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Got the Groceries: 3 tips on eating booty for the first time

Trying anilingus? Here are some helpful tips!

By Daniel TeachPublished 10 months ago 4 min read
Got the Groceries: 3 tips on eating booty for the first time
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Maybe your tongue has drifted south, or perhaps your partner is bent over and ready for you to make the next move. Either way, you find yourself staring into their "brown eye", unsure of how to proceed. Before you take the plunge into this interesting new realm, here are a few hints on how to proceed:

1) Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Lets be frank. Although a gateway to pleasures unknown, a butt at the end of the day is still a butt. You poop out of it, and as such, the area can harbor dangerous types of bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli. Before you put your tongue anywhere near it, I'd keep in mind the state of your partner's hygiene. We all know that sex can be spontaneous, be it getting hot an heavy in the back of the car, or jumping on each other the second you make it to the seclusion of your bedroom, so we can't always expect each other to be freshly showered.

As a result, use your judgement when it comes to deciding whether or not you should try the act. Are you getting busy at the end of a long day, where you're not sure if your partner might have gone number two? Or have you both washed and are preparing to get a little dirty before bed? Use your discretion! During sex, a person's rear end, be they male or female, can generate all kinds of sexually-stimulating scents, and as someone who has done a fair bit of anilingus myself, I can attest to the allure of the primal musk that can be found back there. But, as we are talking about butts here, if the thing is unclean, then you'll most likely know right away...

2) Communication is key: As mentioned earlier, sex can be spontaneous, and therefore, you're most likely not going to stop and ask your partner for every single thing that you intend on doing to them. Don't get me wrong, consent is a must, but some people aren't always going to announce "so, I'm going to tongue your butthole..." during the moment. Despite this, you still want to make sure that your partner is cool with you taking a bite of their peach. After all, while you might be very willing to eat some groceries, it isn't everybody's cup of tea to have a tongue grace their anus.

Because of this, be aware and watch your partner's reaction if this is your first time. If their first reaction to your attempt at anilingus is to recoil, pull away, or straight up tell you to stop, then you obvious cut it out there and then. They might even let you do it at the time, but express discontent with the act later. If you're not sure if they liked it or not, it doesn't hurt to ask for their opinion afterwards either.

Now, if your partner ends up liking it, you'll likely know pretty early on. Many people, male or female, can be stimulated via the anus, and as such, they'll react accordingly to your warm, wet tongue down there.

3) A basic technique: There isn't a truly correct way to eat booty since what actually feels good differs from person to person, but the most basic technique of putting tongue to butt is "up, down, all around."

Stroking your partner's anus with your tongue, alternate between going up and down with it and then swirling it around in a circular motion, following the shape of their hole but never actually penetrating inside it. Using a generous amount of saliva helps your tongue seamlessly glide along the area, and while the focus should be on the anus itself, don't be shy of skirting the area along the inside of the buttcrack as well.

After periods of tonguing, give yourself a break by gracing that butt with several deep, preferably wet kisses. Your wet smacks will stimulate your partner better than any dry kiss, and it'll give your tongue a quick little break to allow you to get back at worshipping their anus. I find that the kisses add another level of intimacy to the act, as if showing your partner your love and appreciation for their body.

So, if you find yourself looking a partner in the brown eye for the first time and are unsure of what to do next, consider what you're about to put your mouth on, be ready to watch your partner's reaction, and most importantly, get ready to work that tongue. Happy grocery shopping!


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