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Halloween Delight

by Shawn David Kelley 3 months ago in taboo / lgbtq / erotic · updated 3 months ago
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Autumn Equinox Party

Halloween Delight
Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

Halloween Delight

It was a cooler day than normal in later October as Samantha (Sam for short) and her daughter Stephanie were decorating for Halloween. They loved Halloween, they lived for it. But most of all, it was the autumn equinox they cherished because it signified birth and rebirth, sexuality at the max. This year they were attending a neighborhood Equinox party and it promised to be the event of the year, at least for the mother and daughter duo.

Sam sat alone at a table watching Stephanie get hit on by all the young guys at the party and most of the older ones. Stephanie's father was long gone out of their lives. Stephanie was in her third year of college but still lived at home with Sam. Neither dated much. Sam had a long list of bad dates as did Stephanie. The only consolation was a few of the neighbors they had gotten to know since moving into the neighborhood.

One couple was David and Susan. They were a little older but not by much. Susan was always fun to be around and David was the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it. Both were flirts but David was a bit naive when it came to certain things. As Sam watched, Susan was making her rounds saying hi to everyone and getting hit on by almost every guy as much as Stephanie was. She watched as Susan drank more and more. Before long she slipped off with one of the married men in the neighborhood. When she returned, she was fixing her hair but had missed the cum shot on her pants leg.

Sam caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She smiled as David sat down, the bottle of Mezcal tequila in hand he had promised to bring g to the next party. He placed three shot glasses on the table before pouring two glasses full. The party was in full swing with everyone doing their own thing. David placed the bottle down and picked up two glasses. He handed one to Sam.

"You're not driving tonight," he said rather than asked.

They toasted and drank. The burning sensation felt good and bad. Sam had been nursing wine coolers until now. Luckily, she had eaten beforehand.

Some would think David was trying to get Sam drunk to sleep with her but Sam knew different. She knew David liked to have a good time and wanted those around him to enjoy themselves as well. He may look but he never touched and she admired him for it. She even went as far as tease him by showing a little more cleavage from time to time just to see his eyes widen. She caught him looking away for a moment and pulled her shirt down to expose the top of her bra covered breasts. When he turned back his eyes were drawn down but he didn't stare. That was the other thing she liked about him, he didn't stare or ogle her breasts.

Sam reached out and took the bottle, pouring another shot for each of them. They clicked glasses and downed the shot. David poured the next shot and they drank. This went on, back and forth, for three more shots before Stephanie walked up.

"Mom, you're going to get drunk and get sick," Stephanie warned.

"Have a shot with us," Sam said.

"Only if you promise this is the last one," Stephanie told her mother.

"Two more and we stop," Sam negotiated as she watched Susan get escorted away from the party by another neighbor, knowing Susan had quite a lot t drink by then.

"Fine, two shots. But I pour," Stephanie said.

The three downed their shots and Stephanie filled another glass full hoping her mother would either come to her senses or pass out. As she picked up the second shot the effects of the first shot hit her. Stephanie had been drinking wine coolers for a couple of hours and the Mezcal was hitting her hard. She downed the second shot while watching her mother.

"A deal is a deal," Sam said as she got up from her seat, "David, would you be a gentleman and escort me to a guest room?"

David looked to Stephanie to see what she had to say.

"Please help her inside. I doubt she'll be able to walk soon," Stephanie told him.

"I'm try to be a gentleman all the time and a gentleman cannot refuse to help a lady in need," David said getting up from the table to assist Sam into the house.

Stephanie started after the but the Mezcal was really doing a job on her. She grabbed the bottle and followed the two into the house.

David helped Sam to a guest room on the second floor after she almost fell down. Sam smiled at him as she kicked off her shoes once inside the room. Stephanie came in a moment later, the Mezcal in hand.

"You, said two drinks. We only had one," Sam said, spying the bottle.

