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Dagon's Story 2

by Amora Jones 9 months ago in fiction

The Sea Devil Finds Love

Dagon came back to the sunken ship with some supplies. He had stolen a box of food from a merchant ship when they weren't looking, along with a blanket left out to dry on the deck of the ship. He transformed back into a human as soon as he was inside the protective barrier, casting an illusion of pants as well. The need for humans to wear clothes was comical to him. But he didn't want to scare Violet any more than she already was. He needed her as much as she needed him. So, it would be best if they got along.

"Violet?" He called as he stumbled through the ship-- he hated walking. "I brought some food. And a fresh blanket."

He found her in the bedroom, which was now free of dirt and sand. Violet sat in front of the mirror, combing her long hair with her fingers. Completely naked.

Her pale skin was gorgeous and he could finally see her beautiful, delicious curves. Her sweet breasts bounced with every movement of her arms.

He watched her, mesmerized, before clearing his throat.

Violet started and turned to him. "I didn't know you were back," she said, reaching for her dress. "I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize on my account. I definitely enjoyed the view." He set the supplies down on the floor. "I brought you some food."

Violet dove towards the crate and opened it. Inside it was full of apples. She grabbed one and bit into it, groaning. "Thank you so much."

"My pleasure." He looked at the fruit doubtfully. Humans couldn't possibly just survive on that, could they? He would have to find more food somehow. He studied her dress which was ragged and thin. She would probably feel more comfortable with better clothing as well.

Violet studied him as well as she finished eating the apple. "Do all merpeople turn into humans at will?"

He shook his head and sat down next to her on the floor. "That's part of my magic and not all merpeople have magic. It takes a lot of energy, so I can only do it for short periods of time."

"It must take a lot of energy to keep this entire ship protected just for me."

"You're worth it, my little human."

"I don't see how. Why not just find some mermaids to spend time with instead of going through this trouble?"

He looked down at his lap. "I was exiled from the kingdom. I don't see other merpeople that often and when I do, they are usually not willing to chat."

"You were exiled for magic?"

"Of course not. Magic isn't common, but it's not against the law. I made a deal with the king one day. I would give him riches if he gave me one of his daughter's hands in marriage. But then I found out he had no plans to honor his side. Even though my magic had brought me wealth, I come from a line of peasants, and that wasn't good enough for the king. So overnight I made all of his money turn to dust. He called me a charlatan and exiled me for it."

"That's awful!"

Dagon shrugged. He had made his peace with it long ago. The loneliness was the real punishment. But with Violet, he no longer felt lonely. "Why did your own people try to kill you?"

Violet looked away and wrapped her arms around herself. "I broke the law."

"Yes," he smiled. "But how? Am I caring for a serial killer, or perhaps just a petty thief?"

Silently, Violet held up a hand. It started to glow blue and a ball of light formed in the middle of her palm.

Shock ran through Dagon. She had magic. He didn't even know humans could have magic.

The light went out and she lowered her hand. "For humans, a serial killer is preferred to a witch."

"A witch?"

"A woman with magic."

Dagon clenched his jaw. They tried to kill her simply because she had magic? Was there no end to how cruel humans could be?

"Magic is evil," she said. "They were just protecting themselves."

"Do you really think you're evil? Do you think I'm evil?"

"Magic is evil."

He shook his head. Reaching out, he grabbed her hand. "No, my little human. There's nothing evil about it. Magic can heal people. It can make someone experience so much pleasure and happiness. How could that be evil?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Yes. What they did to you... that was evil." He moved closer to her to brush her hair out of her face. "You're safe now, my little human. You're safe with me. No one will ever hurt you again. I swear it."

Violet bit her lip. "Thank you for protecting me. It's more than I deserve."

Dagon probed her emotions to find sadness and fear. She was conflicted, wanting to believe him but also fighting everything humans had ever told her about herself. "You deserve so much more than what I can give you, my little human. You never have to thank me for anything." Unable to help himself, he wrapped his arms around her. "You're not evil. Your magic is good and I can help you train it."

"I can't... I need it to stop. To die."

Sorrow filled him and he held her tighter. He wished he could protect her from her past, but not even his magic was powerful enough to do that. Instead, he held her, rubbing her back until she fell asleep in his arms.


The next day, Dagon went out to find clothes and more food for Violet. But even after he took what he needed, he found himself dragging his tail in returning. Violet's view on magic disturbed him. Even worse was the way she turned that hatred inward at herself. Her magic was pure and good. But it was only a matter of time before it twisted into something dark if she kept trying to suppress it. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to tell her that when she thought it was already dark and twisted.

Dagon eventually returned to the ship to find Violet sitting just outside of the ruins but still inside the bubble. She was watching the water, her expression thoughtful. She looked at him as he entered, turning into a human in front of her. "I was scared you weren't coming back."

"Of course I came back, little human. Why wouldn't I?"

"After how I acted last night, I figured you wouldn't want to."

