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Exploring the Sex Position:69

69 Sex Position 101

By Adult Toys Business InformationPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Let's delve into the world of sex positions.

Whether you're beginning a new relationship or aiming to add excitement with a long-time partner, this guide series is tailored for you.

Now, let's discuss the timelessly provocative 69 position.


The 69 sex position, featured in the ancient Kamasutra, remains a classic choice. In simple terms, it involves two individuals engaging in simultaneous oral sex.

Named after the intertwined bodies resembling the numbers 6 and 9, the 69 position has earned a reputation for being humorously suggestive. It's loved by some and disliked by others.

Successfully engaging in a 69 requires both the mindset and coordination to provide quality oral pleasure while receiving the same from your partner. It's notably more straightforward when both individuals are of similar heights. Although it may not always be seamless, when it works, the experience can be deeply intimate – a profound connection between two people, sharing and receiving pleasure simultaneously.

A note on terms:

When addressing penetration, we use the terms "thrusting partner" for the individual with the penis (biological or synthetic) and "receiving partner" for the person engaging in the act of penetration (vaginal or anal).

It's crucial to recognize that being the receiver is not a passive or subservient role. It is an active and enthusiastic role, demonstrating power in choice. By inviting their partner inside, the receiver exercises that power.

Additionally, the thrusting partner is not merely a giver; they also derive pleasure from the act. However, for clarity and consistency, we've chosen these terms for the two sides of the dynamic.

How to do it:

Both partners position themselves so that their mouth is in close proximity to the other person's genitals. This is achieved by having one partner lie on their back while the other lies on top with their knees straddling their partner's head. Voila! The pair can then engage in mutual oral sex. In heterosexual pairs, the woman is typically on top, and the man is on his back. The colloquial term for the woman on the bottom is "inverted 69."

While multitasking might not be the easiest endeavor, many have trodden this path before you and desired to repeat the experience. The key is to find a style that works, allowing both partners to discover a position or variation that is physically comfortable, enjoyable, and sensually stimulating. It requires enthusiasm, curiosity, strong mouth muscles, and the ability to resist being overly distracted by the incredible sensations, even if your partner possesses remarkable skills.

Reasons we love it:

- Can serve as a highly arousing form of foreplay before intercourse

- Enhances intimacy due to the close proximity of the partners

- Both partners experience pleasure simultaneously, adding to the erotic nature

- Inverted 69 (woman on bottom in a heterosexual pairing) can be enticing, especially if "deepthroating" is a turn-on

Variations to try out:

Side-by-side 69

In this variation, both partners lie on their sides facing each other's intimate areas, offering added comfort, especially with height differences. It's less physically taxing for the partner traditionally on top, avoiding prolonged pressure on knees and elbows.

The 68

This variation focuses on pleasure for the receiving partner, who lies face up on top of the thrusting partner. It aims to avoid multitasking and directs attention to the perineum, a sensitive area often overlooked.

The Power 69

The thrusting partner dominates by being on top, controlling the situation and pressing their genitals into the receiving partner's mouth. This power play, known as facesitting or a face fuck, adds an element of control to the dynamic.

Squatting 69

In this variant, partners squat over each other instead of lying down. This requires lower back, glute, and quad strength, along with flexibility. Despite the physical demands, it offers a unique and enjoyable twist to the classic 69, with added opportunities for playful interactions.

Upright 69

One partner holds the other upside-down while standing. This demanding variation can be exhilarating if one partner is particularly strong, but safety is paramount.

The Triangle

This threesome variation involves three partners lying on their sides in a triangle formation, each engaging in oral activities simultaneously. It's an inclusive threesome position, provided all parties are willing and ready for such an experience.

Tips and Tricks

- The purpose of trying 69 doesn't have to be solely achieving orgasm; it can be explorative or serve as an appetizer for the main course.

- For added comfort, the bottom partner can use a neck pillow or a sex wedge to lift their buttocks for better access.

- Introduce toys for added stimulation; a vibrating cock ring can enhance the experience.

- If someone has a sensitive gag reflex, using their hands to support the base of the penis can alleviate throat pressure.

- For partners with a vagina, combining clit stimulation with penetration using fingers or exploring anal play can add variety.

- If interested in anal and/or prostate play, exclusive focus on booty eating can be an option before progressing to deeper exploration.

- Remember, 69ing is meant to be fun and hot, so don't take it too seriously!


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