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His Introduction to the Tape Fetish

Frisky Bondage Tape

By TJ CharvatPublished 11 months ago 8 min read
Photo TJ Charvat

For whatever reason, it came on his phone, an ad for something called ‘Frisky Bondage Tape’ — the most notable selling point was it did not leave a sticky tape residue on the skin.

This made him think back to his first experience with Bondage — when he was just a freshman at a small liberal arts college in Arizona in the early 1980s. Not something that would rattle any cages on a BDSM forum, but an experience he would remember and probably made him who he was today.

As a freshman, he had talked his way onto the school newspaper. But was regulated to being an assistant’s assistant on this Pre-internet hard copy of a printed school newspaper that had only recently started to use computers to do their setup.

The publication’s reference section would soon be the computer workstation area. The IBM company had just donated five PC-Jrs to the publication room. His assignment was to clear part of the publication’s room for the computers. Not to set them up (though he was grateful for that since they would soon learn what lemons these computers were). But his main job that day was to box up the old reference books and bound copies of the paper’s past issues.

He was working alone at his own pace, and he decided to take a break from taping together boxes. Finding himself now sitting comfortably in the editor’s roller style desk chair of the large open office when she entered. She was a senior and a reporter for the school paper. She was also the college’s drum majorette, evident by her outfit, a short dress in the school colors with a series of shiny buttons on her chest. She also carried the requisite baton.

Her name was Katey. And though of small stature, she had a commanding presence. She knew men found her cuteness combined with her aggressiveness, an intriguing match. She definitely played on it.

He looked up, surprised to see her.

“Hmm,” Katey exclaimed, “sitting in the editor’s chair, are you, Freshman?”

“I was just taking a break. I didn’t mean…” He started to get up, but she swiftly used the end of her baton to push him back into the chair.

“Hold on, Mr.Freshman, you’re not going anywhere. This is a serious offense in our publication room. There will be consequences!”

He couldn’t tell if she was kidding around with him or that she might actually be serious. But then she let out a strange little giggle.

He decided she was having fun with him.

He watched as she picked up one of the large tape rolls, tore off a long piece, and then wrapped his wrist to the arm of the armchair.

“You’re not going anywhere, Freshman.”

She quickly secured his other wrist. Caught off guard, he felt he had no choice but to see where this was going… It definitely stirred something within him.

Soon he found himself being taped to the chair. Using the baton, Katey spread his legs apart and wrapped each of his ankles to one of the opposite chair legs. Making sure to keep his legs far enough apart that it would be impossible for him to move the chair. He watched as she worked with such intensity; he also watched as the short skirt of her costume hiked up, revealing her underpants. Noticing this, she pressed her baton into his crotch.

“Watch where you’re looking, Freshman!”

This stirred him, and he started to get an erection. With his legs spread and his tight jeans, there was no way to hide it. She giggled that strange giggle.

“You’re a naughty little freshman. Aren’t you? Though maybe not so little,” giggling again.

She tore off more tape and continued to further secure each of his forearms to the arms of the chair. Then she started wrapping tape around his chest and to the back of the chair. Occasionally giggling as she worked. He was both fully aroused and memorized by this situation that seemed to go on and on.

Finally, she stood back to look at her work.

“Not bad if I don’t say so.”

He didn’t know how to respond.

“Well, my work here is done, Freshman!” She tapped his crotch with her baton. Perhaps, I should give you a new name, “big boy.”

She started to head toward the door.

Finally, he spoke up: “You’re not gonna leave me like this?”

“Of course I am. I told you there would be consequences. You’re lucky the editor didn’t find you in his chair. He wouldn’t have let you off as easy as I did, Big Boy.” She let out one last giggle and then walked out.

He sat there for the longest while, still aroused. Then he started to wonder if Katey would be coming back. Unlikely. Perhaps some of the staff members would barge in, maybe he had been set up, it was all a big joke, but that didn’t seem likely either. There was no easy way out of this. He thought about trying to tip the chair over, but that would only end up with him still taped to the chair and probably injured. As all these thoughts raced through his mind, his erection soon disappeared.

She could have taped his mouth but didn’t. He could start yelling for help, but the thought of a professor coming in to discover him in this current state just didn’t play right in his head. He knew that the janitors came later that night. He would just have to sit there until then, but then the door opened.

She was the other freshman on staff. Having different schedules, they had only met briefly over the past month. But he remembered her looking at him and smiling during a staff meeting. Her name was Lynn.

She was dressed in a print blouse and sensible-looking slacks, somewhat business-like for a college student.

When she saw him, she did a double take and said: “Oh, I’m not…ah…disturbing…ah…”

He needed to act quickly on an explanation, “Hazing, freshman hazing, you know…newbie on the staff.”

She seemed a little relieved, “I thought this was more of a frat thing.”

Keeping up with the premise, he said, “Kooky publication staff, you just never know, so you better be careful as well. Do you think you could find some scissors?”

“Hmm,” she said. “Is that allowed in the hazing? I really wasn’t supposed to come in till tomorrow to work on the boxing, you know.” She noticed the look of concern on his face. “Of course, I’ll help you get out of this. I was just kidding with you.”

She located a pair of scissors and started on one of his arms.

“If you could just get this arm free, I think I can get the rest,” he said.

“Someone certainly did a thorough job,” she replied. “You’re not getting out of this that easy. You’re going to need my help, so just relax. Hazing, huh?”

As she worked the scissors against the tape, her long blond hair brushed against his arm. He could smell the light scent of soap and a natural scent of her that seemed to take him over. This was not the scent of the drum majorette or some cheap drugstore perfume. This was the scent of a beautiful woman.

His erection started to come back, and with his legs spread as they were, once again, there would be no hiding his arousal. He couldn’t help it, for the more Lynn cut him free and the more he took in her scent, the more erect he became with that pain of desire restricted by his tight jeans bulging at the crotch.

Her intense blue eyes became electric as she looked down at his pants. He was unsure what her response would be.

Lynn smiled, “someone’s getting happy to be free.”

As she released his one arm, she suddenly moved forward and planted a kiss on his lips. Even with the tape surrounding his chest, he could feel her breasts heave against him with the intensity of her kissing as she bit down on his lower lip. His erection, though very restricted, was now at its fullest.

She pushed her tongue deeper into his mouth as he held the back of her head with his one free hand. His erection was also painfully hard. She reached down and unbuckled his pants to release his cock.

There he was, still mostly taped to the editor’s chair and totally revealed by his desire for her. It seemed to him his cock had never been this hard before. She bent down and brushed her cheek across his thick glistening shaft. Then she wrapped her lips around the tip of it. Toyed with it for a while, slowly letting it deeper into her mouth. Eventually taking it all.

Finding that rhythm as her head moved back forth. It seemed as if time stood still with this pleasure. Finally, his body convulsed against his tape constraints as he released, yelling, “Oh god!”

Lynn stood up. Wiping her mouth, she looked down at him. He was spent.

She walked over to her briefcase and picked it up.

“You’re not going to leave me like this?”

Lynn smiled at him, “Of course not, Silly. I’m gonna set you free. But since I found you, I claim you. You’re mine now, to keep.”


Back in the present:

Though they had not always been in each other’s lives over the years, they were back together again. As they should have always been.

He would see Lynn soon enough.

So he placed an order for the Frisky Bondage Tape to arrive before his arrival. Lynn would definitely get a kick out of it. He would also include the following note:

We always knew who we were!



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