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Essential Camming Equipment For Webcam Models

Essential camming equipment that all webcam models need to have in their setup

By Jess RandallPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 14 min read

To become a successful webcam model some equipment is required to get you started. All of which will help make sure that you are producing quality cam shows. In this article, we’ll take you through the essential camming equipment that all webcam models need to have in their setup.

Some of the equipment that is necessary for becoming a webcam model can be a bit costly, but worth the investment in the long run as it’s going to help make you money. The great thing is that you might already have everything you need to get started. If this is the case then you’ll be performing on cam in no time!

Invest In Quality Equipment for Great Cam Shows

All the equipment suggested will help you make quality and entertaining shows. People are not going to hang around and watch live cams made with poor camming equipment, so ideally it is best to invest in quality gear from the start.

Once you have all the necessary tools at hand there is no added startup cost attached to being a webcam model. Just create a great profile on your preferred cam site, verify your identity, and start broadcasting.

Key Equipment for Performing on Adult Webcam Sites

To assist you in making the most of your future career, here’s a guide to the essential camming equipment you need to become a cam model and earn money on webcam.

Without these tools, it will be very hard to be a successful adult cam model. Besides, you want to make an impact from the get-go and show yourself in the best light!

It can sometimes be tough for new webcam models starting out as you won’t have an audience yet. So, having quality equipment will improve your live shows and presence on the platform.

Here is a list of equipment you need to get started in camming;

1) A Reliable Personal Computer

These days most people will have a computer of some sort at home. Either a laptop or desktop. So if you have one you are already on to a winner by saving on your initial costs. Generally, the computer requirements for cam modeling are very simple. As long as the computer is not too outdated and has a pretty good RAM and ROM you should be good to go.

However, to gain an advantage over other webcam models from the start, you are going to want to stream in full HD or higher. So, a system that can support streaming at a minimum of 1080p is just fine. This may mean you have to invest in a quality PC, but it will be worth it for that crisp, professional look to your live sex shows.

Laptop Or Desktop for Adult Webcam Jobs?

A Laptop or a Desktop, so which is best for adult webcam jobs? This is ultimately down to your preference and where you will be camming. A desktop PC is probably better suited for someone cam modelling in a fixed space. Whereas a laptop might be preferred if you plan to change rooms or locations when you cam. Whichever you choose will become an essential piece of camming equipment for you.

You may also want to earn extra money selling pictures or video clips. If so, it’s recommended to have enough storage available for the amount of content you are going to produce. Videos will take up a fair amount of that. Furthermore, you might want to edit your content first. Good editing software will take up storage and require a high-end configuration, so you will need a strong system for that.

Recommended Computer Specifications for Webcam Modeling

Go for something that has a decent amount of processing power, as it’s not all about just having fast internet speeds. Investing in a high-quality system will help save you time and money in the long run.

However, the minimum recommended specifications for 1080p streaming, we suggest are;

  • Memory: 8GB RAM (enough for everything to run smoothly)
  • Processor: Intel 6th generation (or newer) Core i5 is fine. We recommend Core i7 for greater power.
  • Storage: HDD 1TB Hard disk (HDD is cheaper, slower & uses more energy).
  • SSD 265GB (SSD is more expensive, faster & uses less energy)
  • Operationg System: Windows 10 or higher, macOs Big Sur (version 11.3) and above.

There are many laptops available in the market with these specifications, such as a MacBook Pro, Acer predator Helios 300, Lenovo yoga C930, etc. If you are working on a tighter budget you can go for laptops with similar specifications.

2) Your Computer’s Operating System

You might be wondering which operating system is required to start modeling on cam. Depending on what PC you have, will determine the operating system you will use. It is best to make sure you are using the latest versions and have checked the Technical Requirements for the webcam modeling sites you wish to cam on.

  • Windows: Windows 10 or greater, will allow for a smooth & efficiant stream with most adult webcam platforms. If you are currently running with windows 8 it might work, but we suggest you upgrade as soon as possible.
  • macOS: macOs Big Sur (version 11.3) and above recommended. Lower versions may work OK but it’s always better to stick with the cam sites recommended choice.

3) External Webcam – Essential for Cam Modeling

Although most laptops now come with inbuilt webcams, they come with a lot of limitations. As a result, they are not very suitable for becoming a cam model.

You could certainly start with a basic webcam that offers 720p HD picture quality. However, the higher resolution the better. A webcam that supports 1080p for instance, or you can go extra with a 4K Ultra HD video capability. This is to ensure that you are giving your audience high-quality live streams and videos. Furthermore, to generate returning viewers who are willing to shower you with gifts or tokens.

Webcams have a lot to offer nowadays, with awesome specifications. If you decide to settle for a decent webcam, some products include features like; slow-motion options, variable zoom functions, as well as audio inputs. Not that a quality laptop can’t offer you this but generally the motion is limited and the audio is not usually clear enough. Therefore, a webcam is an essential part of your camming equipment.

