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First Cum, First Serve

How She Made a Poor Man Feel........Rich

By Digital_FootPrintPublished 2 months ago 8 min read
First Cum, First Serve
Photo by Jamar Crable on Unsplash

You know, life just can't get any better then this. 

There I was, lying on a beach with the sun shining down against my skin, ice in my drink and a hottie in between my legs slurping the nut out from my cock as I was slurping my drink. 

Man, I was living the good life in college but it didn't start out that way. 

There was a time in my life where shit just wasn't going well at all but that all changed once I met her. 

She was this rich girl named Janet who I met towards the end of my freshmen year. 

Janet was a spoiled brat who often spent her time on private jets headed to private islands. 

She was a hot, tempered thing with daddy issues and a daddy fetish. I let her know that I would be more then willing to be your pappy. 

She looked at me and said, "Oh, yeah?" and she started hiking up her skirt. While she was hiking up her skirt, I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties which she never wore when she was around me.

Now, I'm not complaining in the least bit. "Easy access," I say.

She bent down over my knee and said, 

"Daddy, I've been a very naughty girl. Spank me, daddy!"

When she said that to me, she tapped into something animalistic inside me that had long been dormant. 

I finally felt like a man again. 

I gazed into her eyes as my body continued raging with hormones while my foot long cock stretched through my jeans. 

I just had to have her so I stood up, pressed her up against the wall, unzipped my jeans and started grinding deep in her pussy. 

All of a sudden, I felt something snap at my cock. 

She looked at me with this puzzled look on her face as I pulled out frantically. 

She looked at the size of my dick and said, "Oops." She had some sort of birth control installed deeply inside that dripping, wet twat of hers. 

She apologized profusely while digging that motherfucker out. She took me on over to the bed and threw me down on it. She jumped on my cock and rode me like a jockey riding a horse at the Belmont.

She rode me from the front as we stared into each other's eyes. Then, she did me reverse cowgirl style as I watched her pussy completely engulf my dick over and over.

I busted a big load in her twat and watched it all roll out of her pussy and down the shaft of my dick and onto ballsack.

She had the creamiest pussy I've ever encountered.

I always enjoyed nutting inside of her in that position just so that I could watch the cream ooze on out her moist twat. I'm still surprised after all the times we went raw that she never got pregnant. 

It had to be a miracle. 

She would go buckwild whenever I came inside of her. It's almost as if she demanded that I cum in her. 

Another thing that would get her even hotter is when I would pull out of her hot punani and spray my load all over her face. 

I would get so turned on by watching her wipe all that nut onto her fingers just so she could lick it off.

She was the best lay of my life because it seemed like her only mission was for me to be satisfied and she just couldn't keep her hands off my rod. 

Anytime my cock was near her, she always found a way to have it in her hands or mouth. 

We could be sitting at home watching a movie and her hands would always go straight to my wood so that she could jerk it and make me cum. 

Her hand to hand action was the best. 

One time, we were in her dorm and she had darkened the shades and lit some candles. She took my hand and led me on over to her bed. 

She took off my clothes and had me lay on the bed. She took out some warm oils and began massaging my dick. She jerked and jerked until I nutted all over her hands. 

She licked every bit of my nut up and wiped my dick clean of all of the oil. Then she used her saliva as lube, spit it all over my dick and continued performing one of the sloppiest, in a great way, handjobs I ever received. 

I stuck my thunb in her pussy as she started grinding on it. Then I demanded her to bring that pussy on over here pointing to my face as she climbed upon it. 

I made her ride my face until she splooged all over me. 

"Enough of you taking care of me, I want to take care of you daddy," she says.

She went absolutely ballistic on my cock. 

The way she worked those hands up and down my shaft had me feeling like my dick was going to explode and boy, did it. 

I made quite the mess of her face when I nutted all over it. She just got me so hot when she was jerking me off that pressure had built up in my dick and I was loaded up like an active volcano. 

She must've could sense it too because she would quickly lay her face across my abdomen trying to catch my load in her mouth. 

To her credit, she did catch it in her mouth but also all over her forehead, fingers and hair as well. 

She was just a nasty whore and I would tell her so while she smiled at me with all that cum hanging from her chin and fingers as I lay there trying to catch my breath. 

Then she would rest her head on my stomach and take a nap. After all that jerk action, my baby needed her rest.

When she got up, she asked me if I was hungry and my reply was,

"I could eat." As I was getting up, she looked at me asked, "what are you doing." I said that I was going to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat. She told me point blank that, "I wasn't going anywhere and to stay put and that she would fix it for me."

She never liked me being in the kitchen. 

She would say to me that you're the man and you deserved be served while scurrying me away. She always made sure that dinner was on the table when I was hungry whether she cooked it herself or ordered out.

She had me feeling like, what we used to call, a "well-kept man" by the way she took care of me.  

She pretty much gave me access to her money and credit cards anytime that I wanted it.

I even had access to her 20,000 dollar a year dorm room AND her roommate. 

She had this insanely, hot brazillian chick which I was given carte blance on fucking her anytime I wanted which I did. 

I came by on a Sunday afternoon to hang with my girl and she was gone but her roommate was home. I heard some moaning coming from the room down the hallway so I walked down that way to check on things. 

I cracked open the door just a smidge to see her roommate masturbating. She had this big ass wand and she was going to town on that twat when she looked up and saw me. 

I hurried up and closed the door as she came running out the door asking why I left. I told her that she was busy and that I was going to come back later. She took a few steps towards me, grabbed my bulge and said,

' how about you come right now?!"

She led me back to her bedroom by my bulge. She unbuckled my jeans, took off her robe and we began fucking. 

About 10 minutes into it, I heard the door squeak as if it was being opened and there was Janet. 

She had one hand on the doorknob and the other inside of dress. I motioned for her to come in and join in on the fun but she didn't at first. 

She just sat in that chair playing with her twat while her roommate was on top of me. Then she got behind her roommate's pussy when I was pounding it and started sliding her tongue inside of it to suck my cum juices out her twat.

It was beautiful how we bonded over her roommate's delicious pussy.

We bonded over other things too. In between romps, we had many convos about life in general.

She would tell me her dreams and I would tell her mine. I often felt that she was going through some things on her own homefront as well. 

I thought to myself that it had to be a little something more to all of those exotic trips abroad and buying all of those expensive clothes from brands that I couldn't spell or pronounce.

It might've been her way of covering up for something else that was missing sort of like a form escapism and maybe that was the extent of our relationship with one another as well.

I haven't seen her since she blew me on the beach and that's been more then minute. 

Even though it's been awhile since we've been together, I still can't help but to think of her at times because she did so much for me. 

She came around in a time in my life when there was just so much stuff going on and anytime I felt like a complete failure, she always had a way of making me feel so much better.

She's now married with a family of her own but we still talk on occasion. 

To be honest, she has offered me her services but I've just never taken her up on her offer out of respect for their union.

But who knows? Maybe, on one very lonely & horny night, I might just take her up on that offer. 

I'll be sure to let you guys know if I ever do.


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