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Have The Best Sex Of Your Life + Self Exploration Techniques

Spice up your life 🌶️

By NimbusPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Image by nemke on iStock

"How do you masturbate?" he asked.

I was taken aback by his question, but intrigued. We had been together for a while now and were very comfortable with each other, so I decided to answer honestly.

"I guess it depends on my mood," I said as casually as possible, trying not to blush at the thought of talking about such an intimate topic. "Sometimes I use toys, like a vibrator or dildo," I continued, feeling myself get wetter just from thinking about it. "Other times, I'll rub my clit directly or play with my nipples until they're hard."

He looked at me intently as if he could see right through me to all the dirty thoughts running through my head.

"And sometimes..." I trailed off deliberately before continuing in a whisper, "sometimes...I imagine you fucking me and that makes me cum really hard."

He stared at me wide-eyed for what felt like forever before finally breaking the silence: " touch yourself? Like...down there?" His words came out awkwardly but his eyes told another story - they were fixed on mine yet simultaneously scanning downwards towards where we both knew would be revealed soon enough:

My pussy lips parted slightly beneath our shared gaze; the pinkness of their inner folds visible even from across this distance between us; and most importantly perhaps: The glistening wetness already beginning pool around them despite having only just begun speaking aloud these private fantasies once reserved solely unto myself alone within four walls safe space created specifically so i might explore freely without fear judgment…


I replied simply after taking several deep breaths first ensure clarity mindset prior proceeding furthermore along path currently embarked upon together herewith confines present moment.


Mirror Method

By yulia pantiukhina on Unsplash

Mirror masturbation is a great way to start. It's hot and graphic, and you can see yourself in the mirror as you touch your body. You can watch how wet your pussy gets as you rub it, or how hard your nipples get when you pinch them. And when it comes time to climax, there's nothing like looking into your own eyes while orgasming - it's so mesmerizing!

Shower Method

By Hannah Xu on Unsplash

Next up is shower masturbation where one should take their time with soap all over their body including the most sensitive areas-the clit and nipples. The water pressure on these areas feels amazingly good during self-pleasure sessions under the showerhead or handheld wand massager (if available). One could also use a loofah for extra stimulation if desired but not necessary at all times either way works fine too just depends what kind of sensation someone prefers more than anything else really matters here though obviously cleanliness does matter quite a bit too so don’t forget that part either lol jk.

Erotic Fantasy Bedtime Method

By DANNY G on Unsplash

The next technique is bedtime masturbation. This involves getting into a comfortable position, spreading your legs apart and touching yourself until you climax. Let the pussy throb with the heat of horniness. It's important to focus on the sensations in your body and not get distracted by anything else around you. One could also use pillows for support if needed or desired but it's not necessary at all times either way works fine too just depends what kind of sensation someone prefers.

Pelvic Floor Workout

By Pavigym Prama on Unsplash

Use some toys or crystals to insert inside your vagina first. You can use things like a crystal dildo or a vibrating wand to get the job well done. However, if you don’t have a vagina, it's also okay to put something up your anus.

Then, you can workout using just the muscles of your pelvic floor. Do slow clenches and combine with your breath. So clench on the inhale and then release on the exhale. Ooooo ahhhh…

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