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Deflowering Death

by Lorelei_Sands about a month ago in erotic

When Lilith Met Death the cliffs were not the only thing standing proud

Lilith stood at the edge of the cliff, waves crashing against the rocks beneath her, wind teasing her scales, whipping across her bare breasts and rustling the skin of her wings. “It is beautiful,” she breathed.

A giggle split the silence behind her. “You sound as if you have never seen the sea before.”

She whirled around, her claws tensed, ready to strike. “That would be because I haven’t,” she snarled.

The figure before her chuckled again, the wind carrying the sound across the cliffs. “I guess that would be because you are not from this realm?”

Lilith cocked her head. The cloaked figure stood as tall as she, a strange implement held in its right hand, its curved blade hooked over the figure’s shoulder. “Who are you? Why do you not run from me as the others do?”

The figure pulled back the hood of the cloak. Long silver hair whipped around its face, hiding its features. “I am not like the others. I am no mortal human.”

“Then what are you?” Lilith questioned, moving closer, her tail leaving flattened grass behind her.

“I am Death, I collect the humans’ souls as they draw their last breath.”


“Why? Because that is what they believe. I am the creation of many minds all searching and desiring answers. Minds needing comfort and a hand to guide them from this life to whatever they believe they deserve next.”

“These pitiful creatures created you?” Lilith stepped closer, realising that there was no fear in the figure that now stood within arm’s length of her.

“They created the idea and gave it substance. I gave it form with the energy they provide through their need to understand. It is the same energy that drew you to this world, is it not?”

“You know of my kind?”

“I saw the portal open, watched you climb through and take your first breath in this realm. I knew you were different. Not just from the claws and wings, but from the lack of fear.”

“Humans, these creatures, they reek of fear, yet it sustains me, feeds me while I am in this world. Not just their fear, other emotions too. Each has its own taste, its own colour.”

“Do you have a name?”

“Among my people I am called Lilith. I am the first among demons, the one that led my people from the pits of fire to the land of stone.”

“And now the first of your people to enter the human realm. It will not go unnoticed by the creatures of light.”

“Light? Bright creatures, with wings, but not like mine?”

“Yes. They are jealous of the humans and will be jealous of you.”


“Because you do not fear, you explore and enjoy without fear or remorse. You let your senses guide you.”

“How do you know this?”

“I have seen into your realm as I have seen into theirs.”

Lilith’s claws touched Death’s robe. “You saw into my realm. What did you see?”

“Many things that I would like to experience for myself. Things that made my body yearn for another.”

“You wish for the same pleasure as I share with my bedmates?”

Death raised his hand, caressing Lilith’s cheek. “Yes, I wish to know you as your favourite knows you.”

Lilith raised her hand, gently brushing aside the hair from the creature’s face. She was met by piercing emerald eyes that spoke of loneliness. Death’s features were not unlike those of the human’s that she had encountered, but there was something that drew her closer, a feeling that she had not experienced with any other creature including her favourite. She pressed her lips to his, wrapping her arm around his waist and pulling him flush to her body. She felt his excitement pressed against her through the simple robe that he wore.

Lilith grinned as he returned her kiss, his lips parting as her hand twisted in his hair making him gasp. Her tongue tangled with his, the scent and taste of him filling her senses. Everything about him was familiar yet unique.

He moaned as they parted. Lilith ran her hand over his hardness, her palm rubbing circles, making Death groan and buck under her touch. “Have you been with another before?” she asked, her fingers teasing, sliding over his tip.

“No,” he moaned. “I have seen others here and, in your realm, but never experienced it for myself.”

Lilith grasped him firmly through his robe, moving her hand up and down his shaft. He felt better endowed than the human males she had seen, her need to explore him further grew. Her nipples growing hard and wetness pooling between her legs.

“Remove your coverings,” she commanded.

Death laid his scythe on the ground beside where they stood and lifted his robe over his head, discarding it behind him. Lilith ran her hands down his chest, her claws leaving thin red welts behind them as she tried to be gentler than she would be with Belmouth, not knowing what his form could endure.

“Lay down,” she ordered.

He did and she straddled his hips. Rubbing her wet core along his hardness, as his hands curled at his sides. Lilith smiled, reached for his hands and pressed them to her breasts. Placing her hands over his, she moved them, circling them across her breasts as she continued to grind against him.

“Ah, I, ahh,” he managed before he bucked, his seed spilling between them, his face growing red.

Lilith smirked at his embarrassment. “It is not unusual, the first time. Do you wish to continue?”

Death nodded emphatically. “Yes.”

Lilith leaned down and kissed him, trapping his hand against her breasts. She began grinding again as Death moaned into the kiss, his hands travelling across her breasts, kneading and squeezing as she explored his mouth and teased his cock back to life.

Lilith lifted herself, positioned his hardened length at her entrance and slid down gently, moaning as his hardness filled her. She took one of his hands from her breast and positioned it between her legs, his thumb flush with her nub. Placing her hand over his, she moved it in small circles pressing firmly against her flesh. “Like this,” she breathed as she began moving up and down his shaft.

Lilith tightened around him and moaned as Death adjusted his hand, his fingers deftly taking over from his thumb as his other hand left her breast and steadied him as he sat up. Once upright his free arm snaked around her and grasped her arse firmly. Lilith gasped at the sudden movement, unused to her bedmates moving or changing position without her permission. She opened her mouth to admonish him, preparing to push him back down, when he lowered his head, took her nipple between his teeth and pulled, gently sucking it further into his mouth and swirling his tongue over it.

Lilith growled and arched her back as his assault continued, his fingers and mouth working in perfect time with her movements. She felt her release building as Death released her pert bud and captured the other without breaking the rhythm of his fingers.

Her movements became more erratic as waves of pleasure washed over her. She cried out as she reached her peak, clenching tightly around Death’s shaft as his fingers pressed firmly against her clit. He held her tightly as she rode out her high, his cock still hard as she shuddered around it.

Death teased her nipple, pulling with his teeth before releasing it and smirking. “I believe it is my turn now,” he said wrapping both arms around her and rolling them over. His mouth finding hers before she could respond. Lilith did not relinquish control readily, but as Death began to thrust into her, his length filling her and bringing her close once more she wrapped her legs around him and revelled in the pleasure of it.

Death read her every movement, adjusting his position until Lilith moaned and clawed at his back. She raised her hips to meet each thrust, her breath becoming ragged as Death thrust with more force, pulling out until just the tip of his cock remained inside her then slamming back into her as she lifted to meet him. Lilith tightened, desperate for release. “Faster,” she breathed.

Death grinned and quickened his pace. Lilith arched her back as the knot inside her tightened and burst. Her roar shook loose shards from the cliffs and raised birds from the trees. Death’s strokes became erratic as he neared his climax. With one last thrust he filled Lilith with his seed as she held him inside her, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

They lay locked together as the last waves of pleasure ran through them. Death kissed Lilith, slowly slid out of her and lay panting beside her. Lilith turned on her side, throwing her arm over him and nuzzling into his chest, new sensations running through her mind and body. She had heard other of her kind talk of a feeling that bonded them to one other, setting them above others. She had scoffed, she may have preferred her favourite but she felt no different around him than she did the others. This, this was different, she felt as if she were to lose Death all would be lost to her. It frightened and excited her that another could have that much sway over her.



Professional copywriter and mother during the day. Poet, dabbler in fanfiction and erotica at night. I've been living with a long term chronic condition for over 20 years and I'm not ready to give up the fight yet. Glory or Valhalla.

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