Webcam Specifications To Look Out For

There are many webcams available in the market but here are some important specifications you should look out for when getting a webcam;

Resolution: This will determine the clarity of your videos and streams. You probably shouldn’t settle for a webcam lower than 720p. Measured in pixel width by pixel height, here are the three most common webcam resolutions, from lowest to highest resolution:

  • 1280 x 720 pixels/720p (HD Ready)
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels/1080p (Full HD) recommended
  • 3840 x 2160 pixel/4K (UHD) recommended

Frame Rate: The frame rate dictates how smooth the video output will be. Frame rate, sometimes referred to as frames per second (fps). Almost all modern webcams are capable of at least 30 fps.

Focal length adjustment: Many external webcams now have autofocus features, allowing nearby objects remain clear and in focus.

Field of View: Measures the width of an area to be captured by a device. Measured in degrees, the values associated with the FOV typically range from 60 to 90 degrees horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Built-In Microphone: Often an after thought, however, a built-in webcam microphone eliminates the need for headset or an external microphone. Although they are designed to capture the sounds of the whole room. Not ideal if you are camming with a lot of background noise. An external mic would be advised in this case.

Low-Light Correction: If you need to brighten and adjust images in dark rooms, this feature is a must.

LOGITECH The Webcam of Choice For Cam Models

Images sourced from

One of the most popular brands of webcams for webcam models is Logitech. As a bonus, Logitech cameras also have great built-in microphones.

Some of the best webcams available are; Logitech C920S PRO HD Webcam (around $60), Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam (around $110), Logitech Streamcam (around $170) all supporting 1080p Full HD.

Alternatively, for just under $200 you could invest in Ultra HD and go with the Logitech 4K PRO Webcam. No matter what your budget is, there are many alternative webcams available to suit your budget, so make sure to do your research and shop around.

4) External Microphones for Crisp Audio

Another piece of essential camming equipment to invest in aside from a good webcam is a quality external microphone. Although most Webcams come with in-built microphones, good sound quality is important for your camming career.

You will need to communicate with your audience and it is vital they hear you properly. Purchasing a quality microphone may set you back a little, as some are designed for artists and recording studios, but a great performance will bring more views and tokens. So every piece of equipment that increases the quality of your performance is very important.

To get a high-quality microphone you will need to start budgeting from around $50-$100. There are several external microphones for camming under this budget that you could buy. However, why waste your money on a cheaper version, when you can just make do with your in-built Webcam mic until you can afford a professional one.

Some of the high-quality microphones for webcam models available are; the Samson Meteor mic, Samson G-Track Pro, Blue Yeti X, or Blue Yeti Nano.

5) Ethernet Cable for Smoother Broadcasts

To stream online cam shows smoothly, you’ll need high-speed internet. If you have a slow or poor internet connection your live broadcasts could lag and you may lose your followers.

If you are using WiFi, make sure to be as close to the wireless router as possible. Additionally, check to ensure you or others on your network are not using bandwidth-heavy apps while you are streaming.

However, we certainly recommend that you Invest in an Ethernet cable to make sure everything runs smoothly. A must for your webcam model requirements. It will provide you with an interference-free, and reliable dedicated connection.

For Full HD streaming, you will need at least 10 Mbps or more of upload bandwidth. Select a resolution that is appropriate to your speed.

Resolution Upload Bandwidth Required

1280×720 5 Mbps

1920×1080 10 Mbps

2560×1440 16 Mbps

3840×2160 20 Mbps

6) Professional Lighting Setup – Attract More Attention on Cam

Lightning should also be a factor in your essential camming equipment setup. Having a good source of natural light is great. However, if you need some privacy or you are going to be camming in low light, or at night, using your standard lights at home just won’t do. It is wise to invest in something more effective, such as a Professional Lighting Kit.

Lighting Kits are designed to illuminate a separate dimension of a subject and create an image with a greater representation of height, width, and depth. Meaning, you will visually pop allowing you to stand out from the rest. If you have ever come across a cam girl who is glowing radiantly on webcam (aside from the makeup), she is likely using special studio lights.

Types of Lighting Kits For Webcam Models

There are different lighting kits available in the market to choose from, and they all require different setups. Ring lights are great if you are just learning how to get started as a cam model. A ring light is a circular lighting tool that helps make sure your face is evenly lit. These can cost anything from as little as $20, so great if you are just getting started.

On the other hand, a Three-Point Lighting Setup will give you a quality, professional look to your live streams and videos at a slightly higher cost. However, it would be money well spent as you will certainly catch the eye of your viewers, attract attention to your page/room and project yourself to new camming levels financially.

Note: You’ll want Soft lighting and lighting that is harsh or flat. Meaning you will need to have a kit that uses a Softbox or Umbrella.

Here are important tips for a basic lighting setup;

Main light: Is your primary source of light. For maximum effect place the main light just behind or beside your camera.

