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How much do you really know about condoms?

Condoms play a significant role when it comes to sex, be it oral, PIV (penis-in-vagina), or anal. If you correctly use them, you are not only in charge of your sexual health but also protect your partner from any kind of mishap.

By Rea SetiaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

You might think that using a condom is simple, but is it? One study showed that 35% of college-aged guys mentioned that they were in a situation where the condom slipped off or it broke. While accidents can happen, the chances of it occurring if you use condoms correctly are less.

Not just that, they also protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and help prevent pregnancy. As it takes only one accident to get in trouble, it is of paramount importance to use condoms correctly and be aware of different facts that come along with it. Some of them are:

1) There is a right way of putting it on, and it is more complicated than you might think

● Put on an ultra-thin condom on an erect penis only. To make things even more interesting, you can use vibrators, dildos, and other toys.

● Take notice that you are putting the condom on the right side out. The rim should be outside and it should be smooth. In case there is resistance, switch your condom with a new one.

● Furthermore, if you forget the aforementioned steps, think of the acronym OPRAH. What’s that you wonder? Well, it stands for - Open, Pinch (the tip), Roll (down the genital), and Hold (at the base).

2) Did you know there is a right way to take off the condom?

Grab the base of the condom and take it off before the penis loses its erection, and make sure you do it away from your partner. Take the end of the ultra-thin condom and tie it, wrap it in a tissue and throw it away. NEVER flush it down the toilet- that will clog it.

3) Things NOT to do with condoms

● Never reuse condoms. Use a fresh condom each time you have intercourse.

● You might think that double protection might provide you with better protection but, it only creates friction, and the condom might break because of it.

● Avoid oil-based lubricants. They have the potential to break down the rubber. Another tip, if you take a fresh condom out of your pocket and it seems dry, sticky or stiff- throw it away and use another one.

4) Store your condoms properly

● Condoms tend to become less effective if they get too cold or hot. So keeping that in mind, do not store them in your glove compartment, bathroom or places that get direct sunlight.

● Avoid storing it in your wallet as well, as it might create friction and tear the wrapper. And if you do put it in your pocket, do it if you think you will be using it that day.

● A big no-no is storing condoms near sharp objects such as scissors or needles. Instead store them in your drawer or another cool, dry place.

5) There’s a right way to open a condom

Try not to use your teeth or scissors to pop open the condom as it is very easy to accidentally tear or cut it. Rather, feel the condom and see where it is, and then open the wrapper using your hands.

6) Female condoms

When you are in control of condom usage it can help some people feel more comfortable about their sexual health. There are female condoms that are inserted into the vagina. They are not that common but you can easily find them in health centres and online.

Final Note

Condoms play a vital part in maintaining a healthy sex life, so don’t take it lightly. Also, we hope that this article enlightened you and now you know more about condoms than before. You can find a wide variety of condoms in the market, but can easily put your trust in Manforce Condoms, as they are the best selling condoms in India.

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