Hottest Movie and TV Pool Scenes

The swimming pool at Caesars Palace may feel like boiling water, but nothing is as hot as these movie and TV pool scenes.

Hottest Movie and TV Pool Scenes

Sexy pool scenes have been a staple of movie makers since Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Each of these films has two things in common: a beautiful woman in a sexy bathing suit and a swimming pool. When a movie has a hot pool scene like Halle Berry topless in Sword Fish, no matter what you think of the movie, you don't feel you wasted your time.

Her sexy pool scene in Swordfish has captivated the interest and attention of many viewers. There is one pool scene in the film where Halle Berry appears topless. Aside from this sexy pool scene, there are also sexual situations featured in the movie. She is one of the biggest names that decided to doff her top in movies. Her decision to do this sexy scene had already raised so many eyebrows. Though she played eye candy roles earlier in her career years as an exotic dancer in “The Last Boy Scout,” it's atypical for an actress like her to follow dramatic and award winning performances by agreeing to expose their breasts in action films.

Despite Her Initial Fear, She Eventually Agreed to Do The Topless Scene

Joel Silver revealed that it was Halle Berry’s sophisticated image onscreen that completely convinced him to let Halle tackle a more sensual role. He knew Halle Berry for many years and he felt that it was the perfect time for her to do her very first sexy and topless pool scene. Despite her initial fear, she eventually agreed to do the scene.

Tom Cruise proves that even if the world ends, it doesn’t have to be so bad in Oblivion. Sure, plenty of movies have shown how miserable the apocalypse can be, especially after the world is destroyed by aliens and war, but if the end result of that destruction is spending your spare time in a glass house suspended above the earth and having pool sex with Andrea Riseborough, then maybe it’s better if the aliens get it over fast.

Swimming Pools in a Post-Apocalyptic Universe

The scene opens up as any typical hot date scene above the clouds during the post-apocalyptic universe; you know, dinner, intense conversations, dimly lit everything, and destruction in the sky. Perfect setup for a first date. And then, without even touching the food, Andrea Riseborough stands up and randomly takes off all of her clothing. Apparently she is also on the Women’s Olympic Diving Team, coming in with a solid 8.5 on her performance. She’ll always get a perfect 10 in our book.

Can’t figure out where else you’ve seen Andrea Riseborough before? She starred in the Oscar-oozing film Birdman as the annoying wanna-be-starlet-actress Laura, which featured a pretty gnarly romantic twist between her and Naomi Watts.

Scarlett Johansson sheds her clothes in the pool for this sexy pool scene. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, as you enter the steamy pool world of Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson, as we are just mere mortals living in it. Before these two box office billionaires were galavanting around Las Vegas nursing hangovers and avenging the world from aliens and robots, they had to slum it in the realm of mediocre romantic comedies, such as He's Just Not That Into You. You might not remember the movie, but no one would ever forget seeing Scarlett Johansson skinny dip. The initial perplexed look on Bradley Cooper’s face mimics our own as we watch Miss Scar Jo throw off every article of clothing.

Not Like Under The Skin

Of course you can’t see anything since it’s a toothless PG-13 comedy produced by Drew Barrymore’s production company, but that injustice was rectified in Under the Skin. As a nice foreshadowing of things to come, this pool scene serves as decent appetizer before the full course buffet of Scarlett Johansson nudity featured in that film. Scarlett Johansson is considered one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols, and is frequently published in the sexiest women in the world lists. Other favorite films that she’s in are The Other Boleyn Girl, every Marvel movie as Black Widow, Don Jon, Her, and The Prestige.

Turning a pool jaunt into an erotic adventure is something few men can achieveunless they’re Richard Gere back in his 1980s prime. He’s practically oozing with masculinity and primal sex appeal as he seduces Valerie Kaprisky in Breathless. It’s one thing to desire someone in the pool; It’s another thing to make that someone desire you, through sheer force of will and steamy, sultry eyes. That’s the genius of this scene. Normally, it’s always the awkward schmuck who desperately hopes to get laid just one time in the pool; and it is the bathing female who truly controls all of the power. But in this instance, it’s all about a hunky Richard Gere in his prime.

