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Fringe Fetishes: Puppy Play

This is role play not the illegal stuff!

By Miss Aayden ~ L.S. DiamondPublished 6 years ago 10 min read

Puppy Play is much more common in BDSM then one may think. Yet most people I encounter still respond with, “really?” and genuine surprise that a grown, kinky person would be into this type of play. It is because of this response that I have decided to start off my Fringe Fetish Series with Puppy Play.

A lot of times puppy play is referred to as role-playing but to be honest I believe wholly that puppy play is an Empowering Erotic Persona or EEP. That is not to say that anyone that takes part in puppy play is into anything illegal such as bestiality. Puppy play is a completely freeing subspace for the puppy. Stop and think about a real dog, your four legged furry pal that we all love. What do our furry pals actually do? Eat, Sleep, Potty and be a companion. Those 4 simple things all equate to love but they are just simple basic needs. This seems way more appealing then the stresses of being an adult. You can now see the draw for a submissive to enter this type of play. Pure submissive freedom.

Getting to Know Puppy Play: The Terms.

Alpha – The most dominant pup in the family/pack.

BDSM – An acronym of Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism which are kink-related activities that some people take part in.

Biped – A two legged animal, in this case, a human (as oppose to a human-pup)

Butterflies – Pretty, colourful things that need to be chased in the garden.

Canine Cousins – Real/biological dogs.

Cat/Kat – The enemy, set on world domination, they can have usefulness because of their intelligence, usually as lawyers and the like, but ultimately they are cunning and evil.

Dominant – The partner who takes the dominant role in a BDSM relationship. The one who’s in charge of the ‘pack’ (see also Alpha). [A person who is dominant in a BDSM relationship may still be a pup and not necessarily a dominant one.]

Electro-shock Collar – A device used for training real dogs that is NOT suitable for human-pups.

Grooming – Looking after your pup's personal hygiene.

Headspace – The mindset of an individual; the way they think or feel.

Human-pup – A human who gets into the role and headspace of a pup. Same meaning applies to Human-dog.

Olfactory – pertains to the nose and sense of smell.

Owner – someone who owns a pup, this is used here to refer to a handler, caretaker, controller or any other human who has responsibility for a human-pup

Pack – The pup’s family; can be other human-pups, real pups and bipeds.

Pup Mode – when the pup is actively in the role of a pup.

Pup Space – the mindset that a person goes into when they absorb themselves into puppy play as a pup.

Pup – A human-pup (for the purpose of this guide).

Safe Word – A word that is used in BDSM play to signal that the submissive needs the scene to end. There can also be a slow word that says they don’t want it to stop but they either need a breather or the just need it to go slower.

Slave – A submissive who has gone the extra step of giving up all their usual rights to their Dominant partner/Master. Sometimes there will be a pre-agreed contract that designates reasonable limitations of the control the Dominant has.

Squirrels – The enemy, they’re more evil if they’re less cunning than cats, you’ve been warned.

Stray – An unowned pup, usually very hyperactive and annoying because they just want attention and someone to belong to, although they can go to the other extreme and be shy and unassuming.

Submissive – A person who, when in a relationship, gives themselves over to the rules and desires of the Dominant partner to serve/please them. A person who is submissive in a relationship is not necessarily submissive in life (or even as a pup). A submissive usually retains the right to say “no” in such a relationship unlike a slave.

Where Do I Start?

This is the next great question. If you have ever thought about being a handler (Dominant of a pup) or you have been the one that wants to go fetch the ball, this is where you need to begin. We need to identify what type of pup you want to be or if you want to be the handler of one. In figuring this out you need to treat this as one of your Empowered Erotic Personas or EEPs. So in answering the next questions be honest with yourself and your expectations for yourself.

  1. What breed of dog attracts you to it for the personalities?
  2. Do you see yourself in a small or large breed pup?
  3. Do you like the young playful puppy type or the older dog type?
  4. What attracts you to puppy play? ( ie: drinking from bowls, playing fetch)
  5. Is bathroom control part of the play?
  6. Is this a regular form of play or just in the bedroom?

The next step is to gather things that you are drawn to for your pup. You can go all leather and fetish with hoods and tail butt plugs. But you can always visit your local costume shop and get some cute dress up pieces. Being on a budget does not mean you can not have your puppy play fantasy come to life.

Finding the right pieces to bring out your persona of your best puppy self can be an exciting adventure. In this stage you have to be true to yourself as well. Remember, you are getting ready to unleash a sexual side of you that has been only allowed out in your mind.