"I thought we had two. But if we did, I would have grabbed the bottle," Stephanie slurred. "Sorry, mom. Let's have that last drink. Oh shit, I forgot the shot glasses."

"That's ok sweetheart," Sam said as she took the bottle from her daughter.

Sam took the top off and swigged a mouthful before handing the bottle to David. David took a long drink before starting to put the top back on.

"Hey, I haven't had mine yet," Stephanie pouted to which David tried to hand the bottle to her.

Stephanie grabbed his hand and tipped the bottle back, taking a big gulp. She smiled as she pushed the bottle away.

"Do you call that deep throating?" Sam asked as she grabbed David's hand and the bottle.

Sam took a good four inches of the bottle into her mouth before timing it up and swallowing.

"A lady always swallows," Sam grinned at David as she released the bottle and his hand.

David took a drink, leaving one shot and the worm on the bottle.

"Watch this," Stephanie told her mother before taking the same amount of the bottle into her mouth since the bottle tampered out and made it too hard to take any more, swallowing the worm as she did.

“You couldn’t do it,” Sam laughed.

"That's not fair. The bottle is too wide," Stephanie said.

"The only thing we can do is find something we both can deep throat," Sam said eyeing David before stepping up to him and sticking her tongue down his throat.

The two kissed for a few moments before Stephanie pushed them apart. She then stuck her tongue down David's throat. David wasn't sure when his pants came off or his shoes but he did feel Sam and Stephanie's hands on his manhood. They moved him to seat on the edge of the bed.

"Let's see who can deep throat the best now," Sam said as she and Stephanie stroked David's hard cock. "Me, first."

"Hey. Sam. Stephanie. I think I'd better go. Susan will be looking for me," David said.

"What? I don't turn you on?" Sam asked.

"I didn't say that. This would be a dream come true if I weren't married. I should go," David said but didn't move a muscle to leave.

Sam shocked him as she took six inches of his six and a half inches into her mouth.

"Beat that," Sam gloated.

"Certainly," Stephanie said, feeling no pain as she took all six and a half inches before starting to gag.

"You gagged. I can do better," Sam said as Stephanie coughed and gagged.

Sam took David's cock to the root and spun her mouth around while licking the head. David wasn't sure how long he would last with these two gorgeous women taking turns deep throating him.

"Hey. It's hot in here," Stephanie announced as she pulled off her top.

“Hot? It’s the end of September. It’s supposed to hot,” David said.

Stephanie’s 34D breasts strained against her bra wanting to be released. A moment later, Sam's shirt went flying and then her bra showing off her 34D breasts. The mother and daughter had similar breasts from what David could see.

"It's cooler now," Stephanie said as David stared unbelieving at the perfect breast before him.

David couldn’t miss Sam's nipples that were hard nubs and begging for attention.

"You have too many clothes on," Sam told Stephanie as she unclasped her daughter's bra.

David sat back admiring the two sets of perfect tits topped with hard nipples. He wanted to touch them but knew better. But Sam bent her head down to give Stephanie’s right nipple a lick and then her left. The mother and daughter definitely had similar breasts with the one exception, Stephanie’s nipples were half an inch longer than Sam’s.

"I'm still hot," Stephanie said.

"Well, let's get you out of those hot clothes," Sam said as she pulled Stephanie's pants and thong off.

Sam looked down and frowned before removing her pants and thong. David couldn't utter a word. Besides the alcohol clouding his inhibitions and eye-sight, he was spell bound by the two gorgeous naked women in front of him. He felt his manhood lurch which caught Stephanie's attention.

"Oh damn. We are neglecting David," Stephanie said as she moved close to him and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Sam pushed Stephanie to the side but Stephanie refused to release the kiss. Sam then turned around and sat on David's lap. David moaned as he felt his cock is against and then penetrate Sam's love canal. She was hot and wet. Stephanie kept kissing him as her mother started moving up and down on his lap, faster and faster. Sam was moaning as she reached her climax. Her pussy squeezed tight around David's cock as she orgasmed. She slowed her gyrations moments before he could cum.

