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Good Morning, Beautiful

by Tuesday Daily 19 days ago in fiction

Miss Molly has an orgasmic morning.

As the sun begins peeking through the blinds and I start to wake up, I remember the very exciting and naughty time I had last night with Megan's dad. I remember his rough hands sliding up and down my body, I remember him sliding his hard cock in me, I remember cumming with him. As I continue to remember how fantastic last night was, I begin to slide my hand down my stomach and continue lower. I reach my lower lips and slowly spread them open. I lightly brush two fingers against my opening, teasing myself, feeling that I'm soaked from thinking about Mr. Barker. I moan.

"Good morning, beautiful", Megan whispers, startling me.

She places her hand on the side of my face and leans in and kisses me softly.

"I hope you slept well", she says.

Thinking about last night, "I slept great, babe. I had a little trouble falling asleep but, I filled up on a snack and that made me sleep very well."

Megan kisses me again, rolling herself on top of me, straddling me, "Mmm, great to hear, want to wake up even better?" She asks as she kisses me deeper, grinding her tight, naked body against me.

"Mmm", I moan into her mouth as my hands reach around her back and slide down past her perfect ass. I slide my finger tip just inside her; she presses harder against me. She slides just a little lower, pushing my finger more into her. She begins grinding on my finger as she slips one of my nipples in her mouth. She's swirling her tongue around my hard nipple as she's letting out little moans. She moves her hand lower, onto my inner thigh. She begins to move lower, and lower. She spreads my legs and lightly blows a stream of cool air onto my swollen, wet, waiting and wanting pussy. I moan and begin moving my hips, begging for her to touch me.

"Mmm, Megan, please...", I beg.

Megan looks up at me and smirks, she slides her tongue from the base of my opening up, up slowly to my clit, she swirls the tip of her tongue on my clit, sending shivers through me. I moan again and begin trying to press myself into Megan's face. She smiles, looks up at me with her beautiful eyes, then she devours me.

She shoves her face into my soaked pussy and begins licking and sucking in such a rhythm that I'm cumming constantly. I reach and paw at the air until I finally get a hand full of Megan's hair, I pull her hair and I moan, loudly. Megan reaches around my legs, digging her nails into me as she presses her tongue deep inside of me, making me squirt all over her chin. She looks up at me, her face glistening with my juices. With a handful of her hair still, I pull Megan towards me, she climbs up my body and I pull her in to kiss.

I begin kissing her deeply, moaning in her mouth as I roll with her so I'm straddling her.

"Your turn to cum", I say as I slide to the side of her and slip my hand between her legs.

She smiles at me, kisses me, and spreads her legs more. I slide 2 fingers into her wet pussy, she moans into my mouth. I begin thrusting my fingers faster, deeper, faster. She can't kiss me, she's moaning too much. I lean up just a touch so I can watch her squirm and cum. I put another finger in her and begin finger fucking her. She's grinding hard on my hand, I pull her hair, making her head pull back, I kiss her deep. I look her in the eyes, pull my fingers to her entrance, and look her in the eyes.

"Cum hard for me baby," I demand, as I shove 4 fingers in her.

Megan's eyes roll into the back of her head, she moans, screams and squirts all over my hand.

"Again", I state, as I move my hand faster and faster making her cum and cum and cum, “mmm, that’s it.”

I kiss her softly, release her hair and slowly slide my hand out from between her legs.

"Good morning, Beautiful" ____________________________________________________

After making each other cum to start the day, Megan heads to the bathroom to shower and I head downstairs for a cup of coffee and maybe a breakfast. I grab my robe and throw it on over my naked body, my pussy still wet from Megan.

In the kitchen, I see a pot of freshly brewed coffee, Mr. Barker must have already started his day. As I’m standing there, against the counter, getting a cup for coffee, I hear footsteps into the kitchen. I turn to see Mr. Barker.

“Oh, good morning, I’m just grabbing a cup of coffee. Can I get you anything?”, I ask.

He steps closer to me, “actually, turn back around”, he states.

I do as I’m told because this man has a power over me, must be that long time crush thing.

Mr. Barker steps even closer, pressing himself against my back. He uses one hand to move my hair from my neck and the other is creeping up the inside of my thigh. He breathes softly on my neck as his fingertips graze my pussy.

“Mmm”, his voice rumbles in my ear, “you are so wet, young lady, just the way I like it.”

Mr. Barker kisses my neck, then drops lower. He lifts the back of my robe, exposing my ass. He grabs my thighs and spreads me open. He slides his tongue across my hot, wet, pussy.

“Mmmm”, I moan as I press myself more onto his mouth.

He shoves his tongue deep inside of me, making me cum all over his face. I can feel him moaning while devouring me. He stands back up, presses himself hard against me. I can feel his hard cock, I crave his hard cock. He must have known or he was craving me just as much, because at that moment, he lifted my robe and slid his amazing dick inside of me. I came as soon as he entered me, moaning uncontrollably. He begins thrusting slowly, holding me by the waist, making sure I don’t slip off of him. His hand slides up, cupping my breast as he kisses my neck.

He moans in my ear as I cum on him again.

The door to the upstairs bathroom squeaks, Megan is done with her shower! She’ll be down here any minute and she can’t find her dad inside me.

Mr. Barker heard it too and he begins thrusting harder, faster, deeper. He pulling my head back by my hair and biting my neck. I’m cumming nonstop on him and finally with an explosion and a moan in my ear, he fills me up. I cum as his hot load fills my insides.

He pulls his hard cock out of me, kisses my neck and whispers “that is what I dreaming of all night.”

He stepped back from me, allowing my robe to fall back into place, just as Megan appears in the kitchen.

“Morning, Darlin’, hope you slept well”, Mr. Barker states as his gives his daughter a morning hug and flashes me a smirk and a wink.


Tuesday Daily

I enjoy writing and have for a very long time. I think I have a knack for it, just no direction. I prefer to write erotica. Other styles to keep my brain fresh. Enjoy reading my work.

Tips are appreciated but absolutely not necessary.

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Tuesday Daily
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