Da Block Is Hot!

by Kai Storm about a year ago in erotic

A Place to Go That Everybody Knows!

Da Block Is Hot!

There's a particular street in New York City

Where it goes down & it gets real gritty

A quiet country like cove in the midst of city noise

If you're looking for serenity, this block gives you that choice

Some people come around to squabble and fight

Thinking their arguments will be hidden under the dark night

Others though, come thru on a late night to get their freak on

With the hopes that others are sitting in their window, getting their peep on!

I love my block. I've lived here for about fifteen years and I don't plan on ever moving. I've seen a lot in my life much less around the area that I live in but for whatever reason, most of the crazy stuff stays off my block and I'm grateful for it.

Recently, there's been an influx of what I call 'special' visitors to my block after certain hours of the night. During my many restless aka can't sleep nights, I often find myself sitting up in my window and observing the block. One night, I observed this particular couple visit my block six times in two weeks. They always parked across the street from my building but they were always within viewing range of my window. Every time it was like they couldn't even wait to park before they started going at it. Things would go from head down and ass up to bouncing on dick so hard that the car would bounce along with them. Car windows steamed up and the sounds of moans and skin slapping together allowed me to follow the whole session all the way to the orgasmic end.

A wickedly nasty part of me loved the fact that I had access to live porno... til one night when I became part of the action. A different couple decided to visit my block this time, two women and they were absolutely beautiful. First, they started with small, intimate and passionate kisses then they started getting undressed. Completely naked, they moved their action to the back seat and from there it was on. They parked right under my window so I was able to see every fucking thing! From my window, I could see plump and clean shaven pussy being sucked by beautiful & thick lips and I couldn't help myself. I took my wet, dripping, and horny self downstairs to get a closer look. Within minutes, the only thing between the women in the car and me outside of the car was the flimsy robe I had on. They saw me standing there, watching them and it didn't alarm them or prompt them to stop what they were doing. Instead, I could see that the thrill of an audience member wanting to get a closer look excited them. Before I knew it, the back door swung open and I was being pulled into the back seat by both girls. No words were said as it was obvious why I was there; my juices streaming down my legs was enough proof that I desperately wanted some too. Kissing, sucking, moaning, and cumming for hours and not a care was given to who was watching me. We were high on orgasms, stamina and completely care free.

At the end, we exchanged names, numbers and every time they came back to my block, we always fucked each other in their car. Why you say when I have a perfectly comfortable apartment with a great bed? Because it was more of a turn on to have sex in public/on this block with the possible thrill of someone watching!

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