This is an interesting take on the typical hot-pool-scene dynamic. The shift in power is not-to-be-expected, yet completely-accepted in our minds, and the minds of the writers. And you know what? We can have hot girls in pools, hot lesbians in pool, hot men in pools, hot anything in pools, and I say the time has come for a super hot gay pool scene that’s an actual Hollywood movie and not internet porn. While so far no one has decided to tackle this new frontier, it’s only a matter of time. But as we wait for pool scene erotica media to catch up with the rest of America, we can just admire Richard Gere’s fuzzy tufts of soft furry chest hair as we wait.

Richard Gere’s Character in the Movie Is Obsessed with Marvel Silver Surfer Comic Books

Breathless even incorporates a hint of French sex appeal, as it is a remake of the 1960 French film À Bout de Souffle by François Truffaut. Funny enough, when this remake hit the market in France, it was conveniently, lazily, and comedically titled: À Bout de Souffle, Made in USA. The original film is about an American girl and a French criminal, and the remake is about a French girl and an American criminal. We’ll have to take a look at the original film to see if this pool scene power struggle is reversed as well. But for now, we’re content with the French flair the film incorporates. Ménage à trois?

Even more, Richard Gere’s character in the movie is obsessed with Marvel Silver Surfer comic books. How cool is that? We get a movie that not only incorporates French flair and a sexy pool scene, but an obsessive nerd who happens to be a sultry form of Richard Gere.

Castle, like many other network television series, is entirely dependent on the prolonged romantic tension between its two mismatched leads. Of course, this occurs while Nathan Fillion’s jerky novelist Richard Castle and Stana Katic’s NYPD detective Kate Beckett arewithout failgoing to catch the murderer just before the 60 minute mark hits. Crime dramas aside, the real dramatic tension comes from the will they/won’t they romantic dynamic. If I had to be honest, I’d say that SPOILER ALERT they will probably end up like all other painfully obvious TV couplings... meaning that they will get together. If they stay together is another season entirely. This hot pool scene stands out by virtue of the classic “don’t see what’s right in front of you” trope. This is a huge turning point in the series, where a womanizing Castle sees that maybe the best thing he has in his life has been right in front of him the whole time; but of course, this realization comes in a sexy pool scene, with an even sexier Stana Katic in a one piece bathing suit. This is about the hottest thing you can expect to see on ABC TV.

Stana Katic in a One Piece Bathing Suit on Castle

Castle follows the story of Nathan Fillion’s character (Castle), a famous mystery novelist who has killed off the main character in his equally famous book series. The result of this? He has writer’s block. I’m sure this sexy pool scene gave him the imagination and the motivation he needed to get over the hump. After meeting Stana Katic’s Beckett, the two develop the Bones/Booth dynamic, and the rest is history.

What is this show missing? Some Firefly action of course. How could we talk about Nathan Fillion for this entire article without mentioning Firefly, the one show everyone agrees should never have been cancelled? In Castle, and even in some of Fillion’s other films, you’ll notice a few hints here and there referencing Firefly—and even explicitly referencing that it was a terrible decision to cancel the show. Firefly (although all of you geeks should know this already) is an epic sci-fi-western-dramedy from the creative mind of Joss Whedon, that was canceled before the end of its first (and, unfortunately, only) season. Reimagine this scene with the characters of Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra. Browncoats for life!

Spring Breakers is easily the most mainstream out of all the films on Korine’s filmography, telling the story of four spring break girls on a debauchery fueled crime spree after meeting up with James Franco’s rapper Alien.

