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Getting stood up

by D-Donohoe about a month ago in fiction
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Kelly wanted a night out, then she got exactly what she needed

I need this night out, and I really need a drink

Kelly was in a bad mood before she even got to the bar. Trying to wrangle her kids and get them sorted before she went out was hard enough. Then her husband had been a complete ass about it, making himself out to be a martyr for looking after them for a few hours. Kelly was having none of it and told him that "basic parenting does not qualify you for Father of the year".

All she hoped was that she’d get home late enough for him to be asleep so she wouldn’t have to talk to him, but early enough to get some sleep before the kids woke her up and started demanding food, drink and attention.

This was the first time in a long time that Kelly had been on a night out with Michelle. They’d both been busy with work, family and life in general. It wasn’t that surprising that Michelle was late, she was hopeless at things like being punctual. But when Kelly saw that it was Michelle ringing her phone she already knew what she was going to say. It was a familiar story, one of her kids was getting sick so Michelle was staying home. Now Kelly was angry about being stood up.

Then she thought to herself

“I don’t have to be home for hours; I may as well make the most of it”

As she sat at the bar, Kelly ordered her first drink. She was going to make the hours of freedom count, so she knocked away her first instinct to get a glass of white wine and instead ordered a gin and tonic. Still fuming from her best friend standing her up, Kelly was worried that she’d be in a bad mood all night. But then she saw him.

At first, she wasn’t sure it was him. But then when she saw the smile it was clearly him. After all these years she couldn’t mistake that smile.

As their eyes locked, she started remembering every time they had been together. Those lips kissing her, kissing her all over her body. As he looked at her across the bar, she could see he was thinking about that too.

Kelly felt herself getting flushed. Her body felt a wave of emotions as she saw him there, in an instant the years melted away and her thoughts were filled with memories of their brief relationship.

As Kelly sipped at her drink, she tried to imagine ways to go over to him and say hello. But then, her joy and elation were shattered when she saw another woman sit down at the table with him. The way her night was going it was not really a surprise.

Kelly turned back to the bar and started to lose herself in her drink and some self-pity. She glanced back over and then caught him still looking at her with those intense eyes. She could always read his thoughts. After all, he had pursued her for ages. He would go back to his conversation with the woman but then glance back over at Kelly.

At times she felt his eyes moving over her body. She was glad she had worn a low-cut top to show off some cleavage, she remembered how he always adored her breasts. She could feel her nipples getting hard remembering his lips and tongue gently caressing them.

The exchange of glances kept its intensity. Kelly had to cross her legs and put a little pressure on her clit she was getting so excited. She could feel herself getting wet and realised that she would probably have to “take care of business” when she got home.

But again, disappointment struck as Kelly saw him stand up. He gave the woman a casual kiss on the cheek. Was he leaving already? Was this going to be it? He shot a glance back to Kelly and then he started to walk out of the bar... her heart sank, was that it.

As he walked out the door though, he glanced one more time over his shoulder at her. Instead of turning left to go out into the street he was turning right towards the elevators. Just then Kelly was struck with a thought “There are apartments upstairs!”

Kelly threw a $50 note on the bar to pay for her drinks, she didn’t wait for her change and she ran for the door. She could see the elevator doors beginning to close as she reached out her arm.

By Jason Dent on Unsplash

Almost out of breath she stepped into the elevator only to realise there was another couple in there with him. She gained her composure and stood at the rear of the elevator next to him. The other couple went back to their conversation, but Kelly couldn’t hear a word they were saying. Her heart was pounding, partially from the Olympics qualifying dash she had just done, but also from the sheer thrill of being next to him.

She felt something touch her hand. She looked down and it was his hand. She felt electric tingles pass through her body. My god, was she doing this? And why was this elevator so slow?

The lift stopped on level 2 and the couple stepped out. The doors closed and she could contain herself no longer. They pressed together in a warm embrace. One of the most powerful kisses she had had in forever. She loved how tall he was, it had always made her feel safe with him. He was a damn fine kisser, and the tingles were firing through every inch of her.

As the elevator continued to move upwards Kelly pulled him closer. Then she felt it, and then she remembered another reason she had missed him. She could feel how hard he was as he pressed against her.

Kelly’s nipples were so hard as they rubbed against him. Her pussy was throbbing, she could feel how wet she was, and her head was feeling so light.

The door to the elevator opened again. This was the first she had heard his voice when he said,

“would you like to come in?”

She pushed him out the door and followed with her hand grasping his.

By Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash

He opened the hotel door and she felt like a wild animal released from a cage. She threw herself at him, nearly knocking him to the ground. As she struggled to undo his jeans, she could feel his hands moving over her body.

They were both breathing so fast, so turned on. At that point Kelly was struck with a wave of uncertainty. He hadn’t seen her in over fifteen years, and she had had three children since then. What if he wasn’t turned on by her anymore?

As if sensing her anxiety, she heard him say “God you look even better than I remembered.” She could feel by the way he was kissing her and touching her that he was still as taken by her as he was all those years ago.

