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Dinner, Chapter 2

The Kneading

By Mercedes ChanttooPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

With their husbands off to enjoy a round of golf, Lyra and Emma found themselves in the soothing atmosphere of the spa, ready to indulge in some much-needed relaxation. This modern spa was a place where technology and tranquillity merged seamlessly. As they lay face down on the massage tables, wrapped in soft, plush towels, the scent of aromatic oils filled the air and the gentle hum of soothing music played in the background. The conversation from the previous week seemed far from their minds, yet it lingered just beneath the surface, as if waiting for the right moment to resurface.

Above them, the spa's latest marvels – robotic masseuses – awaited their command. These were not ordinary robots; each comprised four arms, each arm boasting two sets of elbows, allowing for an astonishing range of motion and precision. Initially resting against the ceiling, the robotic arms now gently descended, their sophisticated sensors detecting the contours and needs of each woman's body.

As the robots' hands expertly began to ease the tension in their shoulders, Lyra found herself swamped with questions. With the knowledge that only emotionless machines were privy to their words, she felt a surge of boldness. Her sense of curiosity about her friend's experiences with Ms. Strapless got the better of her. She hesitated for the right moment before finally gathering the courage to ask, "So, Emma, how often do you... use Ms. Strapless?"

Emma let out a muffled giggle, her voice slightly muffled by the face cradle of the massage table. "Oh, Lyra, you're so cute when you're trying to be discreet, even with only our robotic friends here. It's a good thing you're covered in a towel right now."

Lyra blushed at her friend's teasing, feeling grateful for the dim lighting in the spa room. "I'm just curious, that's all. I've never really thought about using… something before, but after our conversation, I'm starting to wonder if there’s something in it."

Emma's voice softened, and she offered a reassuring smile. "There's nothing wrong with being curious, Lyra. And if you decide to try it, just remember to take your time and explore when you feel relaxed and comfortable. There's no rush."

Lyra let out a long, slow breath, her shoulders visibly dropping as if a weight had been lifted off them. Her eyes softened, reflecting a newfound ease. "I think I might have already bought something, actually. I did some research online and found a toy that seemed... But I haven't used it yet. I'm not sure if I'm ready."

Emma's eyes widened in surprise as she reached out to give Lyra's hand a playful squeeze. "You might have bought one?" she asked, a mischievous grin spreading across her face.

Heat crept up Lyra's face, painting her cheeks a vivid shade of crimson. She quickly turned her head away, fixing her eyes on a nondescript spot on the wall. Her eyes drifted back, only to find Emma had shifted to her side, facing her directly. The robotic masseuse seamlessly adapted, continuing its work on Emma's back with a side approach.

As Emma's towel had slipped slightly, Lyra couldn't help but notice how much nicer Emma's boobs were than her own. They were slightly bigger, and even though she was on her side, they didn't hang, they were just nice and perky.

The air filled with the low, contented moan that escaped Emma's lips, her eyes fluttering closed in bliss. Lyra watched, a hint of envy tingeing her thoughts. She couldn't help but wonder if Emma expressed the same sounds of pleasure with her Ms. Strapless.

Feeling Lyra's gaze, Emma peeked open one eye, locking it with Lyra's in a playful, teasing look. "Lyra, you're such a dirty girl," she chuckled.

"What, you've got one?" Lyra replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

Emma chuckled, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "No, but look at my eyes when you're talking to me, not my boobs," she said, gesturing to her face.

Lyra's blush deepened, her eyes darting away. "I've seen them before, you know. You’re always getting them out." She poked out her tongue trying to regain the high ground.

Emma's expression softened to a warm, reassuring smile as she returned to her belly. "Just teasing you, baby," she soothed. "It's wonderful you’ve joined the club. Remember, there's no pressure. Just enjoy the journey at your pace."

Lyra couldn't resist a playful smirk. "I'm just an owner, not an experienced owner-operator," she quipped, a spark of pride in her voice.

