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By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

As soon as i have hit the young adult age my sexual fantasies have become completely out of control. And things continued to get weirder around people. Every one i walked by stared, ogled, cat called, and made passes at. And i was able to just play it off and leave it alone. But, tonight was different.

I was laying in my bed inside my home just relaxing after a long day of bullshit at my friends firm when the light to my lamp goes out. A roaring flame then appears at the foot of my bed and i begin to panic and jump from the bed wearing just my comfy bra and favorite panties that matched it well scrambling to find a fire extinguisher. As i run closer to the flames trying to hurry and get past just to get away from it and out side for in case i cant find anything to put out the fire.

As soon as i ran by though this hand or claw or some sort of limb reaches out and grabs me. And it burned, like red hot fire, and i fought hard to let my Masochist tendencies to kick into to over drive. But fuck did it feel good to feel something like against me. The burning, searing pain of that fucking limb holding my arm and preventing me from being able to go any where was bring up so many sexual thoughts and desires that even i didnt realize that i had going on.

The fire slowly subsided to reveal a man so beautiful but so terrifying at the same time, and when he opened his eyes pinning me with his stare my knees almost collapsed under me. ' The fuck is going on with me get your shit together and get the fucking hell out.' i had thought to my self my heart racing but with his beautiful skyblue eyes on me. And his now hand still holding my arm i couldnt move, couldnt speak, in that moment all i wanted was for him to fuck me, fuck me for so long and so fucking hard that i couldnt walk, couldnt breath, couldnt think, i dont know why but i can already see all of it happening in my head every bit of it. And as i imagined the more i felt, like it was actually happening to me with every thought. His grip tightening on my arm as he gives me that sexy smirk that guys always seem to do when they know the same thing on your mind is what was exactly on theirs. He forcefully pulled me closer only to reach up with his other hand and grab my throat.

That deep feral growl of him telling me not to resist, how he squeezes my neck and it does nothing but heighten just how much i want this random ass stranger to fuck me. With in the next second some how i was forcefully slammed into the wall and he was sliding his now long talon of a nail between my breasts sending more shivers over me and causing me to instantly getting soaked throat my undies as he uses that talon to cut the little strip of fabric between my tits holding the bra together in the front.

As the fabric was cut at the same instant he eased up his grip on my throat and i gasped for hair while also shivering as both of my breasts fall out of the confinements of my bra and are in full view for him. He tightens his grip back on my throat and smirks again giving a low fucking growl that was so sexy to my ears and when he looked up from my breasts and made eye contact with me he was no longer a man but some for of beast. He had Devilish horns on his head and his teeth were longer. His bone structure had changed he was no longer just athletic but athletic and muscular like a body builder his skin seemed to have gotten darker but even when it was darker it was like it still had a soft red glow on it.

This man, beast, demon what ever he was i didnt fucking care any more i just want him to fuck me in the roughest way possible right now. He must have seen it in my eyes because he smiled and he moved his tongue out of his mouth and it was forked and long. So fucking long. he could touch his chest with his tongue and i blushed as i squirmed trying to resist but it was like he knew. Cause then i was flung onto my bed on my back and he was there in an instant. I gasp and pant heavily as i keep trying to fight to say something to say no but god i want it so back.

As im laying there with him on top of me and i feel his cock long enough for when he is on top and his hips are on top of mine i can feel it pulsing right above my belly button. He takes his talon and slices through my panties tearing them to shreds and moves them out of the way. Yes, this is it he will fuck me! was all i could think the anticipation had been built up for to long for me. But, instead he lowers him self to my knees. My breathing already heaving already out of control i just want him to fuck me.

But, instead this demon forces my legs apart roughly and as he does i am exposed my core is to him and i hear him growl before he dives in and begins to eat me like i was his last meal. His tongue wet and smooth against my most inner and sensitive skin. As he licks up every thing he digs his nails painfully into my inner thighs but i moan out and squirm more. And before i can even catch my breath i feel his thick wet tongue slide deep inside of me and pushes right against my g-spot he moves his forked tongue in and out making sure to hit the same spot each and every time causing me to shutter and spasm giving me more pleasure then any one on earth ever had, and just as i am on the edge of climax he stops, pulling his tongue out of me making a slight slurping sound.

"Fuck me."

i seemed to have gather the courage to finally say what my body was saying for me. But, as soon as he climbs on top of me i wake up from the sound of my alarm going off to get ready for work. Groaning out of complete frustration i throw the alarm across the room watching it slam into a wall, shatter, and stop working before i get up and start another annoying day.


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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