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Ditch off to the diner

Pool Party Pt.3

By Silent ScarlettPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
Ditch off to the diner
Photo by Ricky Singh on Unsplash

No one will notice my absence- they'll assume I'm helping out one of the guests with dating advice. I'm very difficult to get. I tell them the other girls at my party are there to address any needs that arise for them. I'm off limits. I will definitely call some of the girls over to rescue me if a man at the party is being too forward. I never meet anyone cool and it's so frusterating. I also don't like anyone, which makes it hard.

Wearing my dark green, plaid shirt and grunge-y oversized glasses, I sit in a new 50's theme diner that just opened up about three miles from the house.

I see a handsome man staring at me across the way who I usually would not find so attractive. I try not to smile or stare at him because he's not really my type, and I'm not dressed up for flirting. He looks away as though he's amused. I continue browsing the menu.

"Hello, Dear, my name is Linda."

"Hey, Linda, I'm Silent."


"Yeah. I'm like the Great Gatsby up on the hill there."

"Oh, I think I've heard your name before in customer chit-chat."

"I see you have a little bar here. That's awesome. Diners don't usually have bars."

"No, they don't! But here in Calabasas, you know how it is."

"Yeah. I'm originally from Tallahasee."

"Great art scene out there! I read it's one of the best places to find art buyers."

By Tom Rumble on Unsplash

He has a long beard- which I'm usually not okay with, but his is one of those exceptions. A fancy gold watch - which I usually find cliche- catches my eye.

By Daniel Páscoa on Unsplash

Next thing I know, I get a friend request on Twitter. I look up, a bit uncertain as to whether it's him, and he's smiling with his phone in his hand. I smile back and usher him to come over and sit with me.

"Hey. I'm Eli. What's your name?"


"It's not Scarlett? I see your username is Silent Scarlett."

"No. It's Silent."

"Ah, interesting."

"How old are you?" I ask looking back down at the menu with seriousness.

"I'm 31, how bout you?"

"Younger than 31. Older than 25. I'm just glad you're older than me."

"Yeah? What if I was younger than you? Would you have sent me back over there?"

"Yes, I would have."

"That's so wrong. You're omitting an entire segment of the population."

I take off my glasses. "I won't date a man if he's even a minute younger than me."

"Uh, okay, I don't have to judge so fast, but...why? Is there like a reason? Bad experience, or?"

"I grew up the oldest of 15 children."

"15? What was that like?"

"It's not your typical story."

"I'm here for it."

The waitress comes back with Eli's food.

"Ah, I see you two made friends?"

"I'd love to sit here if you'll allow me. I'll share my food with you."

"What did you order?"

"Just a burger and fries."

"Have you had one here before?"


"I usually like mushroom burgers."

"Well, I..."

"I'll eat it. Sounds amazing, actually."

"So you were telling me about growing up with 15 siblings, as the oldest."


"I'm interested!"

"It's not your typical religious family or whatever else you're thinking. It came in waves of new kids. My mother and father divorced basically on the heels of me being born. And then when I was between ages of 7 and 9, they both remarried."

"I see."

"So now the word problem starts: My mom's husband? He brought in 2 kids that were younger than me. My dad's wife? She had 3 that were younger than me."

"Interesting, interesting. Then how did we get from five extra siblings to 15?"

" Somehow they both had 3 more by the time I was 12- that makes:"



"Wow, and we still have three more, right?"

"Yeah. I was 15, my mom took in my aunt's set of twins, and my dad's family adopted one of their kids' best friends and basically saved her from getting stuck in the fostercare system. I just happened to stay the oldest through it all."

"And so you don't want a younger guy now."

"I never wanted to be the oldest again! I want a chance to know what it's like to be guided froom point A to point B."

"Younger men can't guide you" he laughs.

"Men are young at heart anyway, so I'm not getting out of it. It's just like a thing for me. I'm a little unhappy when I know they're younger."

"I never knew someone who counted hours, days, and weeks though."

"Now you have."

"I think I overheard something about parties or something."

"Oh yes. My family throws a lot of them. Gets exhausting."

"Hmm. Well I, uh, have a really nice pool and everything back at my apartment."

"Okay. I don't go over to people's houses."


"They don't decorate."

"You don't know that. I decorate."

"Yeah, sure."


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  • Lola Sense9 months ago

    Great story! I'm so curious about what happens next...

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