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Her First Butt Worship

How it Aroused Her

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 7 min read

One day while Brenda was out and about going to job interviews, she made it to her last one of the day, and found that the interview went better than the rest. She was hired on the spot only after spending about thirty minutes with the manager. The manager took her on a tour of the office building that she would be working in, and noticed that he always stood behind her, and that she felt like he was staring at her.

Now Brenda was a medium height woman with a small frame on top of a curvaceous round plump bottom half. She had hips that were very pronounced, a round, and rather large butt on top of some very thick thighs. Her waist was tight with not one roll of fat anywhere, and she looked good for her age.

After her tour she was told by the manager to be there the next morning, and as she walked out, she could still feel him staring at her. She went home and got some clothes washed and ready to wear for the next day, and then began making her dinner.

She lived alone and the only income she had coming in was her unemployment from her last job, which she worked at for over eight years. They let her go due to cutbacks, which made her unhappy because she loved that job. So, her unemployment has been paying her bills and keeping her going since then, until she could find another job.

Well, the next day came and Brenda was well rested, and decided to wear a pair of slacks which did show off her panty lines with a nice loose blouse that showed a mild amount of cleavage. Her curly hair was pulled up into a pony tail, and she wore light makeup just to accent her eyes and lips. She grabbed her purse and slipped on her flat dress shoes, and headed out the door to attend her first day of work.

When she arrived at work everyone was busy in the small office building and Brenda picked up on things rather quickly, but she turned around and found her boss across the room staring at her. She thought that it was just her imagination that he was staring at her and went back to work.

About an hour later, she was finishing up the project she was working on, and wanted to go outside for a break. She put her things away and began walking towards the back door for a smoke when her boss decided to follow her outside.

As they stood outside smoking cigarettes, her boss walked and stood closer to her, and began making conversation. Brenda thought he was just being nice until he stated that she had a nice butt. Brenda just looked at him and told him, “thank you” before he kept talking about her butt, and making sexual comments which Brenda thought was wrong being in the workplace.

She quickly finished her cigarette and headed back inside. Her boss came in shortly after and Brenda always found him staring at her; and now she knew what he was staring at. He didn’t make anymore comments, but it did become physical weeks later.

As Brenda tried to work, she caught him rubbing against her butt passing her in hallways, and the occasional brush of his hand against it. No one ever saw anything, and Brenda had almost enough of the sexual harassment. She tried to think of a way to get him back into work, and not her butt, but it was difficult.

She thought that he was so attracted to her butt that it might be a fetish of his. After weeks of the sexual harassment, she finally decided to ask him what his problem was and risk losing her job. When she finally asked him, he made the comment that he wanted to worship her large butt. That it was a fetish of his.

Brenda thought that it was a harmless fetish, and was curious as to what he meant by worshipping her butt, because she had never heard that term. She agreed to allow him to worship it over the weekend when they are not at work. This made her boss ecstatic, and he looked forward to worshipping her butt for an evening.

When the weekend finally arrived, Brenda’s boss showed up at her door, and she welcomed him inside. They went and sat on the sofa and talked first, which Breda had questions as to what it was he wanted to do.

He told her to take off her pants but leave her panties on at first. So, Brenda stood up taking off her pants where her boss could see her round butt inside some tight little bikini panties. He told her that she had a nice sexy butt, and while she stood in front of him, he reached out his hand and began rubbing on.

Brenda thought that this engagement was harmless if this is all he wanted to do, until he pushed his face up against it. It startled Brenda at first but then she realized what he wanted to do. He just wanted to play and rub on her round butt. His hands rubbed in circles all around her butt, and she heard him sniffing her panties.

Next, while Brenda stood in front of her boss with her butt pointed at his face, she felt his hands grab her panties and slowly pull them down having her step out of them. Now he had her naked butt right in front of him. He rubbed her bare dimply butt and kissed each cheek before sticking his nose in her butt crack.

He rubbed his face into her butt and even slid it up and down the crack smelling her sweet aroma. There was no penetration whatsoever, and all he wanted to do was admire her butt and its aromas. Brenda stood there and allowed him to play with her butt however he wanted to play with it. It began to feel good to her.

He sniffed her crack and then pushed his nose deeply in between cheeks where his nose met her anus and took a big whiff. Brenda thought he was gross at first, but decided to look over her shoulder and caught him masturbating while playing with her butt. That affirmed that his fetish was harmless.

He was so aroused that Brenda caught him off guard by bending over and reaching back to spread her cheeks open for him. He stuck his nose right against her brown puckered hole, and even took himself a lick of it. She could hear him moaning after taking a taste and looked back at him through her legs, and saw how hard and throbbing his penis was.

He took his finger and rubbed it against the outside of Brenda’s anus and used it to rub against his penis before stroking it again. He then became verbal to her by telling her how good her butt tastes and smells. Brenda would play along and tell him, “thank you” while she watched him masturbate which made her aroused.

She took her fingers and played around her anus for him while he watched and masturbated. It was becoming very arousing to the both of them. She took her finger and stuck it right inside her anus pulling it out and allowing him to suck on her finger. She could see that his penis was throbbing so much that the vein underneath was very swollen.

While she held her butt cheeks open, he stuffed his face right into her anus, and stuck his nose inside her. It felt so good to Brenda that she began to have an orgasm right in front of her boss. He could see the juice from her vagina begin to drip and that made him so turned on that it made him masturbate faster causing his orgasm to rise.

Right before he began to ejaculate, he stood up behind her bent over body and shot his load across her butt and even dripped it down over her anus. He watched it run down the crack and fall to the floor. Then, he would take his swollen penis and spread his sticky cream around her butt cheeks and then sliding his sticky penis down tapping it against her puckered anus.

It was a beautiful ending for both, and he was even so respectful as to clean up his cream off her butt with his tongue. Brenda thought differently about her boss after that evening, and they continued to have evenings like this.


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Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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