Lifting herself up and off of David, Sam sat on the bed next to him. Stephanie released his lips as Sam turned his face to her.

"That was wonderful," Sam said before her tongue was down his throat a moment later.

David felt Stephanie sit on his lap. She wiggled her sweet ass on his lap as she positioned the head of his cock like an arrow straight at her womanhood. A second later she was impaled on his cock as her mother had been minutes before. Sam kept his attention kissing him while Stephanie rode him to a massive orgasm. Just as he was about to erupt, Stephanie slipped off of him.

"Damn you two are awesome. I wish I could have the two of you every day," David said.

"More than once a day," Sam laughed as she climbed back on him.

"You shouldn't do that. It's about to go off and fill you up," David warned.

"What do you think I'm trying to do? I want you cum in my pussy if you haven't noticed."

With that David took hold of Sam and helped her bounce up and down on his cock. Stephanie shifted her attention to her mother's breasts and nipples. David had his hands wrapped around her chest and was squeezing and tweaking her tits as she fucked him. Before Stephanie could move his hands, David stood up and spun around, placing Sam on the bed on her hands and knees without pulling his cock out of her dripping pussy. He started to pound her from behind causing her to moan loudly. Stephanie slipped under her mother to suck and lick her nipples before working her way down to the slit filled will the man meat.

Stephanie stuck out her tongue and licked her mother's clit. An explosion went off inside Sam heads as she sprayed her juices all over David's cock and Stephanie's face. Stephanie licked again causing a similar reaction. David was pounding Sam deep when he felt that sensation just before he came.

"Don't you dare pull out," Sam ordered. "I said I want you to cum inside me damnit."

David grabbed her hips and thrusted hard four more times before he unloaded inside Sam. He came and came. He couldn't remember the last time he came so hard, so long or so much but Sam's womb couldn’t contain it all as Stephanie opened her mouth to catch the over flow. Sam's pussy dripped her cum and David's straight into Stephanie's mouth. She swallowed every drop before licking her mother clean. Sam sucked and licked David clean after that.

The two ladies crawled up on the bed and fell asleep against one another. David got dressed, placed the ladies clothes on a nearby chair and covered them up. Sam woke up just long enough to pull him down for a kiss before passing out once again.

"Goodnight ladies," David said as he grabbed the empty bottle and made his way back to the party.

David emerged from the second floor into a drinking game on the first floor. Before he knew it he was waking up in his own bed next to his wife. Both of them were naked and his wife was holding his cock. He looked down to see the large wet spot on the mattress where his cum had dripped out of her pussy. He breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the little adventure with Sam and Stephanie was all a dream. Beside the bed, he spied the empty Mezcal bottle. He wondered who got the worm.

David was sitting at his desk in the basement when the doorbell rang. Seeing he was the only one home he went to answer it. He was surprised to find Sam and Stephanie standing at the door.

"Hey. It's been a while. Since the Halloween party. Come on in. Susan's not home yet. She had a doctor's appointment." David explained.

"We know. We spoke with her earlier. We thought it would be best to talk to you alone though." Sam said as she and Stephanie stepped into the living room.

"Have a seat," David said a knot in his stomach. "Did I make a fool of myself at the last party, like usual?"

“No. It's nothing like that," Stephanie said.

"That's good because I can't remember much after the fourth shot of Mezcal. I'm just glad I didn't do anything stupid," David let out a sigh of relief.

"About that. You weren't the only one not thinking or remembSamg things from that night or doing something stupid," Sam said.

"OK. Now I'm thinking I did do something stupid. What did I do?" David couldn't bear the suspense.

"Do you remember helping me to the guest room at the party?" Sam asked.

"Kind of. I blacked out around that time. The next thing I knew, I was waking up here at home with some vivid dreams," David chuckled.

