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I became the show!

By Kai StormPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

Surprisingly enough, even though it has been eight months since Tumblr claimed it would remove (delete AKA monitor the hell out of your posts so that when you post delicious nakedness and sex, it goes away pronto) adult content, there are still a number of accounts that continue to post all the pictures, videos, and GIFs that keep my panties wet every time I visit. As you already know from the blog I wrote back in September 2018 called Pictures Speak to My Inside Freak! erotic art has always been my favorite turn on, so when I say I'm glad certain Tumblr pages are still around for me to be a private pervert with... believe me!

While scrolling I came up with a tantalizing tale in my mind's movie theater, and I want to play it out for you. As always, I hope you enjoy the ride!

Sitting in a quiet cafe and utilizing the free internet connection was my every day thing as I worked from home as a Data Processor for a local health company. Rather than do it at home, I worked out of the coffee shop in my neighborhood. Rarely did I look up from my laptop to observe the people coming in and out, but for some reason, a piercing heat came over me as I felt someone staring at me from across the room. I looked up and I saw an older gentleman sitting at a table by himself and staring deep into me, as if he was waiting for me to look up and acknowledge him. Our eyes locked and I couldn't look away. I felt a level of strength in his stare that insisted that I didn't look away. Once he was satisfied that he had my full attention, he walked towards my table. I felt a sense of intimidation as he sat down, almost as if his aura was already attempting to get a hold of me; it was hard to keep eye contact once he was in front of me. He pulled out a business card out of his pocket and slid it towards me. It simply said "Tongue Art Playhouse" with a local address that I actually recognized as I've walked past this address plenty of times, but never knew what was there.

After I picked up the card, he said to me, "I'm having a showing tonight at 8 PM, and I would love for you to be my guest."

I barely had strength enough to agree to his offer, but I did, and once he heard my reply, he left the coffee shop. I tried to continue working as usual, but my mind was focused on the card and the man who gave it to me. At that point, the only thing on my mind was preparation for the events to come.

I didn't know what to wear, but assuming it would be an exhibit of the arts, I decided to wear a formal black dress that hugged my curves, gave a slight peek at my thick thighs from the front slit, and squeezed my breasts in the right way so they would sit up and look plump for the picking. Spaghetti straps held the top of the dress together, and a slight breeze blew on my garden as I walked. Within minutes, I was out of the taxi and strolling into the gallery, feeling like royalty.

The man who invited me was at the door to greet me with a black scarf in his hand. He closed the door behind me and our eyes locked in another intense stare. He walked up to me, got on his knees and started to linger his fingers all over my legs; from the slit of my dress, down to my knees and back up to the tip of my garden. His fingers lightly grazed my garden as he discovered that I was panty-less and my waterfalls were fully flowing. He then stood up, helped me take off my dress, and blindfolded me with the scarf. I didn't know what was going on or what was going to happen, but I had no intention of running away or objecting. He took me by the hand and led me to what seemed like a bed. He instructed me to lay down and once I did, he tied my hands and feet to all the posts of the bed. My legs were spread wide, my nipples were at full attention, and my pussy was dripping from anticipation. All of a sudden I heard voices in the room.

"Ah, I must say... this is a beautiful piece! My boy, you never disappoint!" This voice sounded different to me, it couldn't be the same man who invited me here, but because I was blindfolded I couldn't exactly tell the difference.

"She seems very 'vanilla' to me...but with some work my friend...she can be perfect! What do you think?" That's HIS voice... so someone else was there with us.

"I'll be the judge of that!"

Those were the last words I heard from them before I felt their hands on me. One hand I felt searching my warm insides. A whole fist swished inside my waterfalls. Turning, jabbing, and searching for the damn that kept the rivers stable. Another set of fingers searched the crevices of my ass and although it felt uncomfortable at first, after a moment the sensations matched with the ones I was feeling in my pussy. Pinching, sucking, and biting on my nipples, bare skin, and clitoris were the first to follow, and because my eyes were covered, I couldn't see who or what was being done to me. I felt something being rubbed on my lips so I opened my mouth to receive it. A hard dick slid in, and I sucked on it till it quenched my dry throat. Not too long after, another dick tapped on my lips for entry, I happily opened up for it. My pussy and asshole were being examined, sucked on, fucked, and my mouth was swallowing cum with ease for hours it seemed. Not once did I object to anything happening, nor did I attempt to leave, because it was too much for me to handle. In my head it was an adventure that I wanted to be in till the very end.

All of a sudden, the room became quiet, I felt no hands on me or anyone around me, but I was still tied to the bed. I wondered what was going to happen next, if I had satisfied 'the room' or if I had now become a permanent fixture. Before I could think another thought, a set of familiar hands removed the ropes from my hands and feet, then removed the blindfold. I carefully opened my eyes to see him standing in front of me, staring down at me with the same strength that captured my attention at the coffee shop. Through his eyes I could feel his ownership of me. I felt him mark me. Daddy's plaything. No words were needed. I was his.

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