Eight Sketchy Fetishes Your Curiosity Can't Ignore

by Ellowen Ophelia 7 months ago in fetishes

I’m just as surprised as you all are half the time at the wild things people do in their everyday life. Just think any stranger you pass on the street could be the king or queen of kinks.

Eight Sketchy Fetishes Your Curiosity Can't Ignore

This article is for sure long overdue. I haven’t posted one on the intriguing world of kinks and fetishes for what feels like actually forever. Honestly, I have to admit researching for these articles is always the most fun for me. I’m just as surprised as you all are half the time at the wild things people do in their everyday life. Just think any stranger you pass on the street could be the king or queen of kinks. Wash your hands kids!


So, I’m all for people having their own kinks but some things are just downright wrong. Never In my life could I ever imagine hurting an animal. On top of having an intense love for our fur babies of the world I could never imagine getting off to the thought or act of hurting an animal. Those are serial killer vibes that I just can’t shake. Animals are literally one of the most precious creatures to walk this Earth. If you pop a chub taking a gander about the abuse of an animal you probably have been or should go to jail.


I’m almost positive that I’ve never took a bee sting to the titty and smiled about it. Also, I’m pretty damn sure that will never happen. I’ve been stung by bees a solid two times in my life and the only thing it made weak was my tear ducts. I guess in a way it would probably be no different than people who enjoy getting piercings. However, a bug, although beautiful and essential to nature, should never have your lonely ass reaching for the Jergens under your bed.


It’s so cool to love your body and not give a damn what other people think about! But homie why is you okay with letting your pp fly in the very public winds? And what kind of chick just wants to flash the world unless they’ve got a baby latched. I really can understand the thrill of the kink but also please calm down. You’re scaring me.


Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any weirder here, I am about to share with you something that will literally blow you away. Some of you kinky kittens get all hot and bothered by booty winds. Yep, farts. Like, that’s insane. That is pink eye. That is nasty.


Let’s just hope that your dentist doesn’t have this kink. Honestly, it would be a little awkward if your dentist was suctioning your gums and then leaned down to lick your teeth. I for one would throw an entire fit and probably fight said dentist like spartan in the night. Unhand me tooth fairy!

Force Feeding

Now, this a kink I can get behind. Who wouldn’t want to nibble on a donut while giving some incredible top? Donuts are precious jewels to this pitiful world. Food incorporated with sex sounds almost perfect. I honestly think that whoever first felt these beautiful feelings is the most imperative human being this world has to offer. Fabulous!

Alien Play

Apparently, there are humans walking this Earth fantasizing about knocking boots with E.T. I think that honestly that sentence should be a lot for anyone to mentally process. People with this fetish fantasize about being abducted and even impregnated by aliens. Aliens coming into my room at night would have me feeling like shitting my pants, not taking them off.

Puppy Fetish

It’s not what you’re thinking. No animals were hurt during the making of this sex act. These people enjoy treating their sex partner like a literal dog. Like woof-woof, bark-bark vibes. It’s actually kind of crazy that during sex your partner could look over at you and ask for your bestest bork, out of the clear blue sky.

All in all it's 2020 and this shit just keeps getting weirder.

Ellowen Ophelia
Ellowen Ophelia
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