Funny Business

by Dixie Coder 11 months ago in comedy

A Peek Behind the Doors

Funny Business

As I mentioned previously, I worked in an adult store. One of the great mysteries of the place was the back rooms. People always want to know but never ask. And I'm sorry to say most of your assumptions are incorrect. So I'll go ahead and debunk the myths and share some funny stories too!

So first off, the rooms are part of the video arcade. What that entails is placing money into the video booth and being allotted a certain amount of time of video play. You select your movie and lock your door. Once you pay your money, a light comes on over your door to signal the room is taken. That's how it's supposed to work anyway.

Turns out, it's really an underground club for gay men. Mostly older men. As luck would have it, each room has a "ventilation" hole which is really just a glorified glory hole. I can honestly say that there were NEVER women back there—aside from one of our regulars who was transitioning.

Part of my job was to check the rooms for misconduct. One of my first eye fulls was a man on his knees slobbering on the penis next door. I never shut a door so fast in my life! I grew to be used to all the naked old men I'd see upon opening the unlocked doors.

One night, I noticed two men enter the booths next to each other. The one gentleman didn't put his money in, so I opened the door and yelled for him to get his light on! What do I see but an older man standing there being serviced from the other side? Startled, he started reaching for his pants, which were around his ankles. He kept his dick in the hole as if he didn't want me to see it while trying to fumble out some money! The next thing I see is a $5 bill coming through the hole! I slammed the door and shouted, "Thank you, sir!" I had to scamper around the corner before I busted out laughing.

On another occasion I was reminded how nimble old people can be when they really want something. I watched a colored old man limp into the backroom with his cane in tow. Mind you, I don't think you should be driving let alone spending money to whack your junk in that condition but hey, that's just my opinion. In comes the second perp, an even older white man with a limp. They stand around in the back and pretend to browse the movie selection. Next I know, they both enter into booth number one. One first, then the other a minute later. Well guess what... I see you sneaky bastards! I grab the keys to unlock the door and promptly haul ass to the back. I get the door open only to see the black man in the chair with his legs up and open and the white man on his knees with the other guy's dick and balls in hand! At this point, I just stand there with a smile on my face as I let them know they can go ahead and get finished then get the hell out of the store!

Grown ass men act like this. "You know the rules" is all I kept thinking. Why must you test me? On most days I just have to laugh out loud at the things I've seen!

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