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Daddy Said No

by Phoenixx Fyre Dean 2 years ago in erotic

But I'm a brat. What did you expect?

Okay. So I knew I broke the rules, but Daddy had been away for a whole week and I was bored. Daddy has always had the same rules and I usually follow them to the letter. I just couldn't resist tonight.

He's home! Yay! Daddy is finally home! I hurried to the piece of carpet that had been placed in front of the door to our house. That was the rule. I had to be free from clothes and ready for whatever Daddy wanted me to do when he walked in the door. I usually cooked dinner before he got home, but I had instructions to leave dinner to the restaurant staff. We would be going to Nocturnal for the evening, so I soaked in a honeysuckle bubble bath for one hour, then turned on the hot shower and washed my body and then used Daddy's favorite honeysuckle shampoo and conditioner for my hair. I stood on the carpet with freshly shaved legs and Daddy's little pussy shaved bare, wet hair hanging down my back and tickling the top of my ass. It was cold and my nipples were already hard. I get in trouble for that when Daddy is feeling particularly bossy. I'm not allowed to touch Daddy's boobies, pussy, or what he calls his "tight little ass" unless it's for sanitary reasons. I've been caught a few times and the punishments have gotten more severe each time.

Hearing Daddy's keys in the door always made me wet. He was taking his time and I was struggling to not run to the door and throw it open, but Daddy said I needed to learn patience. I'm not permitted to leave the carpet until I'm released. The door opened slowly and Daddy closed and locked the door. He walked past me and laid his briefcase and dirty turnout gear on the living room table behind me.

I hated this. When he came home and didn't even look at me. I never knew if he was in a bad mood or he was just testing me. I wasn't going to blow it this time. I was going to stand on that carpet until I was released, no matter how long it took.

Three minutes, thirty-three seconds. I know, because I counted. I was on the "one thousand" part when his arms slid around my waist from behind me. He kissed the side of my neck and I stayed strong. I didn't move and I didn't make a sound. It's against the rules to talk to Daddy when he gets home from work until he speaks to me. He moved his hand to my throat, grazing my nipple on the way. His hands are massive and he had no trouble closing his hand around my throat and applying just a bit of pressure, kissing and nibbling my neck and ear. I still didn't break. No sound and no movement was made. He leaned close to my ear and laughed, tightening his grip on my throat while he wrapped my hair around his other hand and yanked my head back towards his chest. Daddy is six feet, four inches tall to my five feet five (and a half) inches. He towers over me and was looking down into my face with a smirk. He released my throat and a moan escaped my lips. Fuck. He won.

Daddy let go of my hair and smacked my ass.

"Good job, Princess. Go upstairs and put on the clothes I brought home for you. Your hair should be up, your makeup light, and wear the three inch heels."

While he was giving me my instructions for the evening, he slipped a gold chain around my neck and secured a tiny gold lock around it. A collar! Daddy married me and now he collared me! I whipped around to face him, throwing my arms around him and squeezing tight. Daddy squeezed me in an equally tight hug, kissed the end of my nose, and smacked my ass again.

"Get moving. We don't want to be late."

We were meeting his superiors. It was explained on the way to Nocturnal. I was permitted a drink, wine preferably. The menu choice was mine and I needed to keep in mind that while my behavior this evening would be my choice, the forthcoming consequences would not be.

"Okay, Daddy. I'll be a good girl."

Well, that was my intention, but that isn't what happened. Daddy said PREFERABLY wine, he didn't say I HAD to order wine. When the waitress came to take our order, I ordered a double shot of Patrón, straight up. Daddy's hand landed on my thigh with a squeeze. I knew that meant "don't" and I shot him a smile and went bottoms up on the glass.

His eyes flashed and he stared right into my eyes. I knew I was in trouble. His grip tightened on my thigh and he leaned in so close, I could feel his breath on my ear.

"Take off your panties and put them in my coat pocket."

I removed the napkin from my lap and again Daddy's grip on my thigh tightened.

"No, ma'am. You defied me in public. Do it here at the table."