The real genius of Korine’s Spring Breakers was in luring not one, not two, but three Disney affiliated hotties to partake in the spring breaking. In addition to Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, Korine roped in Wizard of Waverly Place’s Selina Gomez.

You can practically feel the fury of Bob Iger happily ripping up the contracts of the former child stars and tossing the shreds to the four winds; all while muttering under his breathe how he looks forward to seeing them burn out like Miley Cyrus. But hey, careers aside, we’re the winners here, since we get to watch this awesome scene. The entire movie is worth watching as well, as James Franco’s batshit crazy performance as the rapper Alien is one for the movie booksor, stoner movie books at least.

Kristen Hager almost gets into the pool in this sexy pool scene. The Being Human star takes a break from vampires and werewolves, and instead tackles the whole Alien vs. Predator issue instead.

Alien movies are great. Everyone loves seeing Ripley pulverize the evil alien creatures and save the world from an almost certain death. Predator movies are great. Everyone loves seeing the Schwarzenegger pulverize the other evil alien creatures and save the world from an almost certain death. But Alien vs. Predator movies are terrible ideas that never should have been pursued. Sure, they’re nice for the large fan base of both movies, because we’re given something new in the series/genre, but their storylines are terrible, we don’t have our favorite actors in them, and who wants to see aliens and/or predators teaming up to be on the same side as us humans? It will always be us vs. them, no matter what!

Kristen Hager Singlehandedly Saves the Film with Her Sexy Pool Scene

The one novelty we get in the AVP series is that we are able to see aliens and predators terrorizing our Earth. In this film, they attack a contemporary (boring) midwestern town. When I was younger, living in one of these same exact towns, I was terrified of the idea that Geiger's phallic-rape-allegory-monsters might just be hiding outside of my house to kidnap and ravish me. This terrible nightmare vision became a reality when Alien vs. Predator: Requiem released aliens on a small midwestern town. However, this was not as cool (or scary) as my eight-year-old-self imagined.

However, one thing saves the day: Kristen Hager. She singlehandedly saves the film with her sexy pool scene, and none of us are looking at that damn clock. We’re allowed to live in this fantasy for only a few minutes, because it soon after turns into a terror as we see an alien swimming around in that same pool, mimicking Jaws. Thank god she didn’t jump in. Is this alien worse than Jaws? Of course it is. We have a Geiger alien floating around, waiting to do awful things to you with it’s pharyngeal set of second jaws. But, hey, at least the underwear scene was worth it.

Reindeer Games (also known as Deception) is a 2000 action film directed by John Frankenheimer in his final theatrical film, and stars Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise, and Charlize Theron. The film received poor reviews. Despite the general negativity towards the film, we give Reindeer Games two thumbs up because of this sexy pool scene.

Charlize Theron works really hard to try and get us to forget that she’s not one of the hottest women on the planet. She’s always taking roles where she dirties herself up, like Monster, and most recently going bald and grimy in Mad Max: Fury Road, trying to conceal her innate sex appeal—which is a damned shame. It’s like she already knows she won the genetic lottery in looks and intelligence. Does she just want to make things more difficult for us just for funsies?

No Matter How Charlize Theron Tries to Hide Her Innate Sex Appeal, It Will Always be There

Thankfully, we still have clips like this one from Reindeer Games to remind ourselves the no matter how Charlize Theron tries to hide her innate sex appeal it will always be there. So, in the next few years while you are watching the inevitable sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, you can just load up this clip and remember that no matter how much she tries to hide it, Charlize Theron will always be gorgeous. And, damn you Charlize, you look amazing bald, as well. #itsnotfair

Our favorite films by Charlize Theron are Mighty Joe Young, Monster, Aeon Flux, Young Adult, Prometheus, and of course, Mad Max. Fun fact: Mad Max, The Wasteland, has just been announced. No date in the works yet, and I’m sure the writers have just begun to write a script, but we look forward to seeing Imperator Furiosa again... hopefully in a pool of water this time.

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