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Dark Fantasy Come True

Dark Fantasy

By Lightbringer Published 2 months ago 4 min read

Hillary was the kind of boy who wore his heart on his sleeve, and it was that openness that drew Emily to him. They spent countless hours talking about their dreams, their fears, and the endless possibilities that life held. Hillary had a way of making Emily feel like she was the most important person in the world.

As the seasons changed, so did their connection. They shared secret glances, their hearts dancing to a rhythm only they could hear. It wasn't long before Emily found herself falling, head over heels, for the boy who had captured her soul.

One crisp autumn day, as golden leaves fell around them, Hillary took Emily to his house. It was the first time he brought her to his house. She wore a short skirt, it was a bit ripped, you could slightly see her soft, hairy laps and the edge of her panties. Her red panties compensated the bra top she wore, in summary, she was looking hot and sexy.

They were both seated on the bed, you could tell from Hillary’s face and countenance that there was a lot going through his mind, he couldn’t stop staring at Emily’s pointed tits that almost cut through her bra top. Slowly , he uncontrollably grabbed her by the waist and gentle moved his hands in between her laps, he wiggled his tongue, staring deep into her eyes.

Hillary stop, what you doing? " she pleaded feeling embarrassed and strangely pleased as his hand went up her very short skirt .

'Shh, Don’t say a word' Hillary whispered and his deep voice sent a shiver through her spine as she longed for more.

He pinned up her arms shifting away her already soaked panties and started to fingerbang her slowly, while grabbing her soft ass, she thought she could control herself, but her body betrayed her, she felt weak and extremely aroused as his fingers went deeper and deeper, one finger circling her clit, two in her cunt. She moaned loudly.

"Say my name...slowly"

" Hillaryyyyy.."

He closed his eyes stroking her pu**y faster "Say it again, tell me how much you want me"

"ohhhh.. Hillary.. I can't take it anymore.."

He pushed her to the wall breathing heavily, his massive erection bulged from his shorts and he pressed it against her, he looked her in the eyes and whispered " You damn sweet, Let fuck all through the night"

She was weak at the knees, locking the door, he scooped her up upstairs like a baby to his bed

He pulled off his shirt, his fine 'six pack' made her mouth water.

"Take off your cloths" she did, she watched him as he stroked his dick with half closed eyes.

"Good girl, good girl, you're so beautiful, so perfect, every curve of you" he said sucking her left boobs while massaging the other, he pulled off her red panties and tongued her pu**y. she gasped and moaned softly. "Don't hold it in, I want to hear you loud" Hillary said and he went down and started sucking her clit gently and slowly till she started sobbing softly.

"Don't stop, whatever you do don't stop!"

"Yes...yes..that's it, more of it" Hillary said reaching out and opening a drawer beside the bed and bringing out a black vibrator and turned it on, and it buzzed low, it had to be about 7 inches, she shivered.

'I want to try something my little rabbit, take it, take it for me' Hillary whispered as he ran his fingers through her hair, he spread her legs and tied them to the bedposts and held her hands down

'Will you take it for me?' she nodded in anticipation.

She was so wet as he slid the vibrator in slowly.

Her legs started to shake "ohhh! ohh my God!"

"moan for daddy, say my name!"

He increased the intensity and she started screaming his name till she dripped and splashed like a fountain all over his face, she don’t give a fuck anymore who's listening.

"You've been a bad girl” Hillary said smiling and wiping his face, daddy will teach you some manners" He untied her legs and told her to bend over, the sound of him removing his belt aroused her even more even as her legs shook, he spanked her ass several times and without warning, thrust his d**k into her, he was bigger than she expected and it was painful at first, he held her hands behind my back and kept on thrusting and massaging her boobs, the pain and pleasure was indescribable.

"don't hold it in, come with me, you can do it my rabbit" he said groaning with pleasure, he came all over her ass while she dripped on the floor and they both collapsed on the bed panting.

Damn!. She thought to herself, trying to stabilize her racing heart.

She has never been fu*ked so good like this.


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