This was a change. He had punished me in this manner before, but he always sent me to the bathroom to take them off. I was dripping wet and had to figure out how to get out of my panties in front of everyone and not get caught.

I took advantage of the food arriving to slip my panties down to my knees. An "accidental" dropped fork later and I had my panties in my hand. The waitress arrived with my clean fork as I slipped my hand into Daddy's coat pocket, completing my assigned task and bringing a look from him that clearly told me this wasn't over.

The rest of the dinner was uneventful. I listened while they talked, pretended to be interested, and fell bored with the conversation. I knew the rules dictated that I wasn't allowed to touch Daddy's dick until he either told me to or I asked first, but I was bored!

Captain Something-or-other was babbling something about points of origin while I slid my hand under the table and rested it on Daddy's thigh. He shot me a look and Chief What's-his-name did, too. I didn't think Daddy saw the look from Chief What's-his-name, but he did. I smiled at the Chief and brushed my fingers against Daddy's dick.

Dinner was finally over about 15 minutes later, but the conversation between the Chief and Daddy just wouldn't end. The subject matter kept getting more graphic and I knew they were trying to control their raging hard-ons before someone called it a night and they all had to stand up. I giggled and waited for it to end. Finally, Captain Something-or-other pushed his chair away from the table and stood to leave. Daddy and the Chief rose from the table, shook hands, exchanged well wishes, and we left the restaurant.

He opened my door and then closed it behind me as he waved to Chief What's-his-name and Captain Something-or-other. I knew I was in big trouble when Daddy drove past the ice cream shop he had promised earlier we would stop at on the way home. He didn't say anything to me until he had the car safely parked in the garage. I reached for my seatbelt as he hit the button that brought the garage door to life and it slowly dropped behind us. I got my seatbelt off before he grabbed my wrist and snapped a handcuff firmly in place. I knew what that meant. Daddy wanted my ass and he was going to take it.

Back at Home

I was in for a long night and I readied myself for the punishment I knew was coming. I broke the big rule. That meant that Daddy had to spank me. Ten heavy-handed smacks was the standard sentence combined with whatever Daddy thought would teach me a lesson. Tonight, on top of the spanking, I would not be permitted to cum. I hated that. He knew me so well, I couldn't hide when the orgasm was building. He would stop whatever he was doing and back off until he was ready again. This would be a long night, but it's what I asked for.

As soon as I was out of the car, Daddy put the free cuff on my other wrist. Grabbing the small chain between the handcuffs, he pulled me toward our bedroom. He positioned me at the end of the bed and removed the cuff on my left wrist and attached it to the large metal eye hook that was attached to our bed. There was another set of handcuffs attached to the bed and he closed it around my left wrist. He turned toward the closet and disappeared inside. He found what he was looking for and I heard his footsteps closing the distance between us.

"You wanted it, little girl. You've got it."

Daddy stood on my left side and pushed my head down on the bed. He hadn't let me get undressed. Even my heels remained. My dress wasn't removed. He jerked it above my waist, exposing my naked ass. The first smack to my ass was hard. It brought tears to my eyes and his handprint was raised in a red welt immediately. I heard Daddy unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. I knew he would lay them in the chair beside the bed and and made his way back to deliver nine more.

He spaced them out. About five minutes between each. A smack and then he would rub the spot he had just smacked so it didn't bruise. After all ten had been delivered by the hand of Daddy, I was permitted to stand for five minutes.

When I stood, I saw what Daddy had pulled from the closet. A butt plug. It wasn't just any butt plug, though. Daddy had modified a TENS unit to allow for hooking it up to different toys Daddy particularly liked. He loved this and so did I. I would be a good girl and resist the proper amount, but I already knew I was going to break another rule and cum.

After my five minute break, I was pushed back down on the bed and Daddy added shackles to my legs. My bare ass was high in the air and I was unable to move.

With no warning, I felt something cold touch my asshole, push a little, and enter. Daddy had covered the butt plug in lube and, without warning, put it in my ass. I moaned and Daddy responded with a hard smack on my ass. Another rule broken.

