How Much Is Too Much Masturbation?

Get to know your body and sexual wellness.

How Much Is Too Much Masturbation?

Those who know me by now know that I talk about the heavy subjects not many would like to talk about. For me though, this is exactly the type of article my nasty mind loves to read. Some TMI moments are in this article, so if you feel uncomfortable, just know that I warned you.

So, it’s late at night at like one in the morning and this is about the time I masturbate if I do. Alone in my room with my headphones in and watching the latest porn drops to see if I react. Now, masturbation for me is not just about the pleasure, but a way for me to understand my body more. It has become my meditation and my relaxing time. Do I masturbate everyday? No. Is it OK to? Yes. Simple questions, but they mean much. For me, I like to give myself breaks because if I don’t, then it won’t be as enjoyable.

Masturbation is taught to be dirty where I am from. That it’s a sin and that there are consequences for your actions. You are told this from a young age to prevent you from doing a “dirty” act, that in reality is a completely normal and heathy activity. Now, there are some pros to masturbation that people look away from.

1. Know what you like.

You could sleep with someone to figure out what you like. Both of you try something new, and it will either work out greatly or end up being not so enjoyable and awkward. Masturbation is a way for you to test your limits and likes. BBC? BBW? Foot fetish? Figure out your kink by yourself so you can bring it into the bedroom.

2. No STDs

Again, you could sleep with someone or many to figure out what you like, but there is always a risk of STDs or STIs. This is the best way to pleasure yourself without the risk.

3. Explore your body.

Knowing what you like and how you like it can be empowering. Your self-confidence will increase dramatically. Get to understanding yourself more, so that partners can understand you the way you want them to.

Now, going back to the to the title of the article... how much is too much masturbation?

Answer: If you cancel plans and stop your life to masturbate non-stop for many days on end, maybe that’s a little too much.

I would never say that anyone should stop masturbating altogether, but if your life revolves around it, maybe you should hold off a little. Even me—a sexual explorer and activist—needs a break from time to time. Now that being said, I have guiltily canceled plans with my friends because I rather have had my hands down my pants while having myself a little movie night. That is okay. You have your me time!

If you think you are doing it too much, you probably are not, trust me. It is healthy and you are okay to do so, so don’t let others tell you no. Continue to be you and explore yourself more. And for those who don’t really masturbate a lot... try it more. Find something different and challenge your body's likes.

Rub yourself away my friends!

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Kait Bates
Kait Bates
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