"After... Violet, you've been through unbelievable trauma and now you're practically imprisoned in a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. Your reactions have been remarkably reserved." He knelt down to give her a satchel bag. "New clothes," he said. "I'm not sure if they're for a man or a woman, to be honest. But they're not in tatters, at least."

"Thank you. That's very generous of you." She opened the satchel and pulled out the long silk robe. She smiled. "It's nightwear."


"Yes. It's a robe you wear over a nightgown. It'll be comfortable but not decent in the slightest."

"You wear clothes even when you sleep? I'll never understand humans."

"Merpeople never wear clothes?"

"Why would we? They would just slow us down while we swim. The naked body does not offend us." He looked down at her body. There was certainly nothing offensive about her body, clothed or not. What he wouldn't give to have her underneath him, writhing in pleasure.

Violet bit her lip. "I think I'll change into the robe. I like it."

Dagon nodded and stood up. "I'll give you some privacy then."

"No... you can stay."

Warmth filled him at the thought. She wanted him to see her naked, which meant she at least trusted him. He could barely keep the pleased look off his face as he watched her undo the laces of her tattered dress. The flimsy fabric slid off her body, revealing her petite form and soft, perky breasts and pink pussy. His cock started to grow hard at the sight.

Violet ran her hands down her body. "Do you like my body?"

"Yes," he growled. Why was she teasing him like this? He wanted to shove his cock into her until she screamed his name. It took all of his willpower to stay still lest he scare her.

Violet spread her legs and slipped a hand in between them. She touched her pussy while biting her lip. Dagon watched as she slipped a finger inside her small, tight hole and a groan escaped his lips.

"Do you want me, Dagon?" Violet asked.

"You know I do."

"Why don't you take me, then? I'm yours, after all."

Something was off. Why would she give herself to him when she barely trusted him? He reached into her mind, looking for answers. He found her usual emotions but also gratitude. She was grateful he hadn't killed her for having magic. She was willing to give her body to him just because he showed her an ounce of basic decency.

He strode over to her and gathered her in his arms. He pressed his lips against the top of her head. "You're not mine," he whispered. "Not until you really want me. But I'm yours. And if you'll let me, I'll give you more pleasure than you can imagine. Please. I want to."

She pouted. "But I want to please you."

"You do please me, little human. You don't owe me anything, least of all your body. But let me give you mine."

She nodded. That was all he needed. He leaned down and kissed her. Her mouth was so soft and warm and he groaned. She felt so good. He couldn't wait to send her into ecstasy. "Get on the ground. On your back."

She sank to her knees and leaned back, looking up at him. Dagon closed his eyes. He wanted to fuck her into oblivion, but he couldn't. This wasn't for him. He couldn't erase her past but he could make her feel so much pleasure in the present, more than she had ever felt before.

He knelt down and gently spread her legs, revealing her sweet little pussy to him. He ran a hand down her thigh, making her shiver slightly under his touch. His fingers went to stroke her soft pussy lips and she sucked in her breath. He reached out with his magic. She wasn't scared of him. Nervous, yes, but there was also some lust and excitement as well.

He touched her clit with his index finger and she whimpered with need and want. He stroked it slowly, teasing her until her face was flushed so beautifully from arousal. His finger slipped from her clit to her tight little entrance. He circled it, teasing it, before slipping his finger inside her. She moaned, closing her eyes. Her hips started moving on their own. "You're so sensitive, my little human," he whispered. "I'm barely doing anything and you're already so full of lust. It's practically radiating off you."

Violet whimpered. "It... it feels so good. So good."

He smiled. "Good." He leaned down and licked her clit as he slid another finger into her. She gasped, her hips squirming beneath him. He chuckled as he kept it up, feeling her orgasm build. When she was close, he let his magic flow through him and his fingers started vibrating.

She cried out as she came, her sweet nectar flooding her pussy. He licked all of it up before flicking her clit with his tongue as he thrust his vibrating fingers in and out of her. Violet moaned and started to squirm again, her pussy even more sensitive after her orgasm. "Don't stop," she whimpered.

"Wasn't planning on it." He kept up his torment, as she started shaking beneath him. Her whimpers turned into soundless pants as her arousal consumed her and her orgasm started building up again inside her. That's right, my love. Come for me again. Let me give you all the pleasure I can. He held back a moan. Violet was so perfect. Her pleasure was so sweet, he could get addicted to it.

Violet squealed as she came again, her entire body shaking violently with it. Dagon licked it up as he withdrew his fingers her. Violet lied still, breathing hard. Dagon grabbed the robe and lifted her gently to a seated position so he could dress her. Once the robe covered her, she leaned into him and he wrapped his arms around her. "You're perfect," he whispered, kissing her forehead.

She moaned and cuddled even closer, her eyes drifting closed. For once, she was completely relaxed and even content. Dagon held her close as she drifted off to sleep. He felt at peace for the first time in a long time. For the first time in his life, he might actually be in love.


Amora Jones

I'm an erotica writer living in Florida. I love writing stories that have great characters and hot love scenes, and I love reading them too. You can check me out on Smashwords:

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