Emma beamed, giving Lyra's hand an encouraging squeeze. "That's exactly how it should be. I'm so proud of you, Lyra. Remember, it's all about discovering what brings you joy and pleasure, without any expectations."

As the robots' hands continued to work their magic, Emma shared more about her experiences with Ms. Strapless. "One of my favourite times to use her is during Tuesday night football. Tom's usually holed up in his den with his friends, so I'll draw a hot bath, pour myself a glass of wine, and enjoy a little 'me time' with Ms. Strapless. She can hold her breath for ages."

Lyra blushed deeply at her friend's candid confession, but couldn't help feeling intrigued. "What's it like?" she asked hesitantly. "I mean, does it feel... different when you're using a toy?"

Emma thought for a moment before answering. "It's different, but in a good way. It's more about exploring my own body and finding what feels good for me. And it's not just about the physical sensation, either. It's about taking time for myself and focusing on my own pleasure. It's incredibly empowering."

Lyra nodded, feeling a sense of admiration for her friend's openness and self-confidence. "I can see how that would be appealing. I've always felt like I should be focusing on Mike's pleasure, rather than my own. Maybe it's time I started thinking about my own needs, too."

Emma smiled, feeling proud of her friend's growing self-awareness. "That's the spirit, Lyra! Remember, it's not selfish to want to feel good. It's a natural part of being human, and it's important to prioritise your own pleasure, too."

As the robotic masseuses retracted into the ceiling, signalling the end of the session, Emma couldn't help but share one more amusing anecdote. "Oh, I almost forgot to mention - Tom has only walked in on me once while I was using Ms. Strapless in the bathroom. I was so mortified, but he didn't even notice because there were so many bubbles! He just asked if I was almost done and went back to his den."

Lyra laughed, feeling a sense of camaraderie with her friend. "I can only imagine how embarrassing that must have been! But it's good to know that it's possible to use toys discreetly, too."

As they dressed and prepared to leave the spa, Emma mentioned her other toy, Little Tom. "It's not a vibrator, just an… enhancement. Tom knows about it and we use it together when either of us is out of town. We video call on our swipes when we play together."

Lyra couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at Emma's seemingly perfect relationship with Tom. "Why haven't you told Tom about Ms. Strapless?" she asked.

Emma smiled. "A girl's got to have some me-time to explore and no need to make Tom too excited. Besides, I think it's important to have some things that are just for me."

Lyra nodded in agreement, but wondered in the back of her mind if she was supposed to tell Mike about her Ms. Strapless. She had never thought about using toys in that way before, and she needed a name for her toy too. "Thanks for sharing, Em. I feel like I have so much to learn."

Emma wrapped her arm around Lyra's shoulders. "You're welcome, babe. Just remember, there's no right or wrong way to explore your own pleasure. It's all about what feels good for you."

Emma leant in and whispered in her ear, "If you ever need any tips or advice on using your new toy, just let me know. I'm always here to help."

As Lyra walked back to the golf club with Emma, her mind was racing with thoughts about Ms. Strapless and her own self-discovery. She couldn't help but wonder if she should tell Mike about her new toy, but then again, the advice she received from Emma was more about self-exploration than anything else. The idea of having a "Little Mike" made her cringe, and she knew that wasn't what she needed.

Feeling overwhelmed, Lyra was grateful when Emma reached out and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. The simple gesture of support helped calm her racing thoughts and reminded her that she wasn't alone in this journey.

As they continued to walk in silence, Lyra felt a sense of confusion, but she was grateful for Emma's openness and willingness to share her own experiences. Emma seemed to have it all figured out, and Lyra couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration for her friend. She knew that she could trust Emma, and if using toys worked so well for her, maybe Lyra should take her advice.

As they approached the club, Lyra realised that she had a lot to think about. She needed to decide what felt right for her, and she knew that she couldn't rush the process. But with Emma by her side, she felt more confident and excited about exploring her own desires. Maybe it was time to embrace her curiosity and see where it took her.


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