TENS unit in hand, Daddy slid into bed and positioned his dick just under my mouth.


I opened my mouth and Daddy's dick filled it immediately.

"Don't suck. Close your mouth around it and use your tongue."

I closed my mouth and began to run my tongue up and down his shaft. Daddy turned on the TENS unit and a small electric pulse began running through the butt plug Daddy put in my ass. My moan around Daddy's dick made it twitch a little and that made things worse for me. I wasn't allowed to cum tonight. I'd been a bad girl.

Daddy turned off the power and my tongue continued up and down his shaft. He adjusted the power to the next level and turned it on. Another moan and I couldn't help it. I sucked, just a little. Daddy snapped the power off.

"Open your mouth."

I did and Daddy took his dick out of my mouth.

"Do not suck. Use your tongue. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy."

I opened my mouth, closed my lips gently around his dick and began to move my tongue again. Daddy turned the power up more than I was expecting and the electrical pulsing in my tight ass was more than I could stand. I started to cum and Daddy jerked his dick from my mouth.

Daddy left the plug in my ass while he delivered ten more blows to my ass cheeks, spreading them out 5 minutes apart until my penance was paid. One smack and then a rub. Every smack made my orgasm build and I was afraid I was going to cum again. Just when I knew the next smack was going to make me cum, he stopped and left the room. After waiting in the same position for a few minutes, Daddy came back in the room with a cup of ice. Oh, my God. He was going to make this really hard for me.

Daddy pushed my head back on to the bed and pulled out the butt plug. His fingertips lightly rubbed my ass in smaller circles, edging closer to my asshole. Just as his fingertips should have reached my asshole, he pulled away and I heard him rattle the ice in the glass. Using a piece of ice, he ran the corner along my lower back, then my ass. The ice was melting and running down the crack of my ass, bringing goosebumps up all over my body. He continued until the ice had melted, grabbed another piece and popped it in his mouth. With one hand on each of my cheeks, he blew lightly and the cold air hit my exposed hole. His tongue was next. Super cold and dancing along the rim, he used his tongue to push the ice in my ass then he used his tongue again to warm it back up. Ice again, three more times, actually. Each time he would use his tongue to push it in and then warm me up again. Each time, I broke the rules and cum was running down my legs. He pushed a large piece in and I immediately felt the head of the his lubed cock pushing against my asshole.

He delivered a hard smack and pushed the full length of his cock in to my ass. Leaning over, he grabbed my throat and started to squeeze.

"Do it! Now!"

I started to massage Daddy's dick by squeezing my muscles. I wasn't allowed to move beyond that. I had to milk Daddy's dick slowly. I would be Daddy's good girl and make him cum right.

"That's Daddy's princess. Good girl."

Every now and then, I would feel Daddy's dick start to swell and twitch and he would tighten his grip on my throat and tell me to stop. After a few times, Daddy told me to stop and he started to move. He was pulling all but the head out of my ass and then driving it back in, his balls slapping my ass each time. I was begging Daddy to let me cum. Not that it mattered, I was going to anyway. I just wanted his permission.

All at once, he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me back against his chest, driving his dick in and as he exploded in my ass, he told me to cum. I was on the verge and trying to hold back, and the moment he told me to, I came hard.

He let go of my hair and I fell forward on the bed. Daddy used his fingers to rub in the cum that was dripping from my ass then went in to the master bathroom and turned on the water. Daddy came back in the room and used his keys to unlock the handcuffs and shackles and set me free.

Daddy pulled me close to him, hugging me gently and rubbing my back.

"I'm running you a bath, Princess. Go soak, you've earned it. I have another surprise, by the way. I'm home with you for the next week. You and I will remain at home with no interruption. You won't get dressed until I leave for work in seven days. Now get cleaned up and come to bed."

Daddy was going to be home for a week! I slipped in to the bathtub and broke another rule as my fingers found my clit. My Daddy would be at home for the whole week and I try to be good, but I'm a brat. What did you expect?

Phoenixx  Fyre Dean
Phoenixx Fyre Dean
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