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Email Domination

A tale of female domination via electronic message.

By Alexa MartinezPublished 6 years ago 9 min read

“You interest me.”

I was about to close my laptop down when the email popped into my inbox. A moment of hesitation as I digested the title:'You interest me'. It had to be spam. The trouble was that the title intrigued me. It would entice anyone. I sat back staring at the message header, my leather office chair squealed in complaint. The only light in the room came from the laptop screen shining in my face. I'd promised my wife Julie I'd only be a few minutes and then I'd come up to bed. I had to clear my inbox first, it wouldn't take long I'd said. I should leave this spam mail and have a look tomorrow. It was spam, wasn't it?

Despite this thought, my cursor arrow hovered over the mail header, my hand quivering caressing the mouse button. I read the preview pane.

“I want to know more about you Kimmie.”

The message was tantalising although I didn't like being called Kimmie, it sounded feminine. I loved my wife and I didn't plan on being unfaithful either. There was a but, there always is. After twenty years of comfortable marriage the idea that someone found me 'interesting' drew me into the message like a wasp to a sugary drink. I double-clicked on the email title to open it up.

“You're going to do exactly what I tell you Kimmie. I can see inside you. That's what interests me about you. The hidden Kimmie.”

My body stiffened at the use of Kimmie again. It was signed, “The Mistress”. Who was this? My eyes shot up to the address line.

From: The Mistress ([email protected])

I guess I didn't expect a real name to appear there considering the content of the email. Ping. I jumped as a second email came in.

“Now I've got your attention,” the title read. I clicked on it in a kind of desperation. I had been reeled in like a hungry fish on a hook and I wanted to feed on her words.

“I've been watching you for a long time Kimmie. I thought it time to act. I see something I want in you and I think you're going to give it to me."

"Reply and tell me you'll follow my instructions. Call me Mistress.”

I closed my mouth when I realised it had drooped open. This was getting weird but I was caught up by the strange excitement of it. I had read about husbands who did this but I never thought it would be me. Until now. It had never been my thing but this message struck a spark in my stomach. This email lady, the Mistress, she knew what she wanted and had no problem with being direct. On email anyway. That was exciting, I didn't know why. I wanted to play along. Elation lightened my head. I typed a quick reply telling her I'd do what ever she wanted, not forgetting to call her Mistress. I played her game. It was just a game.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out catching my wedding ring on my pocket. I was flustered. I saw a new Whatsapp message. I didn't recognise the number but opened it.

“Good boy.”

My body stiffened again. Boy? She had my personal email and my personal phone number. This had to be someone I knew. Who could it be? Amanda, my boss Fiona's secretary was the first person that came to my mind. Wishful thinking. She's around twenty-two though, too young to be interested in me. Very sexy but shy. Fiona herself? I wouldn't say no to a night with her in different circumstances but I'm sure she wouldn't be interested in me that way. She likes being the boss, like this email Mistress, but she has higher aspirations than me, a mere plodding employee. I doubted it would be her. What about Julie's sister Jane? Older than Julie and she gives her husband a tough time. She likes her own way. Do this, do that and so on. I never saw her show the slightest interest in me either. My phone vibrated again. Luckily I had it on silent. Julie would have asked awkward questions.

“Do you know why I call you Kimmie rather than Kim? You need to reply and call me Mistress.”

I typed with a nervous energy. It would do no harm it was just a virtual game, wasn't it?

“Why do you call me Kimmie Mistress?"

My eyes flitted from my phone to my laptop screen as I waited her reply. I'd lost my anger at being called Kimmie, I wanted to know what she'd write. This was spooky and I questioned myself as the seconds passed watching the two blank screens. Was I being pathetic? Buzz. My phone again. I hurried to read it.

“Kimmie sounds more submissive and I think of you being submissive to me. It's how I want you. And Kimmie has a feminine feel. I like thinking of you like that. Feminine.”

I stared at the screen in bewilderment. This had just moved into a whole new world of weirdness. Time to close this down and go to bed. Whoever was writing to me was more than a little strange and it was best to ignore her. Another buzz. I had to look.

“Time to sleep now Kimmie. I'll send you your instructions for tomorrow at work. You've been a good little submissive girl so far. I do hope you continue to be.”

