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Fascinating Psychological Facts About Women And Pleasure

Facts You Need to Know

By Alvin EsguerraPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Fascinating Psychological Facts About Women And Pleasure
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Women can have many orgasms, so-called multiple orgasms, while men always need time between orgasms. The part of the brain that shows arousal during sex can also be activated in women when they think about food. This especially happens when they have food cravings.

When a woman's nipple is erect in front of you, she might be excited for you. She might also be imagining what it's like to have sex with you. Women over the age of 40 generally have an easier time reaching orgasm than women under the age of 40.

An uncommon way to make a woman very excited is to have oral sex, passing your tongue in circles and stimulating the anus with your fingers. The best time to have sex is 5 AM because this time has the highest testosterone peak. Everyone may think that winter is the best time of the year to have sex, but anyone who thinks that is completely wrong. A study says that women have more sex in the summer than in any other season because of the smell of the season.

A study suggests that women can easily trust people who hug them for more than 15 seconds. Sometimes it might seem like a long time, but it's certainly worth it to hold a woman for that long and still gain her trust. Sometimes if a woman does not have a hymen, it does not always mean that she is no longer a virgin. There are several ways by which the hymen gets broken, like riding a horse.

Fifty-year-old women have more sexual satisfaction than younger women. To have anal sex with your partner, stimulate her body with oral sex, run your fingers, and then your tongue. If she is afraid of pain, there are products to avoid pain and make penetration more secure. She will see how you can give pleasure in anal sex, and you will both enjoy the moments of intense pleasure.

Almost 60 percent of young women say they have sex without desire, and forty percent admit they are not satisfied. According to studies on masturbation, 6 out of ten respondents say they practice twice a week, and 2 out of ten practice several times a day.

Women leave their suggestions and express their opinions indirectly. Women don't like to be told what to do. Believe me, some women have an intense vaginal orgasm, release a large amount of fluid during sexual intercourse, and even think it is urine. Not all women are hard workers; some girls are indolent with clothes accumulated over a long time and general disorganization.

After sex, women don't feel like sleeping; they want to talk and kiss. Most women will seek to talk to you more out of psychological needs than physiological ones, but with men, the opposite is true.

Before oral sex, have some sweet drinks as your tongue will be smoother and produce more saliva, making it pleasurable. Licking your finger in the form of circles during intercourse immediately arouses women's arousal.

A woman is more likely to have a favorite song that says something about her emotions or mindset. Eighty percent of women use silence to express their pain.

Women always dress up to make other women jealous of them. If a woman tells you about her problems, it means she trusts you. If a woman pretends to be rough and tough, it's usually because she's been lied to once by someone.

Many people believe that the size of a man's foot is related to the size of his penis. This is not true.

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