"Did those dreams involve me and Stephanie?" Sam asked.

"Oh fuck. It wasn't a dream?" David asked, his stomach churning.

"It wasn't a dream if your dream was about the three of us having sex," Sam said.

"I guess it wasn't a dream," David said, shaking his head.

"Listen, David. We are so sorry for forcing you to do those things that night. We can say it was the alcohol but it still doesn't excuse our behavior of forcing ourselves on you," Sam said.

"I doubt you force yourself on me," David said.

"You were drunk. We all were," Stephanie said.

"What aren't you telling me? I sense you didn't come here to tell me we had sex. You don’t have to worry, I'm clean and I get checked every year just in case something happened years ago," David said.

"That's not it. The thing is, we're pregnant," Sam said.

"You're pregnant? Fuck. I knew better than to start drinking that night," David said.

"No. We're pregnant," Sam repeated herself.

"I understand. I'm not saying I won't take responsibility, I will. I guess Susan will want a divorce. Damn I'm such an idiot," David belittled himself.

"Yes, you are. You are not listening. We're pregnant," Stephanie interjected, pointing to Sam and then herself.

"What? Both of you?" David asked. "But I only came in Sam."

"You don't remember leaving the bedroom?" Stephanie asked.

"Not really. I remember grabbing the empty bottle and the there was a drinking game. After that I have no full memory."

"You were drinking with a bunch of guys. I came down and td you my mother needed help. When you came into the room, I got you to have sex with me. I made sure you came in me like you did mom," Stephanie said.

"Do you know that night was the Autumn Equinox? It is the best day of the year to conceive," Sam explained. "I chose you because I was sure you'd be a gentleman and wouldn't leave a lady hanging. And you didn't."

"You planned to get pregnant?" David asked, astonished.

"Yes. I had planned not to reveal I was pregnant to whomever fathered my child. That was before we found out Stephanie was pregnant as well. I couldn't do that to you or our child."

"Neither could I," Stephanie said.

"We love you as hard as that is to believe. But you are a very caring and giving man. I wanted a man like you. When I saw Susan being led away by the neighborhood husband's, I decided to make you the father of my child. When Stephanie found out she was pregnant as well, we had to tell you."

"Do you know why I went to the doctor this morning?" Susan asked from the kitchen, having entered the backdoor and overheard the entire conversation.

"Fuck. I royally fucked up," David said burying his head in his hands.

"I'm pregnant. Twenty-four years and I'm finally pregnant," Susan said.

"That's great. Isn't it?" David asked.

"It would be if you're the father," Susan said.

"If I am?" David asked.

"You weren't the only one getting laid at the party. There are at least two other guys that fucked me that night besides you that I can remember," Susan admitted. "So, if I get pissed at you, I'd have to be pissed at myself as well."

"What will we do now?" David asked.

David stood at the nursery window looking down at his three healthy daughters. Susan had a paternity test done on the baby in uterus and David was definitely the father. Sam and Stephanie both had the test done just to put everyone's mind at ease. After a lengthy discussion between the four, they decided to sell their two homes and move to a more suitable place far from the city in West Virginia. Susan, Sam and David could keep their jobs since the three worked remotely anyway. Stephanie would finish her last year at college, taking off a semester before giving birth.

"Penny for your thoughts," Sam said as she stepped up to his left side.

"Yeah, what are you thinking?" Susan asked from his right side.

"Do tell," Stephanie said as she pressed up against his back.

David took all three women into his arms and they had a group hug. If there were anyone as loved as these four at that moment, they were lucky.

"I was thinking, if this is a dream, I don't want to wake up."


About the author

Shawn David Kelley

Prior Service, saw the Berlin Wall dismantled and the aftermath of the Gulf War/ Desert Storm/ Desert Shield. He has drawn upon his unique views of life and science fiction to bring together an alternate reality of excitement.

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