regularly post to the account.

Admittedly, people use OnlyFans to sell all sorts of content, but we’re interested in the kind of adults-only nude and explicit material that a webcam model’s regulars would be after.

The reason OnlyFans fits so hand-in-glove with camming is because webcam modeling is so ideally suited to generating loyal, devoted fans – the ‘regulars’ we’ve been talking about. As we’ve covered earlier, you use platforms like Snapchat to get casual viewers interested in checking out your camming chat room, where they turn into your regulars.

Regulars like you very much and are willing to spend money on your content, so they’re prime candidates for subscribing to your OnlyFans page. Camming is uniquely suited to building the kind of bond with your audience that translates into OnlyFans spending; it offers a kind of one-on-one interaction, in both public and private cam shows, that just isn’t possible elsewhere.

On OnlyFans, you’ll charge between $10 and $50 per month for access, naturally gravitating toward the lower end when you’re new to the business and gradually raising the ask as you get more established. As always, don’t be greedy and expect top dollar right away. You can make plenty of money even at $10 or $20 per subscription per month, the earnings just get truly insane later on.

By charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

The secret to succeeding on OnlyFans is to post REGULAR CONTENT. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many girls with limitless potential utterly flop on this platform because they think one or two shower selfies a week are going to keep paying customers coming back for more. They’re not. You want to post at least one or two pictures per day, and at least one video per week. Not all of this has to be nude content, but most of it should be.

The good news is that if you stick to this regimen, the vast majority of your fans will keep subscribing for a good while, even as you’re constantly bringing in new customers. And some of those will prove to be “Superfans”, which is what we call whales on OnlyFans.

Build up just a few of those, along with the whales you’ll at least occasionally run into on Chaturbate, and you’re already talking about huge revenue. Combine that with your more “ordinary” fans who each spend a little per month, and the numbers really add up and you’re sitting pretty in no time.

There’s no overstating it: OnlyFans IS how to be a cam girl. Do this right, and you won’t even believe the kind of money you’ll be making.

Sign Up For OnlyFans Here

It isn’t just pics and videos. On OnlyFans, you can also do live streams for your subscribers, and charge for private messages with them. You should do both; trust me, the work you put into OnlyFans, especially when properly supported by camming, will pay off BIG.

As your roll of subscribers on the platform grows, you may want to consider hiring an OnlyFans manager. This is someone who will help you run your account, give advice and guidance on your general social media presence, and maybe even handle some of the private messages your fans pay for. Having a manager is an investment, but it can be a very lucrative one when your OnlyFans account gets bigger.


Webcam models can struggle to build a following when getting started, while those who stick with it and become established soon have very sizable audiences of loyal regulars. Collabs are a logical and very effective way for newcomers to increase their number of fans early on.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, “collab” is just short for “collaboration”, and refers to two webcam models performing together on the same camera. Doing this gives both girls a chance to grow their fanbase by exposing each to the other’s regulars.

There’s little danger of “poaching”, or stealing another cam girl’s regulars altogether, since your fans will still like you and hers will still like her. They just might come away following a second model while in no way losing enthusiasm for the first, which is good for both girls in the collab.

By Dominic Sansotta on Unsplash

And if you’re thinking there’s no benefit for an established cam girl in doing a collab with you, think again. First of all, webcam models have a pretty tight-knit community, and you’ll be surprised how many seasoned performers will be willing to help you just because they remember what it was like starting out when they were becoming a cam girl. But there’s definitely something in it for them, too.

Having friends pays in this business, and even if your following isn’t huge right now, it very well might be one day, and other webcam models would like to already have you on their side when that time comes. Besides, why wouldn’t they want to go on cam with another girl? Those shows are tipping gold for BOTH performers, even if one of them has more dedicated fans than the other.

Setting up collabs is all about being social. Visit other webcam models’ chat rooms, maybe pass them a tip, and strike up a conversation with them. Get friendly, and eventually bring up the possibility of performing together. If you have the means, traveling to attend an adult industry convention is a fantastic way to meet other cam girls, especially some of the top names in the business. Hit it off with one of them, and the sky’s the limit!


As a webcam model, porn tubes are some of the best exposure you could ask for. The big tubes like Pornhub and Xhamster are literally among the most popular sites on the entire web, so uploading your content there is a surefire way to get lots of eyeballs on you in a hurry.

Admittedly, earning direct revenue from a porn tube can be difficult. There are ad share programs that give you a cut of the traffic you generate, but making more than a few bucks this way usually requires that at least one of your videos goes viral. That can definitely happen, and eventually it probably will if you keep uploading, but it’s rare overall.

There are so many ways to monetize your content on porn tubes, though, that you don’t even have to worry about that tiddly ad money.

It’s all about advertising, baby. Like I said, you’re going to be getting lots of attention, so use it to promote your social media presence. Use a watermark on your videos that gives exposure to your public Snapchat, and the clicks will come pouring in.

As we’ve already covered, that leads to Chaturbate viewers, which lead to regulars there and potential subscribers on OnlyFans. And of course, you can and should mention those on your Pornhub content as well.


Ok, so I’ve spent all this time talking about how to get at the crazy money that’s available for the taking on cam sites. But we want numbers, not just vague promises, right? After all is said and done, how much do webcam models make?

It’s not easy to get to an exact answer. Cam girls don’t exactly post their tax returns on the web, and people making big money are usually pretty tight-lipped about it, because having everyone know you’re comfortable or rich isn’t a position anyone wants to be in.

But we do have some numbers. MyFreeCams had a data glitch that publicly exposed the earnings of webcam models broadcasting on that site. This kind of thing is a very rare occurrence, which is fortunate since privacy is extremely important in this industry. But just that little peak behind the curtains was all we needed.

For the month of the data release, the biggest-earning webcam model on MFC made over $100,000, after the site’s cut. And yes, that’s for 1 MONTH. I’m sure I don’t need to show my work for you to see that if that kind of revenue holds good for her most months, she’s pulling down over a million bucks every single year.

By Alexander Mils on Unsplash

And it wasn’t just her making bank. The entire top 100 roster of cam girls on MFC was looking at five figures, at the least, per month, just from MFC.

Oh, did I mention this data is from 2015? That’s important information, because it means we’re talking about a time before the pandemic -- which was a time when many people turned to home-based forms of entertainment over traditional activities like movie theaters or even strip clubs.

And a lot of them found that they didn’t miss going out, and have adjusted their habits permanently. In other words, there’s even MORE money in camming and online adult work now than there was ten years ago. And this is just MFC. First of all, while it’s certainly no small-fry, MyFreeCams is not the web’s biggest cam site.

That honor goes to Chaturbate, which is also known for having the highest-quality traffic, or traffic originating in wealthier parts of the world like Europe and North America. This makes it the best cam site to become a cam girl on, and it's not even close.

And secondly, if you’ve been paying attention throughout this guide, you’ll recall that I’ve been endlessly repeating how the real money isn’t even in camming. That’s just one revenue stream, and a conduit for paying customers to be further monetized on OnlyFans.

That’s right, ladies. If you play your cards right, 100K per month is only the beginning! Trust me, this is the golden age of at-home adult businesses, and the easiest way to get started is to become a cam girl, cultivate regulars, then get them over to your OnlyFans for mega monetization.

So, get busy and get that bread, because who knows how long this opportunity is going to last!

Sign up as a Cam Girl at Chaturbate Here

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