Fill light: If you decide to work with just a main light you might have dark shadows in areas of your show. A fill light placed across the main light can help with that.

Backlight: This can help you create focus on a particular area of the room. Additionally make you appear more three dimensional. Try to avoid too much back light, unless you are after a more dramatic look. Balance it with a fill light.

Diagram of a Three-point Lighting System

So whether you decide to invest in a ring light or lighting set up, you will be making sure you are showing yourself in your best light! Some of the preferred lighting kits around are; Limo Studio- Photography photo portrait studio, IVISII 19in Ring Light, Neewer Table Top USB Ring Light, and Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit.

7) Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

This will make your work area look tidier. Also, if you have cables laying around it could distract your audience. Moreover, having a wireless keyboard and mouse is great for moving from a chair to your bed and will make you more comfortable during your live shows.

Further Investments To Support Your Cam Model Career

Digital Photo ID

No matter the cam site you may choose to use, identity verification is very important. It’s not exactly equipment, but essential for camming. A digital copy of your government-issued ID is always required.

Your age and other personal information are vital here as, by law, every cam site needs to document the identity of all its performers. You must be 18 years or over to perform on adult webcam sites like Chaturbate. It’s to make sure everyone is protected stays within the law.

Find out more about Chaturbate Age Verification:

Sex Toy Collection

Nowadays, viewers not only just want to see your naked body, but they want you to get horny and tease them with it. That means either getting very creative with your body or simply adding accessories like Sex Toys to your live shows.

You can get a dildo, butt plug, vibrators, and other toys to spice up your broadcast. Cam shows with interactive sex toys tend to have more views than shows where a model is just taking their clothes off. They work wirelessly allowing your audience to control the toy, by sending you tips in the form of tokens or gifts.

By using an interactive toy that vibrates with tips, your audience participation is increased, you will gain more viewers, followers and all importantly increase your earnings

There are many sex toys available in the market right now, but interactive toys are a piece of essential camming equipment. The most popular brand on the market used by cam models has to be Lovense and they have a great variety of toys to choose from. Check out our post on Best Lovense Toys For Cam Models

Enticing Lingerie & Panties

How you present yourself to your viewer’s matters. If you are a camgirl, that doesn’t just mean wearing a bit of make-up, but sexy underwear too. So, you’ll need to invest in a variety of lingerie and panties. If you are presented well on cam, you will get more views and clients for private shows. You do not want your viewers to keep seeing you in one outfit.

Plus lingerie is essential for camming as it is quick and easy to remove when a viewer requests to see your boobs or pussy. Just make sure it is comfortable to work in when you are not nude.

Costumes & Props

Depending on the niche you choose to work, invest in costumes and props related to it. For example, if you are into BDSM you will definitely want to buy some handcuffs, whips, leather outfits, and more.

Performing Space

Although many cam models simply perform from their bedroom, you have to ensure that your space is convenient for camming. You need to take your camming career seriously just like a real job. Carefully create a work area to perform in. Here are a few things to look out for when creating a work area.

  • Lighting: Make sure that your space is well lit. Your face and dark corners should be highlighted well.
  • Neat and tidy: Any area you choose to use has to be properly arranged. You should not be on a live broadcast with mess lying around. Such as clothes on the bed or floor. A tidy room is a popular room.
  • Remove all distractions: Clear anything bright or moving that might capture your audience’s attention. Reduce background noise if possible, as well as interferance from people entering your space. You want the focus to be on you alone.
  • Hide any personal information: While having your graduation pictures, certificates, awards, family photos hanging on the wall may be cute. When it comes to camming you need to make sure these credentials are not visible. For security reasons, you should double-check your work area and make sure there are no items that can clearly give away your identity.

Utilize Wishlists To Aquire Essential Camming Equipment

If you are on a tight budget don’t be put off venturing into adult webcam work. As long as you have the basics to get going, you can acquire more equipment and accessories along the way.

Besides, you don’t actually have to pay for everything you need! Most sites will let you Create a Wishlist. Wishlists are great because your viewers can choose to buy anything on your list. For example, a new lighting ring from an Amazon Wishlist on Chaturbate.

Your viewers and fans will want to see you happy and spoil you with amazing gifts. Creating an Amazon wishlist is perfect for some things you want or need for performing on adult webcams.

Note: You may not want your viewers to have access to your personal information, so it’s recommended to set up a PO box or use another address for receiving gifts.

Final Thoughts

An up-to-date computer, external webcam, and fast reliable internet are the most important things you need to start webcamming. You can get by with some basic essential camming equipment, but for a more professional output to your audience and future followers, it’s ideal to invest in quality tools and accessories.

If you are looking for platforms to start your webcam modeling journey, then one of the best cam sites to work for is Chaturbate. It has a fun and diverse community, great customer service, and twice-monthly payouts. Work from wherever you want, whenever you want! The registration process is simple, fast, and free. If you already have the camming equipment required why not sign up now and start earning money on webcam.

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