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Do You Have an Orgasm to Feet?

Fetish or Kink?

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Christy was sitting in the salon getting her pedicure, and while she was sitting close to the window, she noticed that Lee was standing there in the window watching. She waved for him to come in, but he wouldn’t. He just stood outside the salon, staring in the window and watching everything they were doing with her feet.

He found it very intriguing and so arousing as they washed her feet and then painted her toenails. He wanted to jump through the window and touch them. He yearned for her feet and wished to taste her painted toes in his mouth. It was the one thing that truly aroused him and that was his foot fetish.

Once they were finished with her feet, she placed her open toed sandals back on and grabbed her things, leaving the salon. As she walked outside, she met Lee still standing there. She asked him what was wrong, and he immediately stated that nothing was wrong, he just enjoyed watching her pedicure.

They began walking down the sidewalk, window shopping and decided to go get something to eat. Lee couldn’t control himself and was always looking down at her feet. They stopped in at a fast food joint and ordered some burgers and fries, but when they sat down, Lee tried to hide his looking at her feet.

Christy asked Lee if he thought her toenails were pretty and he quickly looked up at her and stated, “Yes.” It seemed like she was teasing him because she was always wiggling her toes and admiring them herself. Lee complimented on them what seemed like every few minutes.

Lee hoped that Christy didn’t catch on to his fetish because it would be so embarrassing. After they ate their lunch, Christy and Lee went back to window shopping and enjoying their day together as friends. That was all they were, friends. Lee didn’t care about being anything else as long as he can admire her sexy toes and feet.

They headed back to Christy’s house with all their bags in tow and placed them on the kitchen table. They grabbed something to drink and sat on her sofa relaxing. Lee couldn’t relax because he wanted to touch her feet so badly.

Then Christy turned around on the sofa to lay back and plopped her feet right across Lee’s legs. Now she really was teasing him because her feet were right there in his face. They were close enough to kiss them and taste them, but he would probably freak Christy out with his fetish.

He so badly wanted to tell her about it, but felt that it would ruin their friendship. She laid there with her feet over Lee’s legs and wiggled her toes. He slowly moved his one hand over her feet and began massaging it. She looked down at her feet and saw what he was doing, and she stated to Lee that it felt good and asked for him to do both feet if he wanted to.

That made a way for Lee to play with her feet, so they both got a feel-good moment. He now took both hands and rubbed both of her feet, trying not to notice his erect penis in his pants. He tried to hide it from her while she was occupied in her phone. Every now and then, Lee would move one of her feet close to or over the mound in his pants.

She never once thought anything by it and stayed on her phone while he continued to rub and massage her feet. He even closed his eyes and laid his head back to enjoy the moment and think about how hard his penis was. If only he could pull it out and rub her feet against it?

Lee would so love to see his cream make designs on her feet and drip between her toes, but if this was the best he was going to get then he would have to be satisfied with it. As he massaged her feet, he rubbed them against the bulge in his pants, making things worse because he was close to ejaculation.

Lee wanted to squirt it over her feet, but would have to secretly let it go inside his boxers. He felt the pressure building and knew it was almost time. The closer he got to orgasm, the harder he would massage her feet.

As his eruption began inside his boxers, he pulled both of her feet against his penis and thought about it going all over her feet and painted toes. He acted like he was just readjusting her feet on his lap while feeling the tingling sensation from his head to his toes. He finished what he wanted and now he was satisfied, but there was still a mess in his pants that he needed to take care of so he excused himself to the bathroom to clean up.

Now you know the story of Lee and his hidden fetish for feet. He loves to taste them, even with his cream all over them, but maybe next time.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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