I stabbed at the keyboard keys to log off my laptop and then slammed the top down. How dare she call me a good girl. But why was I also getting hard down below in my cock? I put my phone in my pocket and slumped up the stairs, my feet heavy on the thick carpeted steps. A low light glowed from our bedroom. I stopped in the doorway and spotted Julie's phone on the side table, the screen light was on. She had her eyes closed but had to be feigning sleep. I decided not to say anything and play along with her. She'd always had a jokey side. So Julie had been teasing me with the messages. I wondered how she had masked her phone number?

I woke the next morning and I heard Julie downstairs getting ready for work. I looked at my phone as I always do. It's a habit. There was a message sent five minutes ago.

“I want you to wear a pair of your wife's panties to the office today Kimmie. Find a nice little sexy pair and put them on under your trousers, like a good girl. I will be checking later so do it or there will be trouble for you.”

It was the same number as last night. I looked over and saw Julie's phone on the side table by her bed. Did she have another phone? Is that how she did it? The Mistress said she would be checking my panties. It sounded like it might be someone at the office. Waves of exhilaration splashed against me again. I couldn't hold back this tide of expectation.

Julie was still banging around in the kitchen downstairs. I went to her underwear drawer and fished out a thong with a pink front and white frills. I pulled them on and my penis tingled. It grew hard at the soft feel of the satin tight around my sensitive cock head. The thong struggled to hold in my erection and the string disappeared between my bum cheeks. New feelings, new sensations. I wanted more. I dressed, breakfasted and left for the office in a state of frenzy.

As I went to my desk Fiona's head peeked out from behind her office door. “Come and see me in thirty minutes would you Kimmie? I've got something I want to check with you.”

Kimmie? She called me Kimmie. Fiona had to be 'The Mistress,' not Julie. I didn't know what to do. My mind rushed with thoughts, jumbled options. I couldn't do this to Julie but she would never know. Would she? Fiona was a stunning lady. No I couldn't do it. Yes why not? My head swum like I was drunk, unable to concentrate on one thought. My phone rang. It was Julie's sister Jane's number. I answered as my mind cleared. After pleasantries she asked me if I'd go to see her after work.

“I need to discuss Julie's upcoming fortieth birthday party with you,” she said. Jane always like to organise everything. “Everyone will be out so it will be just you and me. I have something else to speak to you about so it's a good opportunity to be alone. Got to run see you later.” She hung up before I could say anything more.

That was odd. Was Jane 'The Mistress'? This was ridiculous. I'd find out soon enough as I had my meeting with Fiona in a few minutes and maybe she'll want me to show her that I'm wearing pink panties. I opened my work email and amongst the unread message, one stood out:

[email protected].

I clicked on it. “I hope you're wearing a pretty pair of panties Kimmie. I'm looking forward to seeing you in them later. I'm sure you'll look very pretty. A pretty girl.”

She had my work email too. I didn't think Jane had that, why would she? But Fiona doesn't have my private mobile number so how can it be her? I was aware that someone was standing behind me and I spun round on the chair. The smiling face of Amanda, Fiona's secretary greeted me. My eyes fell down her long legs exposed by the shortest pencil skirt I'd ever seen. My hard confused face melted like a pack of butter in the midday sun. For a moment I was speechless. Amanda giggled at my discomfort and sat next to me. I tore my eyes away from her legs which were closed together and to one side to hide her otherwise exposed underwear. I asked her what I could do for her as my face burned in shame.

“Fiona asked me to ensure you're prepared for her meeting. You'll need a notepad and pen as she has a few instructions for you. Afterwards I've booked a meeting room for you and me only as we have a few things to go through.”

I was confused. “What things Amanda?”

Amanda pulled on her tight skirt in a vain attempt to lengthen it. “I don't know exactly what Fiona wants but I do know she wants you to do some new admin. and planning work with me. You have a sweet feminine side Kim and I mean that as a compliment. I'm sure we will work together very well.”

A feminine side? Could 'The Mistress' be Amanda after all? As I day-dreamed Amanda stood up and pulled down on her skirt again. “Fiona will see you now.”

I strode with her to Fiona's office door. By the end of the day I was going to find out just who this Mistress was.

Alexa Martínez is a writer and blogger from London who also writes using her dominant female pen name Lady Alexa. You can find more erotic stories and posts from Alexa on the subject of female domination at her blog site and on Amazon and Kobo.


About the Creator

Alexa Martinez

Alexa is an author and blogger on Female-Led Relationships, Feminisation and Femdom using her pen name Lady Alexa. Her fetish novels can be found on most online bookstores such as Amazon, Smashwords, Apple Books and many more.

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