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by J. Langer 2 months ago in fetishes

It's just one way to unwind after work.

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I let myself in after work. I call out to you in the back of the house and hear a mumbled reply. I know you’ve been working all day and you’re absorbed in your task. I bet you haven’t eaten or drank anything in a while either. I put the kettle on, it feels delightful to step out of my heels. I sigh in relief as my sore feet ease against the cool ceramic tile. I begin to relax as I pull the pins out of my hair, allowing it to fall down my back. Once the kettle whistles, I pour the hot water into a teapot. I look in the fridge and see that there is chocolate cake leftover from the birthday party we hosted the day before. Serving up two slices I put them with the teapot on a tray and carry them, barefoot, down the hall.

I get to the bedroom and look inside; you’re absorbed in your work in front of the computer. Straining to see as it’s gotten late and you’ve forgotten to turn on a light. I come in, turn on the light, and put the tea and cake by your elbow. You look up distracted and say “thanks Hun”. “No problem”, I reply and kiss the top of your head. I know you’re still in the zone and I don’t mind waiting. As you turn back to your work, I take off my jacket and hang it with my skirt in the closet. Wearing just my blouse and stockings I head for the bathroom.

In the bathroom. I turn on the shower and finish getting undressed. I slip into the hot water as the room begins to fill with steam. Humming to myself I lather up a cloth and begin to wash. The warm water and the fragrant soap feel nice on my skin. It was a long day for me as well and I enjoy the feel of the warm water flowing over me, offering a little respite from the tensions of the day. I trace lazy circles with the soap on my breasts, enjoying the feel of the slick bubbles against my skin. My nipples harden as I caress myself. Running my hands over my breasts and down my stomach, over my thighs, and down to my feet, I slowly bring them back upwards to play amongst the curls between my legs. I’m already wet from the water in the shower and now I’m getting slick with desire.

Resting against the wall, I put one foot on the edge of the tub as I slide my fingers into the slickness between my folds. Rubbing gently at first, I enjoy the sensation of the soapy water and my fingers rubbing against my clit. The long slow pull of my fingers as they glide along my skin. I run my free hand up to my breast and lightly pinch the nipple; this is going to be a great shower. I grin. I alter my pace, first slow and gentle, and then more firmly and with purpose. Faster now as I plunge my fingers into my pussy. I groan as I feel the sensations building, my breath quickens and the muscles in my belly tighten. Holding my breast in one hand, I play with my nipple; tugging and rolling it with pleasure. I shift, allowing the water from the shower to slide over me as I plunge first one, and then two fingers inside myself. It feels so good and I moan again as the walls of my pussy begin to spasm and I bring myself closer and closer to climax.

Panting a little I rest my forehead against the wall as my climax washes over me and I slowly regain my senses. That was fun and I quickly finish my shower because now I have plans for you too.

Wrapping a towel around myself and grabbing another one for my hair; I turn off the light and head down the hall towards the bedroom. You’re still absorbed in your task on the computer, though you look up as I enter the room. I love the flash of heat that brightens your eyes as you look at me. Sitting on the edge of the bed I begin towel drying my hair. I ask you how long you’re going to be and you tell me not too much longer. I tell you to hurry up because I want some attention soon, and you turn back to finish your work. I trade my towel for a housecoat and grab some lotion off the dresser. As I begin smoothing it onto my skin, I can feel your eyes on me. I get such a rush from that look in your eye.

I come up behind you and, laughing, cover your eyes. “No peeking,” I say as I pull the chair away from your desk. I straddle your legs to sit on your lap and as I do so the housecoat parts. You can’t take your eyes off my newly exposed skin. “I said no peeking” I tsked. I take off the sash of the housecoat and using it as a blindfold I cover your eyes with it. With nothing holding it together, the material covering my body opens. I lean forward to gently kiss your mouth and you reach up to stroke my skin under the robe. “No touching either,” I whisper in your ear as I trail kisses down your neck.

I reach up and begin to unbutton your shirt, taking my time and enjoying each section as the skin is exposed. I wiggle around a little and drop to my knees between your thighs. I sigh happily as you groan. I pull the hem of your shirt out of your pants and pull the shirt off your shoulders trapping your arms against your sides. I lean forward and lick the line between your chest muscles. Giving my attention to first one nipple and then the other, I kiss and lick and nibble my way across your chest and down towards your belt.

I look up at you and your head is thrown back and your hands are clenched against the arms of the chair. Your breathing is a little bit erratic. I lick my lips and unbuckle your belt, I fumble with the button on your pants a little bit as I am clumsy in my haste to get them off of you, asking you to lift your hips I slide your pants down your legs to your ankles. Seeing the hard bulge against the fabric of your boxers gives me such a rush of power. As I free your straining dick from the confines of the clothing I can feel you holding onto the arms of the chair. I grab the base of your dick with one hand as I lean forward to lick up the wet pre-cum on the tip. I purr a little in my throat because this is my favorite thing. I lick underneath your shaft from where my hand is at the base, all the way up the hard length to the tip. I run my tongue around the head putting a little extra pressure on that one spot. Right there.

As I slowly close my lips around your straining dick I feel your hands moving, gathering my damp hair away from my face and holding it up ponytail-style. I grin to myself and begin to slide down your dick with my mouth. I squirm a little and realize I am sitting on my foot. I’m so wet and I ache with need, I love pleasuring you with my mouth. As I savour the feel of your cock in my mouth I realize I am grinding against my foot. Your hand on the back of my head dictates the speed and depth of the sucking. My hand begins to travel with my mouth adding sensation to the sucking, cupping your balls with my other hand I massage them as your hips begin to thrust upwards into my mouth. I feel your balls tighten and you hold your breath, your dick throbbing as you release into my mouth. I greedily swallow and lap up every drop.

Wiping my mouth I look up at you. You’ve torn off the blindfold and are looking at me with such lust that the muscles in my tummy quiver in response. Still holding my hair in one hand you bring the other up under my chin. Raising me off the floor you bring me towards you. Kissing me passionately you growl “your turn, pet.”

We never do get to that piece of cake.


J. Langer

Hi! I am Jenn. I enjoy writing romance and erotic short stories. I hope that you enjoy reading them!

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J. Langer
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