That was great, but now Kelly needed to feel his skin on hers. They both fumbled with buttons and zips and in no time, they were both standing there naked with arms wrapped around each other. Kelly couldn’t resist looking down and when she saw how hard he was from being in her presence she felt a rush of self-confidence she had not felt in years.

His hands moved over her body. She loved the feel of him kissing her neck and her nipples rubbing against his chest. She felt his hands grabbing her arse, and in that moment, she was glad she’d done a lot of squats lately.

Taking her back all those years he began kissing down her neck to her chest. His warm lips started to gently suck on her hard nipples and it was driving her insane. Her whole body heaved in pleasure as his lips touched her skin.

Then he walked her backwards towards the bed. He lay her down on the edge of the bed and then he knelt in the floor in front of her. He moved forward gently to bury his head between her legs.

That first touch of his tongue on her clit nearly shot her off the bed. His tongue began gently massaging her clit and then she felt his finger slide inside her. She reached out her hand to grab his head and pull him deeper into her. His tongue danced faster, his fingers sliding in and out in perfect harmony.

By Mia Harvey on Unsplash

Kelly could feel herself getting close. Yes, it had been a while, but this was also so damn good. It started as a gentle tingle, deep inside her but it grew, and it grew quickly. Her body was shooting electric excitement to all her extremities. She could feel herself soaking wet, and he was drinking every drop.

She was adoring the way he was worshipping her body. She was loving the way he made her feel sexy again. Without warning it hit. My god, it shook her body. She could barely breathe, she thought she might pass out. But instead she let out a moan, so loud it shocked her.

Her body was twitching, she had missed orgasms like this. She had missed her body being pleased by a man. She shuddered with pleasure, so many endorphins coursing through her body. She lay there spasming for what felt like forever. Trying to catch her breath. The intensity still so strong and her body wasn’t done.

She realised his tongue was still on her clit. She pushed his head away so she could catch her breath. All she could do was laugh like a teenager; her body felt so good.

He moved back up her body, kissing along the way. When he got to her lips she could smell herself on him.

He said,

“so what do you want to do now?”

She looked down at him so hard. She knew exactly what she wanted to do next...

Kelly leaned forward and started kissing him again. The way her pussy juices and his saliva combined tasted so sweet to her. The thought of the same tongue that had just made her cum now inside her mouth was hot.

She put her hand behind his head, and she pulled him forward. Her other hand slid down between his legs and she wrapped it around him. She loved how warm and hard it was in her hand, that was going to feel so amazing inside her.

But first she needed to do one thing. Kelly moved him up onto the bed, and she took up position kneeling in front of him on the floor. His hard cock was at eye level and she sat there for a few seconds admiring it. She loved how it stood there in front of her as a symbol of just how sexy he thought she was. Her eyes glanced up further to his and she saw that desire in his whole face.

As she leaned in, she took one hand and wrapped it around its base. She guided that warm hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue caught the taste of some pre-cum and it excited her even more. As she slid her mouth up and down, she could feel his body tense with each stroke. She looked again into his eyes and saw the pleasure and desire. But now she needed to feel him as close as they could be.

As Kelly stood up, once again she could feel herself dripping wet and her clit throbbing. He reached out his hands and ever so gently ran his fingers over her body. She had missed this feeling of being desired.

He pulled her towards him and started kissing her belly. Then his lips began moving back up her body to her breasts, as he began kissing, massaging, and sucking on them again she could wait no longer.

As Kelly mounted him her body was filled with years of anticipation. His head parted her lips so easily, it helped that she had self-lubricated so well. He was so warm, hard, and deep inside her. His arms around her as she sat on top of him.

Pushing him onto his back Kelly was able to get him even deeper inside. Her hands grabbing his shoulders, their eyes locked, she started rocking back and forth to feel him pressing on the g-spot.

This was insane, her whole body felt like it was getting pleased by him. His fingers started to dig into her arse cheeks, and that drove her even wilder. Thrusting forward so that she could press her clit into his pelvic bone.

As she got close, she leaned forward to kiss his lips, pressing her breasts against him. She leaned close to his ear and whispered,

“I want to feel you cum in me”

Then it was on!

He grabbed her hips and started rocking her faster. She didn’t think he could be harder, but she felt him getting stiffer and deeper inside her. She could feel him throbbing, she could feel him getting even hotter as she got wetter and wetter.

And then, she felt him start to twitch inside her, then she felt that warm cum filling her. Her body exploded. The wave of orgasm was so much more intense than the last one. She felt him continue to fill her, as her pussy pulses milked every drop from him.

The smell of sex filled the room. She could feel his body start to relax, and as she leaned forward to rest her head on his chest she realised she had never been so happy to have been stood up.


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Amateur storyteller, LEGO fanatic, leader, ex-Detective and human. All sorts of stories: some funny, some sad, some a little risqué all of them told from the heart.

Thank you all for your support.

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