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Freedom From Sexual Shame

The foil of Shimoneta

By Loki TavielPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

With my recent rewatch of Shimoneta, and while I still believe in everything that I said in my first post on that series, there is something else that I want to cover. More specifically, a certain character, and many of the things the series shows with her.

In the first episode, our protagonist claims that they are devoted to, and pursuing the student president, Anna. He laments over how pure she is, and her drive to remove anything lewd from the school and society. In return, she sees him working with the council, and forms an attachment to him after getting to see his returned enthusiasm.

A few episodes in, something happens that elicits a response from Anna. She finds herself turned on for the first time, but not via anything that she had been taught was perverted or subsequently illegal. As she explores this feeling, she actually remarks about how something that feels that good couldn't possibly be bad, and so she doesn't attach the feeling of taboo and shame to it that would set off her collar and alert the authorities.

Yes, that's right. She was so naive to what sex and sexuality was that she had complete sexual freedom and ownership once she was exposed to it on her own.

This becomes almost a joke throughout the series, as she directs this behavior entirely toward our protagonist. She chases him down, on occasion actually sniffing him out like a bloodhound. She saves her cum, and bakes it into cookies. At one point, she sneaks into his room, and attempts to assault the boy due to how turned on she is.

She lets herself completely let go of inhibition, not bogged down by thinking what she should or shouldn't do, or the ideas that these actions have the exact same root as the things she's trying to fight against the very next morning. This is an extreme case of course, as sexual assault is never acceptable in real life, but in some ways, it's refreshing to see something representative of shameless hedonism like this.

It's almost a perfect example of why it's important not to overly censor media and sexuality. Not to create such a taboo, and instead let people take ownership over their sexual selves as they learn to discover who they are. Seeing sexuality from a space that something pleasing shouldn't be met with disgust is an amazing step in the right direction. That combined with education about consent, safer sex measures, and negotiation I think could make everyone happier.

No one ever stops Anna to tell her that what she's doing is perverted or sexual, so in turn it never becomes associated with that wrongness we see in regards to looking at photos or using certain language. We never see any negative redirection, and so she never is introduced to the idea that what she's doing is the same as what gets other characters arrested. She never really explains what is going on to others, so there's never any situation where she would be stopped, considering the only people who know about it are those who are also actively fighting for sexual liberation.

She's a complete foil to our sexual vigilante. None of the plots, lewd language and jokes, or urge to spread sexual awareness on a full scale, and instead just a pinpoint idea that what feels good should be embraced and encouraged.

For a comedy anime, there's a lot here to really look at and appreciate.


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Loki Taviel

Agender sex and kink educator, with a penchant for nerdy things that make me think.

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