Now you have cute fuzzy or leather ears and a tail. There are some other items that you may want to consider.

  1. Knee pads ( crawling around hurts )
  2. A collar and leash
  3. Food and water bowls
  4. A bed or puppy blanket
  5. Puppy toys that are safe for human teeth

Personality of Your Inner Puppy!

Now it's fun time. I always say you should start slow. Weather by yourself or with a partner set aside all expectations. Don’t expect sex or a ground breaking scene to end all scenes. But slowly get into the role. Allow yourself or your puppy to find out and explore as a puppy would. For the first few explorations allow the puppy to speak and say no or even try different things that may work. After you have found the beginning of your puppy you can limit the speech to puppy vocals only.

Remember that even though you are taking on all the characteristics of a puppy that you are still a human so there are some things that are considered safety hazards and should not be done or done with care. Remember we as Dominants the protector of our sub and as a sub you have the ability to say no.

Human teeth are not puppy teeth and can not handle tug of war games or chewing rawhide/dog cookies.

Puppy play makes your pups thirsty, always have a bowl of water that they can freely access at all times.

Your puppy play partner is still human so no actual dog food. Real dogs have different nutrition requirements than human beings. Balance your human puppy diet according to human needs and enjoy eating out of a bowl.

Human puppies still need to go to the bathroom. There is no getting around this so I recommend that you put a signal into your play that allows the puppy to communicate their need. Personally I prefer a bright colored scarf that my puppy can bring to me and drop at my feet. They are then allowed to wander off to meet their needs and come back out in persona.

I still allow my puppy to vocalize safe words and so should you. Consent is mandatory NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you wouldn’t do it to a real dog, don’t do it to your pup.

What can be fun activities to do with my pup?

  • Fetch where something is thrown is fun but will get old quick as human-pups aren’t designed to move quickly on all fours. A variation is to place an object across the room from your pup and then tell them to fetch it. This can be great training for the stay, fetch/bring, give/drop commands; just be sure to teach your pup the rules first or you might get frustrated with them not ‘staying’ until the object is placed or running off with it once they have it.
  • Find the owner, or owner’s item: If there is more than one biped at a get together and pup is in their headspace, you could blindfold the pup and have them find their owner from scent alone (there is a sexual version of this game but this guide isn’t aimed at that side of pup play). A variation on this is to have items that are new, freshly laundered or belong to friends, and an item that belongs to the owner (that hasn’t been washed since being worn), again with a blindfold and the pup has to pick out their owner’s item.
  • Let your pup get the scent of something smelly and then hide it while they’re blindfolded, then have them try to find it. You can start off in a small area and then move to wider areas. A variation of this is to hide it without the pup knowing and then both of you going on a hunt for it together. This game of hunt the toy/item can be played with several pups and they get to compete against each other.
  • Get down on your hands and knees and bark playfully at your pup, they’ll join in and probably end up licking your face.
  • Light games of tug-of-war can be fun but remember your pup has human teeth and they’re not as robust as a real dog's. This isn’t a good game to play with dominant pups as they think you are challenging them and will attempt to assert their dominance.
  • Obstacle courses and agility. Your human-pup doesn’t have the same agility as a real dog, but with practice and games you could help them increase their speed and agility, while having fun. Start off small and be realistic, if you’re not sure if it will work try it yourself.
  • If you’re in a position to take your pup out on a forest walk where you won’t be causing a public concern then this is a great way to get out and about and have some fun. Be sure to give your dog the protective gear where they need, thick knee pads with a hard shell are a must. And any dangly bits may require strapping/harnessing.
  • Tummy rubs - self-explanatory, wriggly, wiggly, tail-wagging fun.

This is not a full guide to Puppy Play by any means. But is a great introduction into the wonderful BDSM realm of Puppy Play. It's always hard to find a basic "how to get started" in any topic and this is truly a fun way to express yourself in a submissive way. There is nothing more freeing to a sub than to be able to come back to a basic mind set. It is always very liberating to the Dominant to have a lesser set of creative demands set on them to play. It's like a kinky play time out for both parties.

So have fun, play safe and be kinky my friends.


About the Creator

Miss Aayden ~ L.S. Diamond

When I am not reading or taking pictures I am writing. I spend my time with my dogs or in the realm of kink. Just a girl with a kinky side on a quest to educate. You can also find my posts and events here~

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